Good emotional intelligence for a child born in July? Tall? In fact, according to a study, children's personality traits and the season of birth will have a relationship! You're born in July with the Crab Lions, five features tell you why you're so special!

In high summer, July is a month of passion and joy, and the baby crabs and lions born this month always give people a rich, positive and optimistic side.

Cancer babies, have a delicate and keen heart, always in the first time to detect other people's emotions, more than their own concern, there are cancer children appear where, always surprisingly feel calm and peaceful, and lion cubs, born with a leader's momentum, full of ambition and ambition for their future, do everything is bright and open They can always get the right opportunity to show themselves. (Recommended reading:Susan Miller 7/1 to 7/7 Weeks: Pisces, Crabs, Scorpios,Susan Miller 7/1 to 7/7 Weeks: Peony, Lion, Shooter)

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What are the characteristics of children born in July in such a happy summer?

Cheerful personality: Children born in July are usually positive

Weather is not the main factor affecting children's personality in July, but a study at the European Psychological MedicineS (ECNP) study showed that the season does affect mood development. "From the biochemical findings, seasons affect specific monoamine neurotransmitters, such as dopamine and serotonin, which can be detected even as adults," said Lead researcher Xenia Gonda, who specializes in the association between season and personality traits. After 400 subjects were paired with personality types during the birth season, it was essentially possible to find that when you were born would affect your chances of increasing/decreasing the risk of mood disorders. 」

The study found that children born in the summer had mood swings more quickly and tended to be more positive than children born in winter. In other words, children born in July usually face upbeat attitude when faced with challenges!

Good at regulating: From a very young age, you can control your emotions

Japanese studies have shown that children born in summer show more "active control" at about 18 months, better than those born in winter and spring. Active control refers to the individual's ability to regulate the control of their own, the higher the level of active control, the more able to control negative thoughts and emotions, and consciously turn attention to positive goals. In other words, children born in July are able to adjust their emotions and, when they encounter setbacks, quickly adjust and make mood transitions to achieve their desired goals.

Taller: Will be the highest child in the class

According to British studies , children born in the summer are usually heavier than babies born in other seasons when they are born , and children born in June and July are found to be taller on average than in other seasons .

Left-handed: Possibly left-handed

A study of seasonal and hand-to-hand studies conducted by Oxford University found that the proportion of left-handed people from March to July was significantly higher than that of right-handed people, but the correlation between the dominant hands and the seasondid did not differ on the subject of sex.

They're also July babies: famous people born in July

Do you know? July is also the birthday of many star actors! 7/17 Wang Jiawei, 7/21 Ai Jia, 7/22 Selena Gomez, 7/3 Tom Cruise, 7/9 Tom Hanks, 7/24 Jennifer Lopez,7/31 J.K.Rowling.

Children born in July, born in July, naturally bring a sense of humor, adapt able to adapt, personality is very easy-going, so often get the people around them like, never waste time in the unnecessary hatred, have clear goals and ambitions, so even if the mood out of control, can also converge, adjust their emotions back to their best.

The July children who came to the world with blessings, do you have the characteristics mentioned above? Even if it doesn't, July is such a joyous season, with 7/6 International Kissing Day, 7/13 International Fries Day, 7/23 International Ice Cream Day and every moment worth celebrating!

Finally want to say: each you are unique, whenever, remember to see their own characteristics, it is those who are different, let you become such a beautiful self:) If you like our baby series, also welcome to share messages!