PTT revealed that a restaurant employee was fired from the restaurant because of his bisexual status, and verbally humiliated the employee in the process. From sexism at The New University to this incident, what we should see is the lack of gender education in society, and the resulting gender discrimination: i would like to ask why the basic human rights of bisexual people need to be approved by the public?

On June 17, a netizen at PTT shared his situation of being humiliated and fired from the company, prompting discussion and news coverage from other netizens.

According to the netizen on PTT, she was a bisexual person who had chosen to live as a woman from an early age. After she was admitted to kodak hotel, she offered to tell the manager the identity of the bisexual, and hoped that the manager can keep it a secret. But two days later, the manager, in collaboration with other directors, asked her to come forward and confess to her co-workers that she was bisexual, saying, "If someone has an uncomfortable or objection, you have to leave." After being asked to reveal her identity, on June 18th the hotel manager forced her to resign with "colleagues' doubts."

Throughout the incident, the employee was repeatedly forced to make her public with "you want to tell your privacy to your morning and evening colleagues" and "you have to tell everyone to stay", but after she went public, she was humiliated by the director, "Do you want to see me dress up as a woman?" and finally asked her to leave.

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After the incident broke out, netizens flocked to Kodak's Facebook page to demand an end to sexism and launch a boycott.

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Socially neglected sexual minorities

What saddens the employee the most is that, despite her hard work to eliminate discrimination against bisexuals when forced to go public, no one wants to give her a chance.

According to UN Free and Equal's description of bisexuals, because the body structure is different from the general binary male and female, the right to physical integrity is often violated, including the surgicalization of young children to bring them into line with the separation of men and women in society, and because of society's gender norms and lack of understanding, To rationalize discrimination against bisexuals. These discriminations, including medical fields, school education, workplace employment, sports competitions and even media media, see the bisexual case as anecdotes and cause public fear.

In 2018, the Monitoring House proposed a correction to the Ministry of Health and the Interior, stating that Taiwan had estimated that there were 400,000 bisexuals, and that the Ministry of Health and the Interior had no meaningful statistics on bisexuals, nor had they proposed policies to address the discrimination and adaptation suffered by bisexual people in society.

In fact, whether it's bisexuals or other sexual minorities, such as transgender, asexual, we should also look at the rights of sexual minorities outside of gays (Gay and Gay), including Queer, Bisexuals, Transgender, etc.

Can we change the discrimination situation? Of course

Just when we thought Taiwan society was equal enough, we could still see the average person discriminating against LGBTQIA in this case: "You're going to make other people feel uncomfortable" and "they don't seem to agree that much."

Why, I ask, do bisexual people's existence and rights require the consent of others? Why is society qualified to decide that bisexuals must become boys/girls?

From this week's case of discrimination on the world's new campus campuses, and the dismissal of bisexual employees, we can rethink the importance of diversity and integration (Dandy and Inclusion, D and I), which is due to a lack of understanding of the fear that is caused, and that a pluralistic society is not terrible. What we lack is to understand individual differences, to listen more, to be more patient, to create an environment in which everyone can be comfortable with themselves.