Han Xing Song Zhongji and Song Hui-Jo officially announced the divorce news, in a blessing and sadness, if you want to separate from your partner after good get along, what can be done? For you to take stock of 5 East and West performing arts circle in the "good break-up" of the couple file, through the feelings, we know more about themselves, but also have the opportunity to become the ideal self, and even get a rare friend and family.

Known as a fairy tale of marriage, there is a day of separation; Emotion is like a field with no good or bad results of the experiment, we carry with curiosity input, which has the blend, there is collision, there is understanding, there are expectations, no one can predict how the experiment will be carried out, no one can determine the results of the experiment.

For you to take stock of 5 East and West performing arts circle in the "good break-up" of the couple file, through the feelings, we know more about themselves, but also have the opportunity to become the ideal self, and even get a rare friend and family.

Song Zhongji, Song Hui-Joo

Photo: Song Hui-Jo IG

On June 27, 2019, Han Xing Song Zhongji and Song Hui-joo officially announced their divorce, song Zhongji issued a statement saying: "Both want to complete the divorce process satisfactorily, not blame each other." It is very difficult to tell everyone about the private life, I hope you understand. Song HuiQiao brokerage company also said: "The reason for the divorce is the difference in the character of two people, the two sides because they failed to overcome the difference between the two people, finally had to make such a decision." In addition to the specific content is the private life of both actors, please understand that we can not further confirm. In addition, for the sake of both sides, you are also asked to refrain from inflammatory reports and speculative messages. 」

Song Zhongji and Song Hui-Jo, this moment from "we" to "I", I will leave emotions to themselves, leave the blessing to you. (Recommended reading: Song Hui Qiao Song Zhongji confirmed divorce: marriage is courage, to end a relationship is also)

Chen Yuzhen, Zhong Chenghu

Photo: Chen Yuzhen IG

On May 7, 2019, the relationship between the singer and the guitarist ended, and Zhong Chenghu and Chen Wrote both wrote on Facebook and IG about their 16 years of love: "Know who to love, be an adult." Together, the two made the best summary of each other's love run in eight words. Turn eight words around, behind the "love you, let me know more about myself." (Recommended reading: Don't be a couple, be a lifelong friend!) Chen Yuzhen and Zhong Chenghu: Know how to love, is the real adult )

Chen Yuzhen and Zhong Chenghu, love you I do not regret, did not go to the marriage is not a pity, we all in this relationship to obtain the most precious harvest - more understanding of their own.

How do you continue to lead to a better life after a relationship is over? You should look at:

Yang Yulin, Little Ghost

Photo: Yang Yulin IG

Singer Yang Yulin and the devil, who had been dating as a student, were each other's first lovers. Yang Yulin also invited the devil as a guest at the concert, saying, "My youth is really living with him!" He is my first love, for me, everyone's first love is very important. We've known each other for nearly 20 years, and he's the only one, from i'm a passer-by to me as an entertainer to the present, looking at me all the way, so I think he's very important to me! The ghost also posted on IG, "Thank you for letting me participate, it's an honor to live in your youth." 」

Yang Yulin and the devil, in the growth process, has always witnessed each other, from now on will also accompany each other through every mile of life. (Recommended reading: Thank you for not being able to come back to the most beautiful ever!) Five little things about first love)

Orlando Bloom, Miranda Kerr

The six-year relationship between Hollywood star Orlando Burrow, who became a hit with the "Lord of the Rings" series, ended in 2013 with a joint statement from the two, saying, "Even though Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr are no longer married," the couple said in a joint statement. But they still see each other as family and will continue to care for, support and respect each other, and will continue to support each other as parents to their two sons. (Recommended reading: After divorce, we celebrate happiness)

Orlando Burrow and Miranda, from their partner to the family, will continue to be with each other as a co-depending.

Chris Martin, Gwyneth Paltrow

Photo: Gwyneth Paltrow IG

Coldplay lead singer Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow, who have been married for 13 years, will still spend the holidays together and co-host parties with their children, even though they officially divorced in 2016. The two are also currently in another relationship, with Gwyneth Paltrow even posting a congratulatory post on Chris Martin's 40th birthday, saying: 'He's the best dad in the world! (Recommended reading: I'm married to a divorced man: Divorce is not a misnom, but an end to a relationship)

Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow, we use action to break the "couple break up after not be friends" rumors, we used to be a couple, now friends, is also family!

Among the world's billions of people, partial to meet you, and in each other seriously, really love each other, only to find that such a good we, should let go to pursue their ideals.

Emotional experiment is ultimately successful, success in our more understanding of themselves, success in our common occupy each other's life part, success in love with you, I become a better self, but also for our relationship, found the most suitable corner placement.

Blessings are the only thing I want to say to you who loves you.