Leo Wang won the 2019 Golden Song King, and on the podium he shouted, "Mom, stop being emotional!" I love you too, but I don't have to listen to you! 」

He wanted to tell his mother that I pursued my dreams and had nothing to do with filial piety.

At the beginning of that the mother said, drop out of school to do music is not filial children, in fact, many times in the music creation of the mother's confession. But this is no longer Jay Chou listentoum to his mother's words, but I do not have to listen to you, but I still love you, can you?

Oh, my mom, are you going to have a sugar cane?
Mom, I'm happy sugar cane man.

The 2019 Golden Song Awards have just come to an end, and this year hip-hop rapper Leo Wang won the title, and we saw him excitedly running to the stage, but in front of the microphone loudly said: "Mom, stop being emotional blackmail, I love you, but I don't have to listen to you!" (For you to overhaul, Jinqu 30 wonderful review of the big stock)

He wanted to tell his mother that this was the life I wanted;

Leo Wang was a former social student at Taiwan University, but dropped out of school midway through the middle to concentrate on music. He mentioned that the mother was very disappointed and considered the choice "unfilial". His words want to give his mother "I'm sorry, don't confuse it." Become a sudden speech on the gold stage - if you also find that every year on the podium of the relevant large-scale award ceremony, familiar "thanks my mother", "thank you mother, there are you have today's me", mother's love and life achievements go hand in hand, you also follow edgy in that moment of excitement.

But what if today's mom wasn't the one who supported your dream?

In the Chinese family society, parents regard their children as all they have in their lives, or as the key to their own life. And in the promotion system environment, you have no serious study, there is no success on, has become you love not love parents, there is no practice of filial piety verification. However, the child's personal subject disappears between these, who you are is not important, there is a mother to you, you have been attached to that family for the rest of your life.

It's so sticky, Leo Wang said on Facebook, "The biggest thank i'm for mom in my life, and the biggest shadow is mom, the bad, the flesh and blood can't be separated." 」

You can't choose your native family, you may not not love them, but why can't our love make each other breathe and make everyone comfortable?

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But we know that Leo loves his mother. If not because of love, far high fly, put down whether it is not easier? (You'll want to see: Interview with Mrs. Science: If everyone can go home, why wander)

His work is a happy sugar cane man writing how his mother put his own hard work, and his love for his mother; he said, "Oh, mother don't white your hair so quickly" you think of teenage tenderness, the next sentence "to put a day off together to nibble some sugar cane" you know he is very real heart.

He even went to his mother to record it while making the nerves. In the lyrics he wrote that he was an extension of his mother; he thought it was the mother who was nervous, but he was genetically. 'It's terrible,' he said. (Recommended reading: Mother and daughter in the mirror: all my efforts are not like mothers)

Love mother, complex mood, long life, we take care of

The child, who was not encouraged by his mother, is now on stage and becoming the king of Taiwan's 2019 Golden Song Awards. Dark horse, cold door, broken glasses, the media bid, Leo Wang smiled brilliantly, said I did it, even if someone has ever been disappointed in me.

What he said on stage today reflects a subject that has existed between generations, but has always been difficult to understand. However, as parents, they may not know how to get along with their children. We're all embarrassed.

But thankfully, we see that the only authoritarianity at home is beginning to falter. From the past Jay Chou listened to his mother, to today Leo Wang said, "I don't have to listen to you", and today we speak out not because we don't love, but because we want to continue to love.

Dear home, my mother, let our love, let each other be free?

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