"Every vote you cast is a choice for the future" and "you don't care about the outcome of politics, it's ruled by the unfit." What is your ideal political figure in the face of 2020?

"Every vote you cast is a choice for the future" and "you don't care about the outcome of politics, it's ruled by the unfit." What is your ideal political figure in the face of 2020?

At the end of May this year, we launched a major survey on the "Women's Compatriots in the2020 Presidential Election Outposts Come Forward". The thought is that we note that this society always seems to deliberately or unintentionally ignore the voice sons of women. Whether it's our political statements, our concerns about public affairs, or our dissatisfaction with society, Lin always seems to be weakened from time to time.

From an early age, we are not encouraged to express our views on public issues, and when we grow up, we are often assumed to have no opinion. As daughters, as mothers, as wives, or just as yourself-- women, do we have room to say out loud, "I care about politics?" (Same show: Women, born unfit for politics? ) )

Between May 31, 2019 and June 14, 2019, our survey collected 1,353 responses from female readers. Let's look at the results and what we found:

1. What personality do you expect from the President? "Honest and trustworthy!" 」

Women are most likely to expect "honesty and trustworthiness" in the expected presidential personality traitprogram, at 23%.

When you look at the age groups, younger people under the age of 29 think that "listening to the people's voices" is the most important, while those aged 30-39 consider "firm principles and a sense of justice" to be the most important, and over 40 years of age who think that "honest and trustworthy" is the most important.

"I hope that no matter who is elected, it will be the majority of the people in power, without sacrificing the rights and interests of the minority, and can really think about what policies the country should have in such a trade war to lead the industrial transformation and continue to make progress," said a message from the respondent. 」

At the same time, respondents said, "To uphold Taiwan's sovereignty, while attaching importance to national diplomacy, and to enhance the economy in a pluralistic and non-dependent manner, and to attach importance to the right to work." Of course, we must also go into and see the disadvantage of the grass-roots level of society, including gender equity, long-term care, indigenous people, new immigrants and other issues. Only in this way can we truly realize social justice and lead Taiwan to the breeding ground of talent, and shine and heat in the international arena. (Same-field: Love Taiwan, we are all small national diplomats)

All in all, the concrete actions that the female masses expect to see include: constant dialogue with the people, suffering, understanding of the people's actual living conditions, and so on.

2. The policy direction that attaches the most importance: people's livelihood and cross-strait policy

Women attached the most importance to the "people's livelihood policy" at 22%, followed by the "cross-strait policy" at 21%.

If you look at the results of the survey for different age groups, the younger generations under the age of 29 attach the greatest importance to the "cross-strait policy" and the over-30s attach the most importance to the "people's livelihood policy", showing that different generations pay different attention to different policies.

It is worth noting that although people's livelihood policies account for the highest proportion, if asked further, "What do you think is the most important problem for Taiwan to solve at present?" In one question, it can be found that women still have some concern about cross-strait policy, but also a certain degree of concern about Taiwan's international position. Especially for women under the age of 29.

"Unclear relations and policy direction across the Taiwan Straits" was the highest, at 21%, followed by "weak economic development" at 20%, and "politically difficult" at 14%. The fourth is "the loss of international status, accounting for 8%".

3. Women's Imagination of the Future: Wanting "Talent Cultivation" and "Government Efficiency"

When women are asked how the president should improve Taiwan's competitiveness? The female community as a whole attaches the utmost importance to "talent cultivation", which accounts for 37%, followed by "flexible government operations" with 30%, and "economic development" for 19%.

A message from a female voter said: "Good policies need to be implemented, but very little has been heard of reform of the public service, and i hope that the next president will face up to this problem, revitalise the public service, and make the country better." 」

"This country, there will be more good news in the future" In 2020, we'll also go together

"There is no good news for this country in the future. In the eight years, we've been through so many things together: the presidential election, the referendum at the end of 2018, the marriage... In the future on the road, we also hope to accompany you, happy together, together with tears. If in the past, this country has let you down many times, please don't lose heart, let us work together to build a better future. (Same show: Women, politics!' Let's change Taiwan with our votes )