Rose Junior won the Song of the Year. "Whether or not you win the prize, this song makes just as much meaning to me," she said at the gala. Because this song is not only dedicated to comrades, but also to everyone who thinks they have no choice, please be sure to choose yourself.

Who puts whosed soul into whosed body?
who turns whose body into a prison for imprisoning himself

Even if you think no one chooses, please make sure you choose yourself

The 30th Golden Song Award for Best Song, played by Cai Yilin's Rose Boy. "On the subject of marriage equal rights, Cai Yilin's rose-rose teenager sat through difficult times with many people, " he said. Jinqu scene, screaming constantly, Cai Yilin came to power not long after tears. (Same show: Cai Yilin concert re-reading Rose Boy: Ye Yongyu is dead, but there are many more Ye Yongxuan in the world)

It's true. On May 17 this year, Taiwan finally passed the Gay Marriage Law, which enabled gays to obtain legal rights and interests in marriage. How many nights, we feel lonely, not understood, bear public opinion do not understand, tears, headphones broadcast of the rose juvenile, has become our greatest comfort. (Same-field plus: brave us, made the right choice! Cai Yilin, Tian Yu-chen and other celebrities together with the Marriage Act )

On June 30, the Golden Song Award ceremony, the award speech, Cai Yilin said: "Ye Yongxuan reminded me that in any case I may become a minority, so I need to use empathy, to love the people around me, this song is dedicated to him, also dedicated to me, but also to you once thought there was no choice, please choose yourself." 」

And after the Golden Song Award, Cai Yilin also celebrated the banquet self-confessed: "I have a lot of school life fans, work fans, write cards to me, say because of which of my words, so that their lives are different, become more brave." 」

"The jury heard our voices and said it was no surprise, I felt as if I was standing on the stage, and I got so much, and I had to thank them." Being able to say something for everyone is my slowest strength right now. 」

Rose Junior Story Edition MV? There will be, just waiting for the script.

June is pride month, rose boy at this important moment to win the prize, how does she feel? "This song makes sense to me, whether it won or not. She said that many fans kept asking, "Rose Boy" is so important, but mv only out of the dance version, the future will there be a story version of the MV? (Same-field screening: Cai Yilin Rose Sing-Ying Dance Version MV: Know Yourself, Can Live for Yourself)

'It's in the works,' she said. "But I don't want to shoot it casually because the script is very important. 」

Want to say to Mother Ye, "You're a very great woman."

Asked if he wanted to say anything to Mother Ye after winning the prize.

"Mother Ye Yong-yin, she is a very great woman, and she has come forward to inspire many people," Cai said. After all, when faced with scars, few people can be so brave to turn negative, sad emotions into strength, and then to infect more people. This is where I was deeply moved. Today you accept such encouragement from her and drive me to do more. 」

Don't let anyone change you.

Don't let anyone go and change you.
You're you, or you, you can.
There will be people who love you with all your heart

The heavier the issue, the more happy it is to talk. Is it her responsibility to make music?

Cai Yilin shared that everyone must have a few moments of their own, such as: "When I was studying, I had this feeling." The Ye Yongyu incident brought her a new understanding. If people in this world are empathy and share different stories, it could make a difference. (Same-field screening:"Golden Song 30 Celebration Banquet Scene" Cai Yilin: "The red carpet is the arena of beauty, I'm tired of it"

Love is not a one-man fight, but a relay race. When one person after another, will be such a force out, each forgotten by the system of individuals, can have a little more opportunity, before falling to be caught. Not only Cai Yilin, as the composer said, this song is not only dedicated to Ye Yongxuan, Ye mother, every comrade.

"This song is for all free souls. 」

This song is dedicated to him, also to me, also to you who once thought there was no choice, please choose yourself.