Evergreen airmen strike into day 6. Many have also seen public opinion try to amplify specific statements, portraying the strike as a "princess disease" flight attendant's war against "good women" groundwork. We would like to say that the strike dispute is a labour issue, not a labour force, let alone a war between a good woman and a bad woman, a beautiful woman and a non-beautiful woman.

On June 20th, Evergreen flight attendants announced a strike, which entered its sixth day today.

According to Evergreen Airlines, the cancellation of 108 flights today affected nearly 20,000 passengers. By the end of June, a total of 1016 flights could be cancelled, hitting 210,000 passengers. The strike also caused controversy. Some people think that the Evergreen strike and the China Airlines strike demand sedit different, should not use last resort. But there are also people who express sympathy for the idea that the same workers should stand up to each other.

There are media interviews with the ground staff tears spilling the airport, said he has children to raise. Facebook campaigns have also accused flight attendants of being "too cool princess disease" that kills them working overtime day and night. There are also media reports that flight attendants scold the ground crew look bad, not the sky attendants, of course, do not need to strike.

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When public opinion tries to amplify the statements of certain employees and portray the strike as a "princess disease" flight attendant's war against "good women", we want to say that the strike dispute is a labor problem, not a labor-forced one, not a war between a good woman and a bad woman, a beautiful woman and a non-beautiful woman.

When "beautiful" becomes class, the opposite of being transferred

The impression of the social flight attendants is always surrounded by a "beautiful" aura: neat uniforms, delicate make-up, and a smile. As a service personnel, not only need to receive first aid knowledge, aviation training, but also need perfect etiquette. Hochschild, an American sociologist, has analyzed that, unlike the general labor, flight attendants offer more "emotional labor" by using emotions and manners as a way to relieve discomfort among passengers. This approach is also more common among female practitioners.

However, such a gendered mode of work is often considered "relatively relaxed" or even "non-inflow".

In the content of mass culture re-emergence of flight attendants' strikes, if simple text analysis is done, we also find that such derogatory remarks about the services of flight attendants often appear. The community's dissatisfaction with the flight attendants' strike was described as "princess disease", and the beauty of the Buddha became the original sin, representing pampering and greed and laziness. What's more, some public opinion has also tried to turn the original labor and labor rivalry into a "princess disease" flight attendant and "good woman" ground duty war.

In an article about Changrongne, the ground crew fighting back against the "green ribbon" declaring war on the "air-suit princess", he took the opinion of the staff, saying that the flight attendants were "unpleasant and dependent princesses."

Another video, interview ground staff, tears to tell the first line of experience: "not flight attendants are hard, ground work is also hard ah." I have a mortgage, have children to support, so hard, how not to work? We're not sweating, we're voluntary. The company has year-end to us. As a front-line employee, ground handling does bear the dissatisfaction of many travelers with passing on the company's decision-making, overtime overtime, emotional stress, and nowhere to go. However, Changrong Air Ground Service: The flight attendantised is the ugliest strike Groundcrew is the most beautiful anti-strike, but also implied that the flight attendants are "very ugly" and that their strikes, resulting in internal opposition.

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Many public opinion, have tried to set the strike as a flight attendant "princess disease play wayward", shaping women's opposition and jealousy, but ignored its essence, is a labor negotiation.

Of course, it is not just the media reports described in the article that have doubts, and everyone in society is more or less replicating this prejudice. But when we say "flight attendant princess disease", we are talking about what is it?

When we say "princess disease," what are we talking about?

The term "princess disease" is often derogatory in the Taiwanese context, describing beautiful-looking, material-loving, hard-working, picky women, and thinking that pampering like a princess is bad. In Yu Zhenyi's"I say you are you": from the PTT "sow-teaching" of the vendetta to talk about the sex class of online sexual bullying, has mentioned that the so-called sow, and princess disease has similar, are PTT hate women (misogyny) community culture, the community used to disparage specific women's rhetoric.

Flight attendants are often described as "princess disease" because of their bright appearance, high-paying, high-hours, and professional choices that often take goods abroad. "Hello I am Sarah" as a flight attendant wrote:

Asian society's expectation of the hidden appearance of a flight attendant is a dream job for a woman who works in beauty. But why do flight attendants feel like idiot princesses? (Middle)

Because people see, is that we from the southeast and northwest around all directions with the Paris Tower selfie, Beverly Hills Paul Smith pink wall in front of the honey declaration, as long as there are two days off to go to Seoul Tokyo to eat and buy, any piece of beach beach (Sumi, Hawaiian) sexy bikini. These things, seemingly stupid and brainless, are actually the projects that the audio-visual masses love to win.

High-hours, long-distance mobile labor life, if practitioners want to shine their own mobile capital, to create a bright life, of course, is also a personal choice. However, when flight attendants become strikers on the streets, no one should comment on them as "princess disease" because of this performance.

Ground staff, of course, who bear the first line of fire, are certainly not the "ugly girls" who fail to test the servicemen. No matter the flight attendants, ground crew, are in the labor work, never high and low points. Whether they agree to strike or not, female practitioners want to be treated with respect. (Extended reading:"Gender Watch" written after the China Airlines strike - born for people, I want dignity)

No matter whether drift is not beautiful, handsome not handsome, no one as a laborer, should not be looked at by appearance, and ignore efforts and voice.

The strike is aimed at labor communication, not a war between women

Yesterday evening , according to the Associated Press , Liao , director of the flight attendants' professional trade union , went to the airport on a duty basis , holding the slogan " Please do not blame ground work " , paid tribute to the ground staff and hoped that passengers would not put negative emotions on the ground handling .

When strikes have always been labour wars, we also hope that when you see the air-suits on the ground, you should not just laugh and take a laugh and say that women love infighting, but understand the power relationship in it. This is never a war between princess disease and good women, this is the coordination of labor and capital, should return to the dialogue between the two, get the best results.