What kind of team is it, so that everyone is willing to spend money when the marginal person eats alone, black eats, or even drinks in front of everyone? From "Lightless Dinner", "One-Man Table" to "Micro-Hotel", these are the most popular works on the launch, are from the surprise to create this immersive experience of the team, marketing public is Wu Yunfang said: In fact, we want to sell to everyone is the

Would you like to put down your phone, face the wall, and enjoy a meal alone? Or 90 minutes, five dishes, dare you eat dinner in the dark?

Remember the former friend asked me, to eat light dinner, need to touch the black dinner, I thought only eat no menu, but can not see the cooking of the dinner, really need some courage. Later friends began to chat on the Internet quite a topic of the "Micro-Hotel", colleagues to share the experience of participation, said after a drink, someone in the event cried a big cry.

It's getting more and more curious.

From the original 2016 flash of "The Lightless Dinner" to the 2017 One-Man Table, and then the second season of "The Lightless Dinner" in 2018 and the 2019 "Lightless Grand Hotel", the launch of the event to the end of the show has always caught everyone off guard, these highly discussed activities, the pusher behind the "Surprise Manufacturing" team.

We visited Surprise Manufacturing's marketing publicist Wu Yunfang, in the lightless dinner, you received the letter of notification, to the community all kinds of people curious, want to look at the charm of the message, all from her thoughts.

I want you to drink and be honest, I want you to eat alone, to.

Surprise manufacturing, making surprises, surprises are not light dinner to eat half, someone rushed out to magic show, not drink to drink to the magic taste, let you guess what this wine.

"Our surprise wasn't that kind of "Suprise!" Wu said, "It's about transforming certain elements of life and creating non-routine activities where you can find everything about yourself - it's called surprise." 」

Like "One Person Table", both pairs have taken you apart, one person sitting at a table, the table is also in different directions, you want to look at each other and laugh a little difficult.

Being a one-person table is really because it's too hard to be "one person": "Unless you're conscious, you're talking to a message with your cell phone, and you're not called "one person." Most societies will be quite praise fuli praise the "group" thing, as if you are an outsider, is the marginal person. Marginal people have a negative feeling. 」

But a person is really important, we all need to precipitate time, thinking about everything that happens in life. Constantly exposing yourself to high-pressure networks, receiving information, and talking a lot, you're losing yourself.

Then there's the Lightless Dinner, which takes out the vision, tests the other four senses of the person, and emphasizes how you get along with your partner. Darkness makes taste a little more exciting, your beef is not your beef. They also did a statistic in 2016, when 95 percent of the guests mistook honeyed carrots for melons and 70 percent of their guests ate kiwi fruit into pomegranates.

Immersive experiences have been abroad for years, such as Sleep no more, Ginger line, and Secret cinema. Taiwan also has, mostly in the theater: "Immersive experience is to let you experience first-hand, the process to get something, not I told you, A is A, but you can find your BCD in the process, this is surprise manufacturing." 」

"In fact, we sell a mirror every time, and I hope you can see yourself through it. Now too many self, in fact, is i want others to see their own, not "who am I?" 」

What's a surprise? The ex-boyfriend happened to meet his ex-girlfriend, and the most embarrassing came.

"I like organic things. She had a smile under her eyes. Organic surprises cannot be designed: "For example, a one-person table is about people who need to be precipitated, observed, thought, imagined, and created." 」

When you come to a one-person table, we'll talk to yourself when they're quiet, and he'll know that the table will sit with someone else tomorrow: "So he'll hide a note." "When we pulled out, we found that there were so many places in the space that there were lots of paper, and a long series of notes were posted all the way down next to the corner of the table, behind the white cloth. 」

"Hi, hello. 」

The note says it like a dialogue in parallel time and space. It's a message that people have to sit in place and settle in this field to find out.

For example, there was a light-free dinner, there was a boy came four times, four times with different girls;

There was also a brother with parents to eat light dinner, and later because the mother is afraid of the dark, father with his mother went away. The two brothers who remained, and then came in to eat a pair of honey and table, a chat only found that the younger brother and one of the girls went to the same school.

And in the Micro-Hotel, there is a design is to let people walk into the telephone booth, dial the phone to the person you want to speak. Some people call the interview boss, give the dead dog, some people cry after talking, and some choose not to fight. "Impressive lying to an aunt crying so badly, ask her why she cried? She said she thought of her dead ex-husband and felt like she had put things down. 」

"These (immersive experiences) are a calculation for me, like chemistry, and those organic, they're beautiful. Very small, pure, undesigned, the field contains a huge emotional energy, hidden in the bounds, this is the most want to see in the experience of the organic, and perhaps, this is the real surprise manufacturing.

What I'm looking for is all sorts of ways to communicate with people.

Wu Yunfang graduated from the advertising department, has done medical public relations, entertainment media, also had a foreign dream. Now into surprise manufacturing, she laughs at herself walking on a completely different path. Confusion certainly has, but values support her to the present, and the 318 School Movement can be a turning point in the establishment of the values of the party: "I learned to simplify complex things in medical PR." But 318, instead, you see too many people trying to talk with a huge amount of discourse. It's: "We solemnly declare the dragonfly" and then a long list. 」

Information and knowledge should not be complicated, when the intellectual elite try to persuade with complicated discourse, will only divide the ethnic groups, can not create communication. She also cited the 2010-14 "Anti-Mad Car in the Garden" protest, when a group wanted to build a windmill on the shore of Miao Liyuan, and residents were concerned about being disturbed by long-term low-frequency noise. Mr Ng was involved in a group-residents debate:

"A debate, sitting with residents and business people. She put her head behind, silent for a long time, her eyes red, "The residents of this group of Miao Liyuan, you can imagine what they are wearing, is T-shirt, shorts, foot-dragging." They stood up and said, "You can't do this!" Then the other side of the lawyer stood up and responded in an organized manner. In the big field, she felt a huge misalignment.

After that, she knew what she was looking for was the possibilities for communicating with people: "Surprise making is also a way to deliver a message." Through experience, communication with people, the message does not have to be complicated.

Confusion and change are the best time semers you know yourself

Seemingly very thoughtful about the direction of life, she admits that she still has a lot of confusion, from medical PR to entertainment media to surprise manufacturing, and she is constantly looking for ways of communicating with people: "But in the face of confusion, change and powerful negative energy, it is actually the best time you know yourself." In the darkness you see light. 」

In the graduation season, ask her to give the graduates some encouragement, she said, just try, "You seem to put a lot of pressure on yourself, but if you jump a little bit, with a phased task to think about the next choice, it will be easier." 」

Because your life will not end with a choice, believe that confusion is only a stage, and will eventually pass: "You have to believe that you will move." 」

"Everybody, come on, life." She couldn't help but add.

Postscript to an interview

Speaking of the link between women's fans and surprise-making, it is in my love of my Happy Life Festival, the co-launch of a fan-only micro-hotel. Interview promise, many times, feel that women fans and surprise manufacturing, is very similar.

For nine years, women's fans have insisted on deconstructing and talking about gender in a pu-art, approachable way. In the process, we often feel that is constantly in the collision, bump is the boundaries of gender, the collision is to talk about gender discourse, we think, gender should be the public, everyone should be gently understood, and have equal right to voice.

I asked in an interview what you would say if you could sum up values in one sentence, and she affirmed, "Choose kindness." 」

Gentleness is a force, we can choose kindness.