You bought a genuine leather ring, a pure silver ring, and a gold ring that Grandma left behind in the drawer, but did you try to make a soft piece of jewelry?

The winter of this year is no longer only metal or wood cold, but also knitting jewelry to warm your fashion.Womany gave you detailed knit decorations for you in the cold winter, with these soft and soft jewelry. In addition to wearing fashion, you can warm up your heart in a cold weather in the autumn and winter.Let's experience the warmth of your heart and your body and your body and mind!

Desire Knit And Crochet

From Bulgaria's Brand Desire Kni tAnd Crochet , in addition to producing knit dolls and reinterpreting female ornaments in a knitting way.These knit rings and necklaces, with bright colors and soft touch, blended with the girl's breath in the fashion design, whether you're mature or cute, you're perfect!

The price of the pro-people of the RMB 1,000 yuan is whether you want to buy it and try it out quickly!

Soft knitting material, doesn't it make you think of forest girls?

knit ring, just like a flower that is weaved by a cloud, on the wrist:)

Bright color, like orange soft sugar in your ear!

Switch colors, you change the style!Meeting both mature and adorable ♥

Okapi Knits

Look at the above Desre Knit And Crochet , do you think the knit decorations are too soft, don't hold on the momentum you want?

Try the French design brand Okapi Knits !It ensures that you can sigh, it turns out that knitting is full of personality charm!From Paris, Okapi Knits , each knitted accessory is accompanied by a short product design concept, with special emphasis on the uniqueness of the product, and the designer only began to make every piece of jewelry after receiving the order; more because the quantity is rare, so that the owners of each piece of accessories are given the most exclusive fashion!

This adorable designer wants his work to be loved by people around the world, and therefore warns the buyer: "No matter if you come from any country, if you want to buy it, we are willing to ship ." It also marked the price of shipping in various places, including even the new Taiwan dollar! Okapi Knits 's Unit Price is slightly higher than Desire Knit And Crochet, but there is a variety of personality that is not the same!

The geometric figure that is surrounded by a knit, as if it were a fantasy dream to become a fan of the dream

blue knitting, as if the painter Dali had a soft and knick-knit dream

It is not just the fashion sense at Lady Gaga, it can also be found in the knit decorations

Can you guess, this is knitting?

Don't forget the soft nature of knitting!
This delicate force is displayed quietly and quietly in front of you.

More than just jewelry, Okapi Kniits 's clothing also brings new visual feelings to knit.

These beautiful lines, and knit textures, have you moved your mind?

Fashion doesn't have rules of play, the only rule is probably -- the rules are changing every day!This is also a fashionable and attractive place. Whether soft, rigid, graceful or playful, it is possible to become a superstar in the fashion world!You can also find your most attractive place, and this year's autumn and winter, you can make the knit trinket together with you and the quartet.

Women, our creativity is unlimited!

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