Internet popularity writer Amber said the first two days of sudden acute cystitis, abdominal pain to hang emergency, a few days later only found that the original moon cup stuck in their own body for up to a week, pull out even "with the smell of black blood." In fact, if the moon cup is used well, is a safe product, not only can reduce the feeling of menstruation sultry, but also reduce the amount of tampon, for environmental protection. If you also want to get into the pit of the Moon Cup, 3 use notes for you to organize the Moon Cup!

Everyone says the moon cup is not feeling, in the end is how senseless?

Internet-style writer Amber Is Not Home yesterday (6/26) shared with readers his recent use of the Moon Cup with the headline "This is a story that nearly died in his own hands" on Facebook.

Amber said the first two days of sudden acute cystitis, abdominal pain to hang emergency, while ruethed about the body deteriorating at the same time, in the bath also found that he had a smell in the lower body, a hand to find that the original moon cup has been stuck in their own body for up to a week, it was taken out, blackened blood accompanied by a terrible odor.

It turned out not that my body was deteriorating, but that i forgot the physical discomfort caused by taking out the moon cup.

Amber's Not Home Facebook Full Text:

It's a story that almost died in your own hands.

Before watching for a long time, and finally war to start the moon cup, want to love the earth environmental protection, at first feel terrible card closed for a long time, did not expect the degree of senseless and comfort are better than tampons and tampons too much

Two days ago sudden acute cystitis, abdominal pain to the near shock hanging emergency, while crying while being in the hospital two injections, but also chagrined how the body suddenly changed so bad

Go home to take medicine for two days, bath found the smell more and more strange, collapse to say what is wrong is not even the lower body also out of the condition

This time Taipei Kaohsiung ran back and forth, in order to think that they had a pleasant and clean and refreshing menstrual period, also did not pay attention to the lack of a moon cup, bath hand-touch, so touch the car stuck in the body of a week of the moon cup

When you pull it out,

is to smell the terrible smell of shadows in this life.

And blackened blood.

It wasn't cystitis.

It's the Moon Cup stuck in the body for a week.

Almost shocked to death in his own hands



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Compared with the sultry discomfort of tampons, the moon cup is indeed a dry and environmentally friendly female menstrual good friend, can be directly put into the vagina to contain blood, to avoid bacterial growth, can also be reused after cleaning, extend the life of the product 5 to 10 years, so in recent years, the number of people using the moon cup has risen sharply, More and more people are choosing to use the Moon Cup to survive menstruation.

What is the relationship between the moon cup and the vagina? Let's use four pictures to get to know your body and the Moon Cup at once! (Recommended reading: Give your pet body slackpack: the first Moon Cup on the go!) ) )

If you also want to get into the pit of the Moon Cup, 3 use notes for you to organize the Moon Cup!

  • Remember to clean regularly

When purchasing the Moon Cup, the product will be accompanied by the recommended cleaning frequency, although it may vary depending on the individual's physical condition, but according to the United News Network, Zhongshan Hospital Obstetrics and Gynecology Physician Guo Anne said: Moon Cup is best five to six hours to change the wash once. After all, the vagina is not a sterile environment, regular cleaning and replacement to maintain vaginal health! (Recommended reading: Let the female body bloom like a flower!) Twenty Tuka with you looking at the Moon Cup, which belongs to Taiwan , )

  • Remember to trim your nails.

Whether it is removed or placed in the moon cup, you need to put your hands in the vagina, keep your nails clean and trim periodically, and avoid scratching the vaginal wall or bringing the rest of the bacteria.

  • Don't use brute force when you pull it out.

After placing the moon cup in the vagina, the moon cup is in a vacuum state, when removed, do not use brute force to pull out. Use a single finger to press the wall of the Moon Cup, remove the vacuum and then remove the cup body.

I wish all women can live well with menstruation, whether it is the use of tampons, tampons, moon cup, we must remember that "regular replacement" is the most important, together love the vagina, true love of the body!