Today is the anniversary of the Stonewall riots. Fifty years ago today, a group of people were beaten and beaten by the police without Richard. The cross-dressing queen inside the blocking line. The men and women who were attacked. On this day, they finally chose to fight back. It also makes people aware of the long-neglected voice.

Every country has its own stone walls to tear down.

Today is the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots. Gender force takes you back to the pre-consequences of the Stonewall riots. Also, in addition to the New York Gay Tavern, Britain, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, have their own stone walls, to be pushed down. As gender campaigners, we want the world to know that there is no wall that isolates our desire for freedom and love.

United States: Stonewall Riots, June 28, 1969

On the night of June 28, 1969, at the Stonewall Tavern in Greenwich Village, New York, a group of gay people who had been arrested by the police late at night: gay, transgender, cross-dressing queens, were humiliated, beaten and arrested. On this day, they chose to fight back. They pushed the police, threw coins at them and even tried to set fire to them outside the pub.

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And this counter-attack, was also set as the stone wall "riot". The cross-dressing queen inside the blocking line. Gay men and women who were rounded up. The streets were hissing and shouting at the hippies and comrades. Makes people aware of voices that have long been ignored. From the beginning of a late-night search, sporadic gay supporters began to protest across the United States. It was four decades after the world's first gay march, in San Francisco, that we began to realize how much a group of people in the world were born with the curse of both sin and disease, and how eager they were to be seen by the world.

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From today's perspective, perhaps many people will criticize the Stonewall riots as "moderate enough" and "rational dialogue". Yet the return to the nature of the struggle, it represents, from not only the LGBT community should be respected, but also a race, sexual orientation, gender, class, forced to the most marginalized, finally do not care about social vision, not afraid of being said irrational, not polite, why not shut up, and fight back. (Co-op:Everyday Matters, Stonewall Riots: Important Origins of Gay Rights Struggle)

The Stonewall riots rewrote the history of the gay movement. It also makes almost all fringe protesters realize that they can change the world.

Taiwan: May 24, 2019, marriage is legal

On May 24, 2019, many rejoiced that the day the Justice's Interpretation of the Constitution, Act No. 748, went on the road, meaning that Taiwan's gay partners could enjoy the right to marry in accordance with civil law. In large part, there is no difference between heterosexuals who apply the Civil Code. (Same-field plus: Interview with Comrade Hotline Peng Zhixuan: Marriage equality, at least some comrades out of pessimistic fatalism)

After a constant application for an interpretation of the Constitution by the gender campaigner Yu Jiawei, the suicide of French professor Bi Ansheng, the referendum at the end of 2018, and countless debates and consultations, we have finally written a new page in history, tearing down one of the high walls known as "marriage inequality". (Same show: Gay Pride Month: Celebrating the passage of marriage, there is also sex education must work hard)

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UK: The Government Passes turret Act on 31 January 2017

Half a century ago, comrades were still guilty. Many may have known Alan Turing, a cryptographer who worked at Bourcelli Park in World War II to decipher german codes and win the War against the Allies. As a hero of the country, but it is not known that he is also a homosexual. It was not until 1952 that Turing was found to be found, and the British government convicted him under the Sexual Misconduct Act, which he chose in prison or in permanent chemical castration. (Same Show: Imitation Game Film Review)

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On 31 January 2017, the UK passed the Turing Act, which pardons men convicted of sexual orientation in British history. In the past, comrades who had been punished, imprisoned, chemically castrated and even indirectly committed suicide have finally been exonerated from history.

Japan: On March 20, 2019, women pushed down the high walls of beauty and launched a #KUTOO campaign

In Japan, too, there are women who try to challenge the boundaries of beauty. In Japan, wearing high heels is considered to be the basic etiquette of women's workplace, but ignore the long-term wearing high heels on the human body' hazards, physical fatigue, foot fasciitis, toe flipping. Beauty discipline is not only an inequality for workers, but also an exploitation of a single sex.

Japanese actor Ishikawa, who launched a petition online, refused to "wear" high heels. The coalition, which received more than 20,000 support, has also filed a petition with the Japanese government calling for a ban on companies requiring women to wear high heels at work.

South Korea: December 11, 2018, SuYan Revolution

In South Korea, known for its beauty, make-up and make-up, many women have launched an "anti-trump" campaign. Fed up with society's embrace of women's make-up, they advocated plain face, writing protest signs on lipstick, eyebrowpens and eyeliner, and posing for photos of their own destroyed cosmetics on the community's website. (Extended reading:"Can you see it without makeup?" South Korea's undressed sports, women's face is not a shame)

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Many have criticized the "su-yan revolution" among South Korean women as too violent (although they simply destroy cosmetics and choose not to go out without makeup), but for South Korean women, it is not just a "operation of the suce" but also a gesture of destruction. Women can and can't imagine the body differently. (Same-on-the-show: from the hashtags "MeToo" to "The Su-Yan Revolution", South Korea's silent gender movement conducted)

Every country has its own stone walls. Across the stone walls, we all saw the struggling souls, one by one, being held out of the walls. In the dark night tavern. In crushed cosmetics. In the toe of the shoe swollen and painful. On the other side of the wall, we're always there. If life is the choice of Tao two, we choose to stand with the egg.