Cai Yilin won two major awards at this year's Golden Song Awards. She confessed at the ceremony that she shouted "FUCK" in her heart the moment she heard the award series announcement. Tension and stomach pain disappear in an instant!

She said that "Stranger Things" would not end there, and that she would always be curious and see more possibilities for creation. She also wants to encourage everyone to shout a FUCK! From refusing to walk the red carpet, advocating aesthetic freedom, speaking for the few, you can live for yourself in a world full of bullshit.

On the night of the 2019/06/29 Golden Song Awards, Cai Yilin won both Song of the Year and Album of the Year for her work "Ugly Beauty". Looking back at the moment of the celebration, recalling how it felt to be waiting for the awards to be announced on stage, Jolin said he was really nervous:

"Everyone thinks, "It's me, right?" It was a very memorable experience. 」

Ugly Beauty talks about women's beauty, the story of Rose Boy Ye Yongxuan, and so on, trying to sort out her feelings and thoughts about gender issues: "I feel like I'm on stage, I've got so much, and I want to know how to thank them (fans). Jolin, who has worked on her acting career for 20 years, said that if I could stand at this height today and say something to everyone, it would be my least weak force right now.

The personnel that once touched her was the driving force behind her creation and performance, and now she has seen the results: "Thank you for hearing our voices."

a few voices, never weak. Because no one is entitled to set the standard for whom, who is worth being loved.

However, the existence of the game system, but also will certainly let every year someone on stage, someone become son. Joiln said it was the most regrettable of the year that he didn't win the Best Music Video Award. This album's MV shot, featuring "strangers," attacks a single standard world in which everyone should have their own value. Always good at using light-hearted dance music, trying to change the sad world.

You'll want to see:

Cai Yilin's "Stranger Beauty" talks about physical anxiety and hugging reality: "Who is qualified to define good-looking?" 」

Cai Yilin Rose Sage Dance Edition MV: Know Yourself to Live for Yourself

Cai Yilin's "Brain Man" on the relationship between ideal and real: as long as we are fit, you are my ideal lover

"To make music, I just follow my heart, and I don't have too many concerns at the moment. Unless I think i want to say something, I'll write it in the lyrics, or present it in an image. I think there are many ways to express it. 」

In any case, she singled out the song Rose Boy, whether it was awarded or not, and it made a lot of sense to her: "A lot of things are changing my mind, letting me know that different voices are being made, and inspiring me, and you don't need anything to meet everyone's expectations." And if there is a chance, a version of the story will be introduced in the future, so that more people can see the importance of the story. (Recommended reading:"Golden Song 30 Celebration Banquet Site" Cai Yilin: "I want to say to Mother Ye Yongxuan, you are a very great mother"

For the gold music system, asked whether to worry about getting such a high degree of affirmation, in fact, on the one hand fell into the trap of the Golden Song Award, to compare with other singers at all times?

"In fact, every piece of work is too strong to be true, it is very meaningful. This system is really not ordinary people can choose out, the evaluation must also be carefully considered to choose. Every finalist feels that they deserve such recognition. I am in the same mood. 」

However, we see this time Cai Yilin, listening to the inner voice, focusing on the presentation of each work, not afraid to push the red carpet mechanism aesthetic. Before and after the golden song, her step by step bold, I believe also let more people get courage.

The game made "who can stand up" a kind of pressure, Joiln stood on the celebration banquet venue the moment, to everyone said:

"I'm honest enot, I wasn't sure until the final prize( the Album of the Year award). My stomach hurts very much. But the moment i announced the award, I shouted "FUCK!" in my heart! The stomach is fine! 」

We laughed, we know, because she took every creation very seriously this time, and every heart behind these stories.

The prize is certain, but most importantly, she wants to tell the world, even if someone says you're weird, you're different, you know someone loves you and listens to you:

"If you're really nervous, shout a lot of fucka for your life when you're a big fuckhit!" Maybe it's over. 」

In 2019, "Stranger America", and Cai Yilin, with a bold, agitating world. She concluded by saying that she did not feel that "Stranger America" was over for this, but rather a new beginning:

"I throw away some ideas every day and accept something new to come in. I also like this self-talk. 」

Always curious, because You don't know what new things will come across at what stage. And if you're really upset, shout fuck! 'It's a really fearless way to cheer yourself up in a world full of bullshit,' she said.