Earlier today we learned of the divorce of Shuang Song. Song Hui Qiao brokerage company statement mentioned that the two people due to personality differences, must make this decision.

Some people say that marriage is not a fairy tale, the real life is false. But back two years ago, when they married, She said, "It's not a one-man thing, I have to be very careful, and I'm nervous about announcing the marriage." Uncertain about the future, but still let go, they have been brave to marriage.

Getting married is courage, to leave a relationship, why not? If we all believed and affirmed their love, we should now bless their choices.

Earlier today (6/27), we saw Song Zhongji Brokerage Company come forward to confirm that Song Hui-Jo o and Song Zhongji have entered the divorce mediation process. The two men's brokerage companies then followed up with the statement. Seeing the news, you may have these feelings: "Another fairy tale is shattered", "fairy tales are deceitful", "I don't believe in it", "Good pity" and "Love is easy to get along with".

And in the discussion of a craze, I saw a message in the community "I still think, Qiao mei wearing a wedding dress beautiful", only then suddenly recalled two years ago, the day the two married, as a small fan of us, also keep the media. We sat in front of the screen, looking at their wedding photos.

"I was nervous about announcing the wedding, after all, it was so sudden, but I believe my fans will support me,......, and ask you to continue to give me support and trust, " she said at the time. 」

Be careful, as if not so sure, but let go.

Maybe this is the beginning of marriage.

Photo Credit: Song Hui-Jo IG

"I believe I'll experience a better life" is courage to start a family

On the afternoon of July 5, 2017, Song Hui-joo announced the marriage in full:

Hello I am Song Hui Qiao, from the last greeting has been a while, I would like to share my personal happy news to you, you may be surprised to hear my wedding news at first, I understand you may feel that I do not respect my fans, but I hope you can understand me with an open mind.

Zhongji and I started out as co-workers, and after getting along, I found that our values and ideas were very similar, and I could share anything with him.

He was a great colleague and friend, so we kept in touch and spent a lot of time getting to know each other, and for a long time he gave me unreserved trust and courtesy, and I thought how wonderful it would be to spend time with him in the future, and I could feel my true feelings, and i knew at that moment that he was my true destiny.

I want my fans to know the wedding news for the first time, but marriage is not the only thing I am, I must be very careful, in fact, to announce the marriage I am also very nervous, after all, so suddenly, but I believe my fans will support me, for my decision, please continue to give me support and trust, I am very grateful to all the fans for being patient and waiting for me to make a statement.

Later I will no longer be a person but two people, I will take this as an opportunity to live a better self, will also experience a better life, please give me blessing, thank you.

At the end of October of the same year, the two held a high-profile wedding, such as the fairy-tale princess princess wedding photos released. And when we are full of beautiful and dreamy layout, but may ignore behind this, two people muster the courage, but also move towards each other, each step is determined.

On marriage, there is a never-too-old question: "How do I know, this is the right person?" Perhaps from friends, native families or other, we have seen all kinds of marriage problems and failures, know that this is a long road, admission volume is not easy to take, so always linger in the entrance for too long.

But you also see that people are not discouraged, and find a home in the camp. Some people say that is an impulse, some people say that the right person will understand when they appear. And I think it's also very similar to what Sister Joe mentioned in this passage, that's when you meet someone, you find that he joins you in your life, so that you can see a better future for each other. You don't know what's waiting for you in the distance, but the answer doesn't have to be yes, because there's never an answer.

Perhaps at this moment you just need to know that you met a he, your union, can let you have a dream for the future, full of expectations.

Photo Credit Song Zhongji IG

So when the community is now disturbed, discussing "there are no fairy tales in the world", the frustration and loss of this sentence, perhaps also hidden in the misunderstanding of fairy tales. The princess you said, when she decided to welcome love, would breathe a deep sigh, and her dress swung in that instant. You see the bright, is her first second to life to hold her breath in exchange for the beauty.

So you can have fairy tales, if this makes you look forward to marriage, because what we should learn from fairy tales is that courage.

And the real destiny she said, ah, has not disappeared. As long as he was, he was there.

Divorce actually takes courage and doesn't deny any thing about the past.

And if the moment we decided to start a family was ever beautiful, what would it be for us to decide to end the marriage?

In fact, in seeing Song Hui-Jo and Song Zhongji announced the separation of the news, you think that full of brave. A high-profile marriage, there must be reasons for it can not continue, will choose to file for divorce news.

Perhaps also do not have to talk about the marriage of artists, in this still on the marriage value myth of society, we want to marry, we will warmly celebrate, firecrackers fireworks celebration, to wind scenery and lively a wedding; How to play marriage as a child.

Impressive "Insincere Don't Disturb 2" begins with a divorce ceremony, two people who look close together, say to end, then a ceremony. Why do people come together to celebrate, but not when they are separated?

Remember the oath at the ceremony that said, "Can you swear that no matter how rich, healthy, and how much you love you in the future, you will not be with him again?" Read the wedding vow upside down, as if you could say goodbye. It is also a memorial to walk on a blanket, walk through the eyes of the crowd, and witness each other in the presence of the people.

At that moment the stage of life, but also gathered your greatest fruit.

Therefore, to decide to dissolve a family, I believe is also exhausted, know that there is no better future at this moment, so more prudent determination. Divorce is really just an option in a relationship. It does not mean right or wrong, nor can it deny who has worked hard. All you've had, it's all there. We see artists apologizing to the public, but in fact, they don't need to apologize to anyone.

There's no best answer to believe each other has made the best choice

To see the once beautiful things disillusioned, you can not help but lose. But we also want to celebrate the opportunity to return to the real world. Because standing here, we will see more honestself ourselves. Whether it's them on the screen, or you sitting in front of the screen, can you trust marriage? When can I believe in marriage? And when do I know I should give up my marriage?

There may never be a standard formula or the best answer to these questions;

If we had believed and affirmed their courage. Now, we should also bless their choices.

Knowing that if marriage is a gamble, may we all be the best couple sons and girls of each other.

Photo Credit: Song Hui-Jo IG