Every year, thousands of people in Nayeri are illegally trafficked into Europe, and women are the main targets of persecution and are forced into prostitution. While women in Naylor are sexually exploited, the Home Office's official document argues that these women can improve their social status and their income.

On July 2nd, according to CNN, the Home Office released a document on human trafficking in Nayeri and Leah, sparking outrage over the reference to "the higher social status of women who have been forced into prostitution when they return to Africa".

This "Official Policy and Information Note: Country Policy and Information Note, Nigeria: Trafficking of Women "The report, which is commonly used by Interior Ministry decision makers in making human rights protections and statements, is cited by the European Association for Asylum Support (EASO), the Australian Office of Australia Trade) and other organizations, in an observation paper three years ago, stated:

"Women who are trafficked into the UK and forced into prostitution can profit from prostitution and enjoy a higher socio-economic status if they return to Africa, and society generally does not have a negative perception of them and is highly valued for improving their income." 」
Trafficked who return from Europe, wealthy from prostitution, enjoy high social-economic status and in general are ot subject to negative social attitudes on return. They are are will will in high be be theyhave have have have have have to improve income income prospects

When women are forced into the sex trade, officials see it as a way to improve their social status and make women profitable.

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They were forced into prostitution, but were said to profit from it.

The comments, which have drawn criticism from human rights groups and advocates, have come to the fore, with Godwin Morka, head of the Naylor's human trafficking agency (NAPTIP), expressing disappointment at the statement in the document, which officials believe victims can profit from exploitation:

"The victims are exploited and playing with them from the outset, they are not engaged in illegal trafficking in order to profit from their own people, "forced prostitution" should not be a glorious thing. From our past experience of rescuing victims, they are very traumatized people. 」

The Home Office also sent a letter to CNN on Tuesday stating that they were "accurately" citing the observations of EASO and the Australian office, but that the report would be revised to avoid affecting policy makers.

Every year, thousands of people are illegally trafficked to Europe and other African countries, and according to the Central News Agency, 70% of the population lives on less than $2 a day, leaving them far away from their homes, but they are controlled by human trafficking organizations, forcing women and girls to engage in labour and sex trafficking.

Morenike Omaiboje, head of the Women's Relief Movement's Women's Relief Movement, said that human trafficking took many forms and that most of the victims they encountered at the airport were exploited, but that some of the women were trafficked to other countries years ago. Return to human trafficking groups, become controllers and continue to abduct other girls for prostitution.

The woman who gets the money is a vested interest?

It may be misunderstood that when a woman takes money when she is "forced into prostitution", it is a reciprocal transaction, with compensation, profit, and neglect of women's unequal power in the so-called prostitution ring.

For those women who were trafficked to other countries many years ago and returned to Nai and Leah to work in human trafficking, jumping into the same circle is a way for them to escape poverty, and the author of "I can only go back to prostitution" sex workers struggle between sex, money, and homecoming, " said Money, Homecoming, a documentary:

In the story, the women of Neglia travel to European countries in the hope of making a good life. During their time in Europe, they experienced a variety of tragic experiences: being beaten in cars or trees, taking in 20 to 30 guests a day, being forced to have anal sex, swallowing, oral sex, and having sex without sex, but the main reason for their suffering compared to gender, was their poverty, and the lack of opportunities in life. They had left their homes to work in Europe in order to get out of poverty.

Whether active or passive as a sex worker, on the other hand, both are "forced" to become sex workers because society leaves them with no choice. However, we still have people who profit from women in prostitution, ignoring the struggles and painful victimization experiences of women behind them.

What happened to the women in Nea and Leah is not far from you and me, and I hope that when we watch similar events, we can understand the situation of women in a more caring way.