You look at the friends around, one by one married family, someone asked the next one is you? Some people ask whether they are afraid of being alone? It seems that our imagination of belonging can only be confined to that.

But you don't say, I can understand, you want home, not bad paper to prove. To ensure happiness is because you choose what you love and be able to really look forward to life.

After 30 years of age, around the friends happy post one after another, you do not want to get married, but we always ask, the next is not your turn? Will not be afraid, the future to be lonely and old?

Your life begins to pile up with these questions, as if you have to give an answer, as if there are always others in a hurry.

And you know that you don't want to have a family, but you just want to ask, is there no other option but marriage? With a few beautiful promises, can you exchange for a stable life? Perhaps, for your home, there should be more imagination:

To you who yearn for intimacy: a partner cohabiting, not bad paper to prove

Whether you're trying to live together before marriage, or you just don't think about the meaning of marriage, but you know, you like to open the door every day knowing someone is at home, like waking up on holidays to have a simple breakfast together, like to sleep and turn over, touch his body soft. These intimacy and happiness in life make you look forward to coming home every day.

Well, rather than worry about a piece of paper, it is better to enjoy the quiet cohabitation of two people first!

To you who expect life: having a child, but not getting married, you can be happy.

You like kids, but you have more confidence in your parenting than you do about finding a dad. Although the society is not friendly to single-parent families, it does not mean that you cannot give children and yourself a complete home. Maybe in this mode, you are all more comfortable.

Because this is your choice, you know what you love and what you want to pursue, and you will be happy because of it.

To you like the lively: family and friends, living together to share life

Like no matter how late home, someone for you to light a lamp, leave a bowl of rice, have roommates or family cohabitation days, not lack of warmth, will not be alone. You will be reunited at the dinner table, talking in the living room, there is no blood relationship, you are each other's place of affection.

You say, you imagine home, it should be like this full of people, noisy, from morning to night, everything has people to share it!

To you who love to be alone: live alone, more belong

In a word, a one-person family is the easiest and most convenient option. Living alone, although occasionally a little lonely, but you have to use endless freedom, from the outside to the psychology, only belong to their own.

Cherish every one, want to spend time with yourself, if you also want to come to a quiet home, welcome you every tired want to rest the life of the moment, you will live alone in the day, find more love of their own meaning.

To the obsessive you: keep a cat or a dog, he waits for you behind the door

If you think that the relationship between people is always too complex, but do not want to go home every day, empty no echo. Keep a pet! Let the foster status be established, let each other build a relationship, you know, this world on him, will love you unconditionally.

Wherever you go, he will wait for you behind the door and be your forever home.

Want in this vast city, there is a waiting home for you, have a sense of belonging, is human nature. But you don't have to be there for that. Even if you don't have an answer at the moment, the door that may belong to you hasn't opened yet. But as you get to know yourself more and more, you don't fall short. Because the meaning of home will be set up on your way to find it.

If you're married, you can always have, a hundred different homes.