After winning the jury award, Wang Jolin took the stage with a blank face, and later explained that she was eating dinner, but also wanted to say how her father suddenly presented her with the award. She had a question mark on her face, and the whole room was full of question marks. She loves music, micro-unwireed, and no frame can restrain her. The joint visit also asked, Wang Jolin, when you receive disburseen, not worried ah? Unlike the tension on stage, she was very proud, looking at the reporter and saying, "This thing doesn't bother me at all." Maybe it's girls who have the courage to be free to write these songs.

I was eating dinner when I won the jury award.

Golden Song 30, singer Jolin Wang won the jury award for her album, the Modern Tragedy. When fate suddenly came, the screen was seen, she combed the head of the Taoist, wearing a striped dress, came to the stage, a face of cute inexplicable. From the veteran music producer's father Wang Zhiping took the podium, but also a face outside the situation. "It's very special to get the award with Dad, and I can give it back to you." The whole question mark, seemingly unprepared, Wang Jolin, what's going on.

"I was just eating in the background, " Wang recalled afterwards. I thought my dad was giving the award, and I thought, "Yeah, how'd he give it to me?" Destiny suddenly, women lost in the past interview, she once said that life gives you a stool, you can only take over gracefully, and today, fate gives you a trophy, and then the situation also bravely take over.

She is very modest. Just winning the prize, really need to be so unexpected? The tragedy of the modern music combined with a variety of tunes, singing strange girls all kinds of things. "It's hard for the winner to be in any category because of her ongoing breakthroughs in the creative path and the new possibilities for female creators, " said The Jury's Shani Chen. Her imagination and courage encouraged us. 」

This female creator, the front desk is too nervous, the words did not carefully say, hurriedly stepped down after sincere reply: "I step down, quickly go online to find TheNi teacher's words, after reading, super moved." 」

Because today's award sits not written on the process, suddenly to the award, no one expected. At dinner, Wang Jolin was so hastily pulled onto the stage. (Interview with Caroline Wang: You have to be elegant and accept the poop in your life)

The new album I'm going to sing a Japanese song, like a hollow puffer, Deng Lijun.

This year she admitted that she had no intention of going to the Golden Globes, but was going to the US to record a new album. "Even the Golden Song Award, I only decided to come yesterday. She quickly said it was okay. Knowing that I've won the prize, I thank the record company for giving her so much creative flexibility. In addition to the company, more people ask, Dad how do you think you won the prize? Apart of being proud of her, is there any creative advice, she says, "My dad just let sgo. 」

In the face of their own growth, "Dad's "let go" for me, is the most important support. 」

What's the direction of the new album? She cheerfully shared, "I can sing a lot of Japanese songs, in fact, Japanese songs, there are a lot of tragic women's stories, are very dramatic." For example, Deng Lijun, the song of the U.S. empty puffin, like the love of the love ah, I want to make an album like this. The song-style new album, called Call of Love, will be released in the second half of the year. (Same-play: I'll write it down hard!) Take stock of the best composer of the 2019 Golden Song Awards, Ai Yiliang five classics )

The recipient exposed mane? "It doesn't bother me at all!" 」

At the end of the joint visit, someone asked her, when the award ceremony you accidentally exposed the hair, not worried ah? Unlike the nervous, foggy stage, she looked at the reporter with great pride and said, "This thing doesn't bother me at all." 」

Blame the girl never rest, a inspiration on the creation, care about different face to the girl look, funny, sad, pop songs, to the original jazz female identity.

She's more comfortable as a "weird" girl. Or perhaps this character, so that she can create their own path. (Same-field screening:"Golden Song 30 Celebration Banquet Scene" Cai Yilin: "The red carpet is the arena of beauty, I'm tired of it"