Tom Holland, the actor in the Spider-Man film series who took on the role of Spider-Man at the age of 19 and has been involved in five Marvel films since he was 23, is hard-working and modest, with rival Jack Glenhoe saying: "He has a lovely soul." How can you not love this brown curly-haired teenager?

On a bland day, a 19-year-old brown curly-haired teenager who had made numerous back-to-back auditions, lying in bed sliding on social media, slipped to Instagram to get news of his Spider-Man character before the producer called to inform him of the selection.

His name is Tom Holland.

Source: IG @tomholland2013.

Source: IG @tomholland2013.

Source: IG @tomholland2013.

Source: IG @tomholland2013.

At the age of 19, fresh from exams and preparing for college, Tom Holland's life has seen a dramatic change in his life - he took on the role of Spider-Man in the Marvel movies and became the oldest actor in the hero's line-up.

In the face of such an opportunity, he has the confidence and confidence, because these are not just lucky, he is trying to earn.

You could say I'm a 19-year-old ass, but I work hard.

In 2015, When Marvel released the spider's corner, Tom Holland and his agent actively sought the role, taking five selfies and auditioning for five months and eight auditions, when Holland was almost ready to give up.

When producer Kevin Feige took a relaxed tone on the phone, he said, "Hey! I have good news here, you got the Spider-Man character! 」

The teenager calmly told him, "I know, Kevin." I'm 19 years old, can't I find these messages? 」

At first you see him in the movie, childish and reckless, and you might want to say, "Where's the little ass?" And, indeed, Tom Holland is considered a "newcomer" actor, despite the show's accumulation of five Spider-Man films to date.

Where he appears, there will always be riots and different chemistry, Spider-Man in movies is often based on kindness or wayfulness to mess things up, in real life, he is also Marvel and the world's headache figure - because he often accidentally said that the plot will be revealed, let everyone collapse, and thus get the global certification of the title of the king of drama.

Although he achieved all the young actors' dreams at a young age, acting as the star of the hottest hero movies, becoming the hero of everyone's yearning, working, living and playing against the stars of big curry, the innocence in his dark eyes has not changed at all, and he is still a teenager who blinks and is curious about the world and eager for everything.

Jake Gyllenhaal, a counter-genre character with extensive acting experience in the Spider-Man: Away from Home Day film, referred to his opponent in an interview with the show, describing the 23-year-old actor he worked with:

He is sincere and has a lovely soul.
He's truly, he's a lovely soul!

How can you not fall in love with this brown curly-haired teenager?

yes, there's never been a white man in the world.

Heroes are busy, busy saving the world and loved ones in the play, and also saving the hearts of ordinary people in ordinary days - especially little boys and girls suffering from gender.

Tom Holland, who has a dance background, performed a show two years ago, imitating Rihanna's Umbrella dance, wearing hot armor and netting socks and dancing sexyly.

This daily performance has had an unexpected effect. "I was told that there was a little boy who was bullied because he usually liked to wear women's clothes, and after watching my performance, he became more confident than before, which was really touching! 」

Thank you Spider-Man for saving the world again. As one of Marvel's hero characters and the king of drama, past interviews have also revealed that future Marvel films will include more diverse character plots (extended reading: Will Marvel's next hero be LGBTQIA?). )

They (Marvel) then shape different characters to represent different ethnic groups.

The world is not as simple as white men. The world doesn't stop here, these movies represent more than just this kind of people.
The world isn't as simple as a straight white guy. It doesn't end there, and these films need to represent more than one type of person.

Perhaps it was Rob Downey Jr.'s love of the public good, the subliminal nature of Spider-Man's role, and Holland's commitment to the public good, whether it was to bring more surprises and hope to sick children to the hospital, or to set up a foundation to help more vulnerable groups.

"If we can do what we can, unite and love each other, and maintain a positive attitude, we can succeed in the end." Promoting these ideas is the way Spider-Man helps people. 」

"Spider-Man: Away from Home Day" was released, and the teen's hero story is still moving forward. In the film, Spider-Man's mission and dream is to fight crime to take care of the weak, in the real world, he wants to bring this luck to more people, regardless of rank, regardless of gender.

Take Tom Holland's words and be what you look like.

From "Captain America: Civil War" to "Spider-Man: Days Away from Home," we'll find that Spider-Man has a past, from reckless bumps to alone, teenagers grow up, have responsibilities with loved ones, and start guarding everyone.

Look at Spider-Man and you'll see that we're not alone when we grow up. As a fan of Marvel heroes, Tom Hollan shared that Spider-Man is his favorite superhero "because our lives have changed dramatically." (Extended reading:BBC's 100 Women: Heroes don't have to save the world, saving themselves is influence)

The 19-year-old, who became a Spider-Man in Marvel's hero after a major change, now 23, has lovely curly hair and soul.

Believe that now you can also become their own hero and cute look.

You can make a lot of mistakes, but of the 10 mistakes, maybe one is great.

Tom Holland.

The harder you try, the better the people around you will feel about you. The harder you try, the better the impression you set on the people around you.

Tom Holland.

Spider-Man is my favorite superhero because our lives have changed dramatically. One of the reasons why Spider-Man is my favorite superhero is because we both have big changes in our lives.

Tom Holland.