Later this evening, Fan Bingbing and Li Chen announced their break-up on Weibo, Li Chen said, "from friends to lovers, and then friends, the form will change, but trust is eternal." Love is worth the joy, but because of understanding and choose to separate, but also worth celebrating. Bless them, bless all those who have cherished and loved.

Chinese actress Fan Bingbing announced her split from Li Chen in a personal tweet late today (6/27):

"A person's life may experience all kinds of farewells, in our encounter to harvest love and warmth into eternal strength, thank you all along the way for your giving, support and love." Thank you for the future will have care and love. We are no longer us, we are still us. 」

Li Chen then responded by saying:

"From a friend to a lover, to be a friend, the form of emotion will change, but the purest feelings between you and me will not change, mutual trust and support is eternal." We are no longer us, we are still us. 」

We didn't go into marriage, but we always trusted each other.

In 2015, Fan Bingbing and Li Chen admitted to love each other, more than four years, the two did not shy away from the same frame in front of the fluorescent screen, but not high-profile nor publicity. For years, people pay attention to when they are getting married, wait too long and guess whether it is a break-up? Two people in the speech under the grip of each other, now go to the fork in the road, said good to let go, is a better future. (Also at the fork of the road you: Song Hui Qiao Song Zhongji confirmed the divorce: marriage is courage, to end a relationship is also) )

"We are no longer us, we are still us." 」

Perhaps building a relationship, the most cherished, is willing to spend time for you and trust each other. When we fall in love, we focus on each other, and if we want to be apart, we never think about each other. This is a way for love to come to the end and make love longer. (See More Love: Five "Good Breakup" Stars CP File: From Two to One, I Leave Your Blessings to You)

As soon as the two statements were released, netizens also expressed their blessings. Believe that the road you have walked, the people you love, will take you to a better distance.

Photo: Fan Bingbing Facebook