Every time to the door to try to wear, the most afraid is the clothes can not wear the moment, the shop assistant also asked outside, "do you dress?" Asked if there was any other size, the clerk said , "I'm sorry, we have the largest size to this", to see Free size, even wear without wearing, and then give up decisively. As meat girls, we often feel that our bodies are not accepted by society, and even anxious about it.

Summer is a season when meat girls are prone to panic, and although more and more people now advocate loving their bodies, meat girls are proud of their bodies, and even invented various names to label girls like them, such as "little fat girls", or labeled with various "food"-related: marshmallow girls, thick-chip girls, Jelly girl.

In 2014, Meghan Trainor sang All about that bass, and living is the voice of a fleshy girl, born not to be thin, why force yourself to conform to the size of the world? To tell the truth, the original self is perfect, meat girl should stand up, wear what they want to wear, do what they want to do. (Recommended reading: What about meat?) 5 self-confidence to do their own "Watanabe direct beauty system" net red )

But where can self-confidence develop overnight? When everyone calls on the girls Be Positive, in our daily lives, we still have a lot of difficulties that can't be crossed, and as a flesh-scented girl, especially in Asia, the dilemma satouts can be said to be counted.

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For example, buying jeans (or any inelastic clothes) on the Internet, sadly, not to find their size, but to find the size, found that the price is more expensive than the S number, the Buddha accused you of more cloth, should pay more money. Even in summer, you need to worry about their own meat run out, east cover, summer bag is tighter than winter.

It's like shopping, there must be a lot of meat girls like to go shopping to try clothes, rather than buy ingest, because this is the fastest way to pick their own size.

But to the door to try to wear, the most afraid is the clothes can not wear the moment, the clerk said to you "sorry, no your size Oh." Perhaps some meat girls have had the experience that every time they pick jeans, they are always afraid to take pants over the M size, take the L-size jeans, will feel embarrassed, even to the interview to wear, the clerk waited outside, asked the sentence "Is the size appropriate?" " At this time take L jeans can not wear you, just want to drill to the floor, smouldering said: I don't think it's very good to wear.

As meat girls, we often feel that their bodies are not accepted by society, or even feel anxiety, this anxiety often not only from the side of the friends, more often is the silent complaint on the clothes: S, M, L, XXL, in the moment when we see the clothes on the roll, the Buddha only M below called normal body, even if it is called Free size, also has almost no position for the meat girl.

"We're going to feel for the body,' wrote A Proven Path to Improve Your Body Image, a book heather. Moments of shame are often not because they see their "nakedness" but because they hang in their closets, with clothes of different sizes.

"If you find a dress that you really want to wear, but you're ashamed of the label, cut it off," she said. You don't need these labels anyway after you leave the store, don't let these size specifications determine what you wear. 」

We don't have to build self-confidence at once, immediately shouting love for their own body, but through daily small exercises to adjust their occasional low self-esteem heart! Linsey Hart, author of Huffpost, offers ten tips to help you practice:

  1. Reduce social media that attacks the body
  2. Conscious lying to a magazine or article that strengthens confidence and builds a positive image.
  3. If going to a department store or brick-and-mortar store doesn't give you confidence, temporarily reduce the frequency of shopping first
  4. Avoid discussion about physical comparison
  5. Trying to touch your body every day
  6. Practice meditation for 5 to 10 minutes to clear distractions
  7. Pay attention to the nutrients your body needs every time you eat
  8. If you eat unhealthy foods, don't limit calories to punish yourself, and a healthy diet, respect for your body, have nothing to do with reducing eating.
  9. Try to give yourself a smile when you're shining on your son
  10. Give yourself a goal, because as soon as you get busy, you reduce the excessive attention to the outside world

"It's a habit to build a positive attitude towards the body. 'Not everyone is happy with every part of your body, but when you're low,' she said, 'try to pull your shoulders back and tell yourself: I can love my body too!'

Girls, what are your anxiety? Come to the toeroom and share it with us, or come together to find more ways to boost your self-confidence (yes, meat girl is super cute)