Interview wu Kexi, many people's impression of her is still in "Blood View." After playing Yan Ning, she received a lot of similar roles, but also all naked. More Thanone lined up to find her, but she didn't want to play any more. Pushing off the show to face unemployment, she's done the script "The Secrets of Burning People" over the past year. Part of the story is taken from Kexi himself, partly from #MeToo. Under the banner of dreams, power violence fairy tales in the performing arts circle like ghost stories painted. She wrote it, and she wrote it as a thriller.

Interview with Wu Kexi. Meet a pair of cat-eyes, look at us, straight staring at us to laugh.

Many people still have an impression of her in "Blood View" of Yanning.

That year the opening half-naked play, lust flow, love and hate clearly. The audience loved the dead. But she said that after the film was released, she only received a similar beauty, "and i'm naked!" More than one Ning waits to find her, but she doesn't want to play any more. Pushing off the show, facing the job, she's done the script "Secrets of Burning" and returned to acting, where she became a screenwriter.

The story is based in part on her own, partly from Hollywood's 2017 "METOO" event, and more from her writing. Grab the character. Learn to bark. The crew's unreasonable reward also has to bear the pain. Invited to a restaurant by a producer, to go or not? Under the banner of star dream, power violence fairy tale in the performing arts circle like a ghost story, everyone painted sound, but very few people can prove that "The Secret of the Burning Man" she wrote, directly written as a thriller. She's good at asking good questions, but she's not getting the right deal, as she puts it, "the story in the middle, the most interesting."

Heart-to-heart: I sometimes want to write things that i can't easily

That afternoon, we had an appointment with the coffee shop, Buti had just returned from Cangcheng, and ended the last event, followed by our interview. The real she, no Yanning's cool sharp, but more sense of humor and honesty, laughing earrings throw ah shake. Asked her happy to answer, this is the designer brand, I like.

In April, she began writing a script on Facebook, but she was left out of work after two plays.

As an actress in Taiwan, the play is so good that there is no play to play. After "Goodbye Wa City", she got a lot of foreign characters play, "Blood Yin" after the door to find the play and always want to play her naked play as a selling point. She felt tired. Pushing off the repetitive play, she lost her job on and off. For Kexi, it's like a dilemma that can't be walked out.

"I sorted out a lot of notes and asked myself, "Do I want to be an actress all my life?" How much do I love this dream? At the time, she occasionally wrote magazine columns. I didn't expect to write a script and turn it into a script.

"After all, it's really hard to have a sense of life every two weeks. I often put together half-truths and half-false words in my manuscript. Then I found out that I had started to make up stories and speak in the language of the camera. 」

She's down.

"The editor hoped that my heart would be to read a million volumes of books than to walk a million miles ah, tourism is very important ah, this type. But I found out that I didn't want to write about it. Sometimes, I don't want to talk about things so light-heartedly. 」

How much are you going to pay for your dreams?

That "not easy thing" became a secret prototype. Life is like a play, when the actress began to write, the first act from her story, can xi young hip-hop, small theater, and then when the show, step by step into the performing arts circle.

When she was on the show, she had been filming a mahjong commercial. She asked the director to deal with a scene with a close-up or vision, so that it could be prepared in advance. As a result, the director was furious: "He asked the crew to put the money for filming into a fan, and another actor took the money and gave me 30 slaps in public." Later, she was even bullied by the crew. After biting her teeth, she had nightmares all night.

"I feel scared and humiliated right now. I don't know the situation, I blame myself, how to ask stupid questions. For the next two weeks, I often had nightmares. Daydreaming also has. At home, just open the fridge from the living room to get something next to you, it's going to be in a trance. I seem to be constantly back to the filming scene, the moment I was slapped with a banknote. Everyone is looking at me. 」

"When I came back, everything in my refrigerator was taken and put on the table. The director, his voice, his look, will still be in my head. The experience became a long-term nightmare.

In 2017, during her unemployment, she saw reports of #MeToo incidents. Wow, so many women came forward and said they had been treated inhumanely. Including humiliation. Including violence. Including sexual assault. (Same show:TIME's Person of the Year The Silence Breakers: #MeToo Movement)

"When I saw it, the actresses kept talking about what was going on in the restaurant that night. Everyone said they were invited to a restaurant for an audition. A man in a bathrobe came to open the door. Everyone said exactly the same thing, "Ask me first if I want a massage, and then run after me." She said. "It's so interesting. 」

She was like a demon, reading the report frantically for days. "I almost saw all the sounds from metoo to times up. 」

A girl was injured in the film, fell down, the people saw, but chose to ignore. So one girl after another followed the fall, no one heard. You think you tell yourself that if you swallow it, everything will be all right. You think no one will help you if you say it. You think this show business circle is gone without you, more is the bench candidate want to card position.

It is these "I think" that constitute the greatest secret of the performing arts world.

"When I read #MeToo the women's accounts, I could understand how they felt. Their condition must be many times worse than mine. My work is to combine the courage these people have given me, I will their story, plus my story, write out. 」

"Like that slogan, how much are you going to pay for your dreams?" How many girls, blindfolded one after another, falsely voluntarily name, jumped down.

An actress who loves writing wants to tell the secret through her first full play, through a work of art.

Behind the crazy writing, I haven't thought about courage.

The whole play was completed in two weeks. I write crazy for ten to twelve hours a day, i don't want to eat and I can't sleep. 'It was a wonderful writing process,' she said. Writing makes her happy, and she grows strength from the middle to re-examine her own way.

I said, "The Secret stousher" is a very brave play.

"When I wrote, I didn't expect to be brave or brave. It was pure, powerful desire that drove me to write. In the sad, low tide, loss and anger, I just bent on writing the story. I want to translate my feelings -- my feelings, their feelings, into words. So now I don't think about whether I'm brave. 」

"I didn't realize it until I got into the city, the French media, and said I was brave. They say the actresses speak directly. But I use art to let the world know how they feel. Few people read only words and can understand how painful they are. 」

Art is not to give right and wrong, in the middle of the story, only interesting

She loved art, writing, and acting. But what does an actress who loves acting look at all sorts of pieces in art history? History of how many directors falsely inspired actors in the name of harassment. What does she think? For Kexi, it was like a soul debate, and she wrote it into the film without comment.

In one of the film's bridge sections, the actresses line up and down to learn the dog barking on the ground. She says many acting classes would have required actors to practice performing animals so that they could better capture the character's charm. "Acting is a metaphysical thing. But when the wrong-intentioned person does it in the wrong way, it goes from sacred to humiliating. 」

"We're doing a very special industry. We re-understand and discuss all human behavior. Then spend the lives of our performers on stage and show you. Let man know and say, "Oh, we eat like this, we are so in love." Oh, it hurts me like this to him, and then I should have come out like this. 」

But that never means that we can examine these works without guard. You can love, love behind, be alert. (Same Show:"Gender Watch" Lubison and Woody Allen, what to think of directors accused of sexual assault)

In recent years, the story of Hollywood film circle is very popular, insiders say insiders in the circle, gossip, and seem to be sincere. "The Great Artist" and "Birdman" have won important awards. But "The Secrets of the Burning Man" is far from a tender love letter to the film industry, but more like a black comedy. It is timely taunting, but giving each character enough empathy.

When it comes to animals, we talk about the lead characters of "Dangerous Road Don't Get Close" like bears and "Doll's House" Nala like cats. She was actually like herself. Speak sharply, see through but not break. "I don't think art works, I have to be right and wrong. After all, the story is interesting in the middle. 」

"The Secret of the Burning Man" is such a work. There are no simple bad guys in the film, the oppressed are also oppressors, and the food chain is layered, like life -- always only in the middle of the story, the most interesting.