The autumn of October is the season of the pumpkin's production, and the round is full of nutritional value.Not only is the heat low, the US Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has listed pumpkin as one of 30 anticancer fruits and vegetables, and the β -carotene content is the crown of the melon."

This time, womany introduced, how to take care of the rich pumpkin rich soup in a simple way, and drink warm pumpkin soup in this cool autumn and healthy and delicious!


-Unsalted Butter 15 grams

-little cream of milk

-Onion 1

-milk 300 g

-Water 300 g

-salt 1/4 tbsp

-Brazilian jasmine

  1. washing the pumpkin, you can cut open the skin and cut it into a large block after removing seeds.The onion can be cut into small to be spare.
  2. A pumpkin-shaped pumpkin is placed in the inner pot, and the inner pot is about one cup of water, and the outer pot is about 1.5 cups of water, and the stewing for a long time is more soft and bad.

  3. Use butter fried onions, add some water cover pots, and make the onions in a transparent shape.

  4. After the fire, wait for the onion and the pumpkin mud to cool down, pouring the rest of the water into the juice extractor, and then pouring it into the mud.

  5. Wheat up the pudled mud in the pan, add milk and a little cream to add to the cream, and the concentration can be determined by the individual's preferences.

  6. Finally, the salt and the Brazilian jasmine raise the flavor and color, and the pumpkin rich soup is finished!

The pumpkin soup, besides being able to serve as a soup, can also be used together with hot rice, and it is also a very good choice to make a pumpkin, which is full of rich milk fragrant.If children don't like nugget pumpkins, they can also cultivate their children's love of pumpkin, nutritious and delicious!

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