What do you see as low to the ground?

Recently, South Korea's hit movie "Parasitic Upclass", a family of four are unemployed tourists, in the deep light of the semi-underground home snails. If you live in a parasitic place where no signal is available and a flood is upon its prototype, how can human dignity be made in this society?

6 movie classics that take you together to review human nature. They said, "Let me be good, let me have money first."

South Korean director Feng Jun-hyun's new work, "Parasite", won the Palme d'Or at the 72nd Cannes Film Festival, which depicts the contrast between the uphill rich and the poor, sour house in the basement; a society where the real humanity that extends due to class, the gap between rich and poor is exhaled. (Extended reading: Teen party rape case, U.S. judge defends perpetrator: "He comes from a good family background and shouldn't be sentencedto heavy sentence"

The film describes a family of four who do not have a job, father Kim Ki-so (Song Kang-yu) because many years ago because of the failure to invest in Taiwan's ancient early taste cake at home, the eldest son Jin Jiyu (Cui Yuzhi) re-examination for four years or not to go to college; sister Jin Jijing (played by simple light) has artistic talent but will only do the drawing or forged documents. So a son usually at home to do odd jobs, fold the pizza shop box, looking at the dark and damp horizon under the window line of sight. (Recommendation for you: Behind The prosperity of Hong Kong, have you ever heard of Hong Kong's cagehouses?) ) )

Until one day, KiYu's classmates came to find his contemporary tutor, so that KiYu had the opportunity to step into the door of the rich, and under the yin and yang difference, smuggled a life hope of the imagination.

"Parasitic Upper" says not only is the social reality of the class, but also the human mind level, a discussion of desire, survival and dignity. Let's look back at the golden sentences in the film, and a slice of black humor that is both absurd and realistic.

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"Money is an iron that burns everything flat. 」

For the Kim family, all the creases of life are the ones that come from poverty. Poverty makes life poor, poor let the damp and sour smell overflow, poor let food and clothing become a luxury. So, try your best, they can make this society flow money, and they can find the gap and roll into this family.

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"Money is so good. If I have money, I'll be kind. 」

Some people say that Park's family is very kind and never gives money to employees. But they want to say that if I were rich, I would be kind. If I don't even care about myself, how can I manage other people's grief or misery?

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"As soon as the lights are turned on in the middle of the night, the cockroaches will all hide. 」

The poor people living in the semi-basement, the tourists scattered in the corner of the street, are like parasites clinging to the city. They usually climb around, gnawing, but as long as a torrent of heavy rain, like the worm see the light, will pass through the wolf hidden up.

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"I don't want to hold it, it's been with me." 」

Is a stone in the film said to be rich, will it bring luck to the family, or a disaster? Buddha is not their choice of desire, but about the fall of class, choose them.

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"One should not have a plan, because life never goes according to plan. 」

If you don't have many choices, what dreams can you have for the day ahead? Everything, like being doomed, is like being pushed forward step by step. But no matter what you planned, you're always staring at new changes that are pounding your life like a torrent.

In the film, they smuggle the imagination of home and the future. After watching this film, no matter what left in your heart, believe that there is a parasitic, can change. By reviewing the classic lines of these six plays, uncovering a little scar, but also wish that this class-chosen society, can slowly shine a little light. (Recommended for you:"I can't see me in this society, what hope" Why do Japanese people appear to live in the juju? ) )

In the real life of us, can also, have some imagination about the future.

Find a little light for life:

- Take a look at the poor corners of the world and find the point of focusing on different families.

- Go home and learn about life style and think about the home you want.

- Explore in your self and find your way home.