Prior to the 2019 Golden Song Awards, Cai Yilin announced that she would be refusing to walk the red carpet. She responded at the celebratory banquet: "Thank you for your expectations, I just feel tired, is a kind of last minute tired." 'If you can choose to listen to your voice without having to do everything that meets the expectations of others, why don't you do it?' she said.

"What if you don't walk the red carpet?" Who invented the red carpet? Get out of here! 」

Before the 2019 Golden Globes, Cai Yilin's announcement that he would be refusing to walk the red carpet may have disappointed many fans and media friends. But when asked at the celebration, she said frankly, "Thank you for your expectations, I just feel tired, is a kind of last minute tired." 」

Looking back on Jolin's 20 years, from the young girls of that year, to the fact that you can confidently present yourself today, it's also a long way to go.

"Since I entered the business, There has been a fear of not being loved, of being unwelcome, for not being affirmed and recognized, and for being forgotten. So, I blindly, like being hypnotized, chose to hide behind the expectations of the grown, naively believing that that was right, safe, loved, successful, and even thinking that it was the true way of Cai Yilin. 」

As for the preparation of the album Ugly Beauty, Jolin says it's the time she spends the most time getting to know and listening to herself. In the past, the process of interacting with fans, hearing different stories of people, many people told her, because of their own words, make their lives different.

In this all this, in her heart left a great position.

"I've always wanted to get my passion for singing back. This time, she boldly tried different ways of creating and expressed what she wanted to say to the world.

If she could no longer meet the expectations of others and no longer be tied to the so-called dress up and image, she pondered where her voice could appear.

Is it okay, just belong to yourself?

aesthetic world who has the guts to say so absolute
True me, fake me, self look at today's me
Which one do you want from me?

She saw that the red carpet was like an arena of beauty. The so-called "Walk of Fame" in the eyes of the public is actually a game of rules for bundling artists. And " it's often mistaken for a choice of oneself to have no choice. " 'I'm not interested,' she said.

All I know is that without enthusiasm I would be nothing. Today's choice is sincere, you?


From creating rose-and-go teens, to grotesque beauty, or in the golden scene, she wants to encourage everyone, no matter what gender or identity you are, you don't need anything to meet everyone's expectations. And "when you have your own voice and you want to say what's inside, be sure to speak out and choose boldly." 」