Toy Story 4 is out! Hailed as the best Pixar animation ever expected after the peak of the third episode!

Woody came to the new owner Bonnie's house. From one child to another, see your own fear and worry about not being needed, but the same thing is that love will make you grow up and then be free. Inside the text has a play, please take it carefully.

Nine years later, Toy Story 4 is finally released! Remember that at the end of episode three, the little owner, Andy, grew up and no longer needed the toys, so he decided to transfer them to Bonnie, the girl who also cherishes the toys. For many, this is the best ending for Toy Story. So you might wonder, too, what fresh perspective can we see in the latest sequel?

As Pixar Studio's most popular animation, Toy Story may never let you down! From one child to another, these characters are afraid of being alone, afraid of not being needed, but the same is true, love lets everyone grow.

Reminder, the following is a play.

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One of the most high-profile new characters in Toy 4 is Bonnie's new toy, Forky. Forks are so ugly that Bonnie pieced it together with material siphoning up from a trash can. He looked very sudden as he stayed in the girl's pile of brightly fiber-optic toys.

However, even if he doesn't seem to be worthy of it, he is Bonnie's favorite toy. Bonnie talks to him every day, sleeps with him, and takes him wherever she goes. He's in the place where Bonnie can only smile softly, and no Bonnie will cry. He said he was rubbish and lived in a trash can, but Bonnie's love made him an item more often to look for than any toy.

Whose toy were you, who you took home

When Bonnie first went to kindergarten, there was a lot of rejection in her heart, so she made a fork in her labor class. In that most frightening moment, she crossed, pieced together the toy, let the fear digest, let him calm. Fork qi is the one who witnessed her growing mate. So with a fork, she began to be afraid of going to school, she can be more cheerful to face the present stage of life.

Another scene we see in the film appears in the villained character Gabby. She is a doll that has long been discarded in a second-hand antique shop, always looking to be taken away and become a toy. Gabby wears make-up, dresses up every day, and tries to steal Huddi's speaking box. 'As long as I'm beautiful enough and I can make a sound, the kids will love me,' she said. However, when Gabby did get the speech box, she was abandoned by the child who was thinking about it.

Ugly fork is loved by children, beautiful Gabby is doomed to lose, why?

Pictured: Screenshot of the Toy Story 4 trailer

Gabby was heartbroken when she bumped into a lost child at a children's amusement park. The child was so sad that she saw her tears and decided to step forward and let the child notice herself. The girl picked up Gabby and said softly, "Have you lost your way?" Let me help you. Dry the tears, suddenly have the courage. She looked firm and went to the police to ask for help and find her parents.

These toys help children to have a home, or go home, regardless of whether they are novel and beautiful. Because the children really need not be pleased, but feel someone accompanied, but in the process of growing up, when found their own good small heart, difficult to bear the rain in front of you, there is you, gave their courage.

"I just couldn't find you, so I found the doll. The lost girl said to her parents. Children will be open and expect a lot of love, and if I need you, you're just there.

Like The Fork to Bonnie, Gabby to The Lost Girl, and Huddy to Andy, in the time with these toys, the warmest and most safe place for children.

Yet you will find that the child will grow up and then leave

And the "Toy Story" series is the most intriguing is that these toys have emotions. 'When one day the kids grow up, they leave the house and go where you can't see, ' huddy said. As adults, children go through self-fulfillment, and toys are no longer functional to them. Toys are then discarded or handed over; the lucky ones will meet the next equally cherished owner, who, unlucky, may be left in a trash can or in a wilderness.

After Andy gave Woody to Bonnie nine years ago, the little girl also wrote her name on Hudi's feet. From then on, Woody turned to the girl loyal, willing to protect, accompany her happy growth, just as he used to treat Andy. However, you will soon find that girls don't care so much about Huddi's existence.

That is, Hudi is still desperately exhausted, in order to be able to implement the loyalty of the little master Bonnie, and in the outside running around, so that the partners are almost injured. Angry friends tell Woody that you actually need Bonnie, not Bonnie needs you. Why do you insist so much?

Woody touched his nose and his face faded. He said otherwise, he didn't know where he existed.

Pictured: Screenshot of the Toy Story 4 trailer

Perhaps Woody is not afraid that he is not needed, but that he can't cope with the frustration of his heart. In the face of former owner Andy's growing up and leaving, knowing that the other side no longer need their own, Woody is very lost. And the world for this lonely person, not only Hudi one.

The shepherd,who was abandoned by her master many years ago became a stray woman in a children's amusement park. She made herself strong, stitched to make up the bandages, she said it is very free, it doesn't matter, it doesn't matter. But Woody wants to get the fork back to Bonnie's side, and evokethe the softness of the shepherd's heart, and stand up to help.

The righteous Duke, who likes to praise himself, says he is the best presence. But in fact, he is carrying a huge, abandoned shadow by the former master. Children do not want to abandon the card jump can not fly the car very far, is a rotten toy, which makes the card jump from then on do not believe in themselves. He seemed proud and bright, but his heart was fragile.

There are many more stray toys, those who have been discarded, eager to return to the attachment.

"Children often lose their toys. The shepherd said.

They all thought they were the most important person for their children, but at this moment, they have to face that the child no longer needs himself.

Love makes people grow, and then freedom: he doesn't need you now, doesn't mean you don't exist

However, "Toy 4" is the most moving thing is to tell you that even if you have to lose, it is not sad.

When the toys were placed at the children's amusement park, waiting to be picked up, the shepherd girl had climbed to the highest point of the park with Hudi, looking out at the whole world. She told him that standing here would give you more freedom.

You do have a memorable relationship -- for a child who has had these toys with him or her at his own age, and for toys, he also understands the meaning of his existence in the process of being identified and loved. However, if the child is older, the toy must leave home. As with many of the relationships we have experienced, you have loved each other, and in those loves you have recognized yourself. So when it comes to a fork in the road, it's not just regret.

Pictured: Screenshot of the Toy Story 4 trailer

And I think Woody agreed to remove the talking box from his body and give it to Gabby. Not because he felt he no longer needed to please his children, but because he came to understand that he liked the child, who had a speaking box, was no longer in the house.

In the final scene, Woody finally decides to leave Bonnie and live in the wild with her shepherd. The toys stood side by side, gazing at them collectively, like a sight, but more of a blessing -- you remember someone who loved you, even though he might not need you later, but you'd be there forever.

You will find out, let go to let you free, this is the best answer to you. As Buzz Lightyear finally said to everyone, He is not be lost, not anymore.

When you find yourself, you will be your home.