"The Lion King" live version of the film will be released, Disney's team released yesterday behind the scenes, can see more detailed pictures, involved in the actors, people are more looking forward to the release of the film! If you're also looking forward to sharing three highlights from the Lions' live-action film, look forward to the big-screen moment of this classic!

In the classic Disney movie "The Lion King", the elder Yu held the lion Simba aloft, symbolizing the new power of new life, but also a symbol of a new era is coming. In 2019, Disney will also release the real Lion film series after the release of "Little Flying Elephant" and "Aladdin."

As soon as the previous trailer was released, it immediately resonated and expected from fans. And yesterday (3rd) Disney's team further released the behind-the-scenes drama of the live version of the film, which can see more detailed pictures, participating actors, people are more looking forward to the release of the live version of the "Lion King" movie, and share with you the real-life version of the Lion King's three highlights!

Multi-star star-studded, vivid presentation of character characteristics

Lion Simba's voiceactor is played by talented American star Donald Glover, a producer, singer and actor, while Simba's Cymba is voiced by international singer Beyonce. (Recommended reading: From Girl to Queen!) Beyonce's Son-in-Law X Black Consciousness Feminist Path)

Donald Glover. Pictures s/youscreenshots

Beyonce. Pictures s/youscreenshots

In addition to the Lion family, the cute and funny supporting cast, Peng Peng and Ding Man, are voiced by Canadian comedian and producer Seth Rogen and variety show host Billy Eichner. In the latest release of the behind-the-scenes drama, there are also two people happy record of the classic song hahakona mata," presumably in the film release, will cause a wave of Hakuna mata he hot!

Seth Rogen. Pictures s/youscreenshots

Director Jon Favreau. Pictures s/youscreenshots

Classic song Can You Feel the Love Tonight will be reinterpreted by Beyonce

The 1994 cartoon version of the classic song "Can You the Love Tonight" was sung by Elton John, and this version of the Can You Feel the Love Tonight is still loved and sung by many fans. In the live version of the film, Beyonce will reinterpret the classic song, and previously released clips also pre-empted The Beyonce singing segment.

Pictures s/youscreenshots

Pictures s/youscreenshots

In just a few seconds, Beyonce can be clearly heard singing her style, incorporating her good R and B skills into the song, singing a very different feel to Elton John, and a highlight of the 2019 live-action film. (Recommended reading: Beyonce: "Women can accomplish anything, including yourself"

Incorporating new production technology to enhance the refinement of the picture

In the behind-the-scenes episode released on the 3rd, Jon Favreau, who directed "Dancing with the Forest", said: "What you see now is the real-life film, which is actually a pre-screen, in order to get fans to see the first-hand footage, the film will incorporate new filmmaking techniques. The picture will be presented more refined, but also into the VR technology, you will see the film will know! 」

Pictures s/youscreenshots

Pictures s/youscreenshots

Pictures s/youscreenshots

The real-life film "The Lion King" will be released on July 17, 2019, Taiwan, and taiwanese audiences will be able to pre-empt this much-anticipated classic for two days compared to the U.S. release date of July 19, 2019. Are you ready to go together, Hakunama, and he?