Relationship Diary: Elton John and Bernie Tuping, there is a secret love, is never to come true. Sorry, I love you very much, but not the kind you need. I hope you don't mind, I write it into the lyrics, meet you, is the best thing in life.

Elton John's Song was named the most important 500 single in Rolling Stone's history. How many people think that the words sing girl's heart, write her nothing, still want to tell the love of the boy: "Meet you, is the best thing in life." 」

But not so many people know that the lyrics were written by Bernie Tuppin to Elton Strong. He was Elton Strong's unfruited love affair, his lifelong friend and his eternal inspiration. (If you like it too: The Queen'sChoir, Freddy and Mary, you're the only friend I have)

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In 1967, Elton John, 20, and Bernie Tuppin, 17, met for a new music express. Producer Ray Williams saw the talent of the two and asked them to partner. (Same-field plus: To self-confessed not worthy of being loved you! Rocket Man Elton John: No one hates you, you know.

Bernie Elton Jr. is 3 years old, has long hair and shyness. And Elton strong young man, dress up to shake, play the piano crazy. Many of the partners who had been on the same stage knew he was gay. But Bernie is not. Bernie doesn't understand. He hasn't told him yet.

Anyone who knows them knows that although they are inseparable, they rarely create in the same room, always Bernie to the other side of the work, the melody will appear in Elton's strong mind: your song, goodbye yellow brick road, small dancers, rocket man. He waited for his lyrics every day, in order to open the moment, the words in his heart fireworks exploded.

He made himself secretly in pain, but could not say. One night, he finally went out of The Cabinet with bernie drunk and tried to kiss him. The boy gently pushed away and said, "I love you, but not that kind of love." The atmosphere was heavy.

Elton was afraid of losing this friend. Bernie, however, said he would keep a secret for him. In the 1960s, the world was so bad that they couldn't imagine being gay. The two big boys, who are about to release the first single, don't know where the future lies.

'I'll help you keep it a secret, ' he said. And then what? He was still afraid. Then I'll write a lot, a lot of lyrics to you.

That's almost the purest promise in the world.

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In the year they first started working together, they had little money, and the record company gave them ten pounds a week, and the two were back at Elton Strong's country mother's house. The boy made good on his promise there.

That morning, the mother's house as usual, the living room is messy, the kitchen greasy, two twenty-something boys, sleep ingested a bunk, crowded at the table for breakfast. Elton was wearing only tight panties and bathrobes, complaining that the lyrics had been covered with egg juice. Bernie shaved in the old bathroom upstairs, his mother's kitchen shattered, and they messed up the house.

He carried the lyrics paper, sat on the piano stool, read the lyrics, eyes on acid. To give your song melody from the literal smear, jump to his eyes.

Bernie's lyrics to him, everyday trivia, are the best things in the world.

I don't have any money, but if there is, boy, I'm going to buy a big house and live with you.

I know it's nothing special, my gift is just this song, it's for you. You can tell everyone that this is your song.

I hope you don't mind, I hope you don't. You are the best thing in the world.

Bernie was asked, who exactly this song is for, an ex-girlfriend? Or which love affair? He said only faintly, "This song can only be written by a seventeen-year-old boy, and at that time, he was not delayed by his life." 」

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Elton's story after he became famous, we all know, alcoholism, medication, sex addiction, emotional rage. But Bernie was always with him. They were separated for only two years. In 2019, they have collaborated on more than 20 albums. Elton Strong's best songs are almost always filled in by him. Life is dark, but only he understands his happiness, loneliness, desire, hope.

Maybe I can't love you, but I understand you, I give the best lyrics to you.

When the movie Rocket Man was released, someone interviewed Bernie and asked him to write a love story without caring about the past. He said no: "Rocket Man was a love story for me and Elton's Plato. Bernie speaks like elton's strong anchor. In the floating star river, with the return, good to salvage their own shore.

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There are many undefinable loves in the world, probably this way. Although the pain, although lonely, but good truth. Talented but lonely for a long time, Elton Strong is like the universe loaded with floating astronauts, drifted for a long time, before reaching their destination.

Bernie lit the lights for him and wrote for him as he drifted all the way. "I'm a rocket man, i'm alone in the cabin to light the fuse, I think it's going to be a long, long time, I'm not the person people think, I'm just a rocket man, " he wrote. 」

This is the closest and most distant relationship in the world.