Earlier, a 16-year-old raped another girl in the basement at a pajama party in New Jersey. After the case was reported to the family court, the judge said that the teenager had a good family background and had a good future and should not be sentenced to a heavy sentence.

This is not the first case. Under this high-level, privilege-protected social value, we usually first believe in the high-weight and convince ourselves that if he is convicted, it is a loss to society.

In the judge's words, the victim's young girl's physical rights and interests disappeared.

In the face of social status, physical human rights from inequality.

A 16-year-old girl was assaulted by a young man of the same age after drinking at a pyjama party in New Jersey. The teenager later shared the video with friends and said, "When your first night is rape" ("When your first time sex has had rape." )。

A year ago in the family court, the judge said it did not constitute rape. He thinks that the so-called sexual assault, should be a stranger with a gun at you to force you to count. He went on to mention that the teenager came from a good family and attended a good school: "He did well, was an eagle scout, and would be able to go to the ranked university in the future." Therefore, we should not charge this teenager with a felony adult sexual assault, which will ruin his future.

The case has recently come to the fore again, with the court denouncing the judge's "privilege" over the youth.

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Whether my body is equal is first and foremost related to my social status.

The judge asked the prosecutor and the girl's family to explain that the pressure-related charges would ruin the boy's life. By implication, a "little girl" should not stand in the way of a good life for young people. So in a social thinking logic, the girl's physical rights and interests were disappeared.

In the feminist Elena. In the theory of "dual thinking of patriarchy" put forward by Sisu, it is pointed out that there is a comparative advantage and disadvantage in the system of patriarchal value. In the judge's speech at this event, we can see how logical centrism colludes with impotence centrism and works together to oppress all non-englishpeople outside the centre - they are the antithesis of society that can be negatively or disappeared.

Sisu reminds that when a phrase is to make sense, it must destroy another. Thus, when the judge tried to deny the juvenile's behavior "constitutes rape" through the family background and prospects of the teenager, at the same time, he also denied that the girl "suffered rape". (Recommended reading:"Gender observation" to resist death, anger afterwards? Seven sexual assault myths of court rulings)

The judge must deliberately construct that no one has been harmed in this event, and that no one has suffered, simply because the judge has upheld the young man's social status. Although the incident has not yet been successful, we continue to wait and watch. But what can be seen is that there is some social truth behind this case - we have been exposed to a social value that upholds higher and privileged. Thus, human rights have a high and low order.

And when it comes to the rape itself, "the exercise of power" is the norm as we know it. From Taiwan's auxiliary university professor Shen Qingkai is accused of dating sexual assault, Japan's Ito poetry weaving by Prime Minister Abe's royal biographer sexual assault, Han Xing Zhang Zixuan was forced to provide sexual services on many occasions, yang yang, we can continue to list. From the education sector, the political circle to the entertainment circle, the upper man to the lower person of the attack, not desire, more accurate is the exercise of power. The scene of rape, also in response to a degree or social and economic status of the division and results. (Common concern:Gender Watch on campus power sexual assault: #METOO era, love is consensus, not hypothesis)

Zhang Yiyuan's novel "The Book of Goodbye" said a paragraph, in the ancient Egyptian culture, the pharaoh can incest rather than incest, because the pharaoh is not regarded as a person, he is superior to man, and therefore has a criminal charter. In the judge's argument, he argued that the juvenile was a juvenile and a promising juvenile and should not be convicted of adult rape. The commonality between the two lies in the exercise of "privilege" - in a world where some one is class and they are not within the law;

They are a law in themselves that they can ignore the original law, because in this world, he is always forgiven.

"It is a loss of society to make him guilty" Why do we usually choose to believe in high-weight people?

In 2017, dozens of women accused themselves of being hit by harvey weinstein. Weinstein sexually harassed or sexually assaulted; in 2018, director Lubison was reported to have drugged and sexually assaulted an actress; and earlier, Woody. Allen was reported sexually assaulted by the adopted girl, but the court did not appear at the time.

Image captionCBS News Video Screenshot (Woody Allen's adopted daughter Dylan Farrow describes how he was sexually assaulted 25 years ago)

When the incident came to light, there was a lot of gossip and there was talk of how we could identify behind his talent while watching his corrupt personal virtues. What is the connection between the two, and how should it be connected and examined? The only thing you can imagine is that when you know there's violence and uneasiness at the scene of the film, you can't stop staring at the end of the screen. (Extended reading:"Gender Watch" Lubezon and Woody Allen, what do you think of the directors accused of sexual assault? ) )

But what we also know is that none of these cases has been convicted by the courts. The initial horror and indignation, we will be watered down or forgotten? Perhaps we should never look down on, people for the pursuit of fame talent, in fact, often too human.

"To ask why human beings in human society are so "loved" by their rapists, we must ask human beings, do we really love equality?" Can we really get rid of the ambition and vanity of being a high-class man? Zhang Yiguang's "The Book of Goodbye"

Back to the juvenile rape incident, the judge mentioned in court that the juvenile's family background is excellent, he will have a good future, should not be convicted of serious crimes against him, hinder his possible contribution to society, a cover up the juvenile sexual assault of others itself social harm. Behind these words is that you believe that those who have power will be the source of a better world. And behind this "belief" is in fact our self-desire for social status and fame -- you have not given up on vanity itself; you have stolen the so-called treasured world by cherishing and forgiving this perpetrator. You think that, he, the world, or yourself, will be better because of this.

What we don't see, however, is that when the victim swells, the injury is left behind; the world is no better, what you see is just the appearance. Your fear of "loss" is really just a projection and appearance of vanity in human nature.

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Weinstein, Lubison, Woody. Allen does have artistic talent, and the young man who sexually assaulted the victims in New Jersey is indeed an academic performer. Yet their talent or intelligence should not have been an excuse for violent exercise, or a criterion for forgiveness. If they are able to exercise violence because of the unequal structure of social power itself, it is even more important to implement the pro-democracy and human rights in the face of the rule of law.

So, if we are exposed to a high status in a society, how can we not allow more people to become relatively disappeared victims? What we expect is from the judiciary, the media, and even to the individual, to focus on every dark corner of the world;

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