For many meat girls, swimwear may be the most difficult to touch. But can't meat girls really be called "beach bodies"? Recommend you ten to do their own flesh-feeling IG net red and model, summer can also like them to embrace the sea!

Everyone said that summer is the season to show the "hard work" of the week, a variety of abs, honey hips poured out, see a variety of swimwear beauty: jumpsuits, bikinis, hoodies, a simple swimwear bought, but really put on, don't talk about the seaside, when you look in the mirror, or can't help sighing, Decided to put away the swimwear, thinking of a certain day in a certain year and so on the belly to wear it.

But in fact, meat girls also want to put on swimwear, on the beach to enjoy the joy of soaking up the sun and sea ah!

In 2015, there was an advertisement on the London Underground:

"Are you ready for your beach figure?" 」

The ad was later protested by netizens: What is "beach body"? Are you eligible to go to the beach only if you work hard and lean?

For many meat girls, swimwear is probably the hardest thing to touch - clothes, pants, skirts can cover their stomachs, but to really wear a swimsuit is a way to hide. But can't meat girls really be called "beach bodies"? Do you have to have a "beach figure" to get on the beach?

Meat girls are often influenced by outside voices to decide whether their figure is "perfect", such as the photo copy of an advertisement that reads "Only lazy girls have no ugly girls", as if to accuse you of being fat because you are too lazy, such as the people around you" a sentence "remember to shrink the belly", make you feel anxious. So when we put on a swimsuit one day, we will unconsciously go to compare, the other thin girl's body normalization, and their tight thighs are not normal, raised meat will shake the arm is not normal, no high ass is not normal. But dear meat girls, why don't you define the new "beach body"?

We know that confidence is not a day can be built, when we see IG show Sichuan word abs, girls with honey thighs, or unconsciously will compare, swallow edwars, decided to put down the hands of the swimsuit. In fact, we can start by looking at other people: you don't need to completely cut off social media, but look at different meat IG net-reds or stars who can show off their bodies in a positive and positive way, such as big size modelashley Ashley Graham, Amy Schumer, Japanese funnyartist Watanabe.

Recommend edges 10 non-traditional "beach body" models/stars to redefine the beach figure of a meat girl!

Ashley Graham

Photo: Ashley Graham IG

Amy Schumer

Photo: Amy Schumer IG

Bree Warren

Photo:Bree Warren IG

Tara Lynn

Photo:Tara Lynn IG

Taylor T 

Picture:Taylor T IG

Vivian Geeyang Kim

Photo :Vivian Geeyang Kim IG

Ando Ando

Photo: Ando IG


Figure (right) - Okawa IG


Photo:Jstyle evellet IG


Photo:Jstyle evellet IG

Hopefully one day we'll be able to put on our swimsuits and say we're ready with pride!

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