While everyone is advocating to "embrace their bodies", some people think that these arguments are misleading and even advocate "obesity". Is it wrong to love fat and fleshy yourself? Is my fat really a disease?

Every summer, the flesh girl's heart and more, in addition to the trouble in buying clothes, the network will also have a variety of attacks on the body, such as "fat people wear what clothes are not good-looking", "want to wear thin clothes?" It's more real to lose weight! 」

Just as this society is increasingly promoting "body Positive" - that is, loving every part of their body - so-called "big size models" have taken to the stretch, more yuan body appearon on the mesh photo shoot, search on Google" Meat girl wearing, you can get a variety of wearing skills, meat girls no longer need to hide their own body, the previous concerns of chiffon, bright color wear, pass can wear on their own body - meat girls do not have to wear a black, also do not have to cover their arms or thighs.

But there's another voice on the community - comments about "fat people - unhealthy" - and even the idea that the appearance of meat girls wearing big size models is good for promoting "obesity."

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More extremely, if we pull the scene into everyday life, we will even hear the words "Girls over 50 kg/60 kg are called fat". (Extended reading: not meeting social standards?) Miss Korea: They say that more than 50 kg is fat)

Is it wrong to promote yourself, who loves fat and flesh? Is my fat really a disease? So if I lose weight today, does it mean that I actually "have no confidence in myself" and succumb to social constraints?

Meat girls may have such doubts in their heads.

Renee Engeln, a professor of psychology at Northwestern University, reveals the misconceptions about the "positive body" in positive Body Image:

  1. If you don't "radically" hate your body, it means you're "positive body."

  2. Having a positive attitude of "positive body" means that you love all parts of your body every day, every minute of love every second

  3. The older you get, the harder it is to have a "positive body" mentality.

  4. Get compliments and you'll have a "positive body" mentality.

  5. If you have a "positive body" mentality, you won't want to take care of your body.

In her article, she cites a study on body size, which many people would think is wrong if people are ashamed of their figure and make healthier choices. In fact, if people are grateful for their bodies, they will want to try to take care of them more.

Advocating love for your body and building a "positive body" mentality doesn't mean you'll completely abandon your concern for your body, you'll enjoy more of your self-care of your body image, and you'll start to care about what you eat for your health and what to wear to make yourself happy and good-looking.

Love yourself in any way, not a "negative" mentality, but when you become inferior and unconfident, willing to spend more time to make yourself happy and feel the true emotions of your body.

Meat girl is not a negative name, on the contrary, this is a positive attitude that we affirm our existence!

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