What is a good company? Is money more than too close to home? In fact, you should think back: what does the future you want to look like? Are you not aware of your needs enough?

Job season is coming, looking for a job is like playing strange, pre-record writing, interview talk and self-marketing, to the end of the interview thank you letter, you have to pay attention to. But the problem many people face at the moment is not knowing how to pick a good company.

Some people say that the so-called good company, is to provide a salary can just live, away from home will not be too far away, overtime even one for, the best six o'clock can clock out on time, three benefits bonus as usual, colleagues get along best.

She chatted with her friend S, who had just graduated and found a job that met the above criteria, and everyone was envious of her. I asked S how she was doing, but she smiled bitterly and said yes, but often felt that life seemed like this, became very regular, but there was a feeling of "old age". This thing makes S very confused, in case you quit the job can not find as good as this company how to do? But if she doesn't resign, does she have to stay in this company until she retires?

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The honey, my cream, assess a company good or bad, not only with salary, welfare to pick, first of all you should look back: what does you want the future look like? Are you not aware of your needs enough?

John Lees, a former chief executive of the Institute of Talent Recruitment, IRP, thinks finding a company that suits you can ask yourself nine questions first:

  1. If you don't like your job because of your work content, co-workers, organization, or the whole department?
  2. What kind of job does a friend attract you the most?
  3. What do you like best to study? Academic programs, training activities, or just learning to have fun?
  4. What kind of recruitment ads attract you?
  5. Which experience do you enjoy most from your past work experience? Why?
  6. Usually chat with friends, what do you like to talk about best?
  7. Think back to the day's work, you enjoy the most moments, will let you after the completion of everything is beautiful, let you remember. Write down what you've done and what you've achieved.
  8. If all jobs are paid the same, what do you want to do most?
  9. If you could try someone else's job, what would you most like to do?

Next, you can determine whether this company is really right for you from the following six methods:

Analysis of individual abilities

Look carefully for skills other than your job, and what things do you do well? What techniques do you expect to be applied in the workplace?

2. List ten ideal working conditions

List the ten conditions that your ideal job must include, such as what products or services are important to you, such as those you want colleagues to be willing to give feedback and advice, to put you in sole responsibility for the execution of a project, and to have your organization as flat, transparent, and then to combine personal values: What productor or service is important to you? Find at least six jobs that meet the above criteria.

3. Start from the work content

Don't always look for work based on your job title, try using job content keywords such as: "I'm looking for a job that requires data analysis skills, and i have to work flexibly." This will help you expand your search for a job and have more opportunities, and if a friend wants to give a proposal, it's less limited to your job title.

4. It's always good to do more research

Do research before you look for a job and try to avoid relying on second-hand information. It would be better to be able to ask the person who did the job directly than the experience of the person in the relevant industry. After all, the actual experience is still better known than the person who observes it.

5. Avoid direct say No for opportunities

When you hear about a job of interest, your first reaction is to find other reasons to say no? Don't let those reasons stand in your way, first think about any way to help you find a job. If you have these negative thoughts, let your friends always remind you!

6. Proper messaging

If you've already had an interview, remember to introduce yourself with a short essay, practice summarizing your skills and majors, and suggesting how you can help the company. It is suggested that after the introduction of the profession, give practical examples and what effect it will have.

In the job search process, will certainly hear a lot of questioning voices, peer comparisons, but don't forget, there is no absolutely good job, only suitable for their work. Job seekers, come on!