In the face of single-parent mothers, social love to give strange advice: how to raise children, how to save money, "to fish a man, let him accept you and the child." Catherine says she's 35 years old, a single parent, don't you want to fall in love? "If I were a physician and kill every patient and set fire to the operating room, my family wouldn't say, "You're just having bad luck," "When do you want to go back to the operating room," "The next time will be better." 」

"I'm a 35-year-old single mom, but please don't ask me to go on a date again. Would you call a physician who was killing a patient back to the operating room? 」

As a single mother, the society always feels that it can give you unlimited advice on how to raise a child, how to save money, how to balance work and life, and, of course, how to "find another man and make him willing to accept you and your child".

But katherine Ryan, from Canada, doesn't think so on NETFLIX's talk show. She's a London local mother, 35, single, with a super cute British daughter who co-oversees her with her boyfriend who no longer meets.

Sharp hot mom, opened a lot of hot jokes, but as a feminist, there are a lot of things she wants to say behind, including: don't care about those other people's points, whether you are a single mother, you absolutely have the right to decide the life you want.

#男人像海豚: I love dolphins, but that doesn't mean I want to raise one at home!

Many people ask her why she doesn't plan to get into a relationship again. But Catherine felt that the best relationship for her was not to sustain it for long. "Have you ever seen dolphins?" In fact, men are very similar to dolphins. 」

"I love dolphins, they're cute, they're super smart, and I love playing with them. But that doesn't mean you have to keep one at home! I can't even figure out what they're going to eat. Moreover, dolphins are basically freaks. Well, I want hashtag #NOTALLDOLPHIN. You know what I mean. 」

Another fact is, "I've tried to get into emotions, but I've found that I don't seem to fit the whole game." But everyone began to try desperately to persuade me to go back quickly. What the hell is going on? Why do I have to be exactly like you? It's like going into a relationship, always right.

She said, "If I were a surgeon today, killing every patient, setting fire to the operating room, I'm sure my family wouldn't be there all day long, "You're just out of luck," "Catherine , when are you going to be back in the operating room," "Don't worry, it's going to be better next time?"" she said.

"Men only accept women to rub pink nail polish" but what's the matter with me?

In this society, boys are taught to "become" someone from an early age, and girls are taught to "find" someone from an early age. But what about me? I chose neither. (Man are t totoaught be somebody, and girls are taught to find somebody.) But I choose to do none of them.)

"Too many people keep asking women to find a man, cheat a man, tie a man. I've been told, "Hey Kathleen, you always love to wear such beautiful and complicated clothes, and you're confusing men." 』」

"Really?" But there's no cricket rules on my clothes, what are you talking about? Catherine said that even her nail polish was so demanded.

"Others say, "Catherine, men can accept only ballet shoes pink in color. You paint this black, men will be very confused. 』」

This society gives women a little bit of dress advice. The pattern is a little less. The curve is a little more, "so that men can understand." However, women wear clothes, the purpose is not to let men understand. They wear clothes just because they want to.

Plus, she's a single mother, and a lot of people say that a woman with a child needs the other half to take care of her. But she thinks the whole thing is just a stereotype of gender. Is such a "home" feasible? The truth is, it's all right.

"Is there a single mother at the scene?" She asked, but the whole room was silent.

"Well, they should have stayed at home anyway." (Two women think about it for a long time, slowly raising their hands)

"That's great, there's one, oh no, two." Hey, do you all have a date? 」

(Hesitancy) there is. 」

She says it takes so long for a woman to admit to being a single parent, saying there are still a lot of prejudices in the society.

"You must hate stupid people who always call you on a date or not. I'd like to say that if you're always hesitant about what you can do. There's a trick: Think of yourself as a man. 」

#如果我是单身爸爸, buy a house in London, and seriously, I must have burst into the

"I recently bought a house in London, and if I were a single dad, I'd be in a strong position. People ask, "What the hell did he do?" A man so young, buying a house in London and raising an extra or lovable daughter alone? 』」

Have you seen a youtube movie? It's called "Incredible Dad, who ties his four-year-old daughter's hair." 40 million reading rate. Come on, this is even an idiot.

But women all over the world have lost their minds. They said, oh my God, why is this dad still single? Can I line up?

"That's the difference. 」

In this society, the attitude towards single fathers and single mothers is not the same, if today is a single mother, they will only think that cleaning for children laundry and cooking writers to change the contact book, are heaven lying. So she said, please set yourself free. Do whatever you think a single father can do.

#装修房间: When the worker asked who was the boss of the family, I said, "She's still at school. "

"Recently, I was busy renovating my new home with my daughter Violet. It's a super-healing thing. Together we picked a lot of flowers to decorate the house, Scandinavia-style flowers, the main tone is rose gold and fog copper. But as soon as the decoration worker saw the picture, he said, "You can't do this, so no man would want to move in." 』」

Catherine replied, "Oh, yes?" You'll start anyway. 」

Then the worker added, "I don't think it's better to decorate the toilet wall with the Golden Girl." 」

Catherine added: "The more he is with me, the more I will do it." 」

The purple room is called the shining room, and she wants shiny wallpaper, floors and crystal balls. The worker looked faintand and said, "When will the head of your family come back?" 」

Catherine calmly shot back: "Oh, she's out of school in two hours." You'd better start quickly. 」

"I hope there's no family, it's a shame," #家庭样貌有很多. 」

Although the voice is very sour, a shot of blood, but the treatment of children is very gentle. Countless daughter jokes have been made in the play, but in an interview with the Guardian, Catherine mentions that she has been revised about her daughter's story and rarely has a picture of her daughter.

She's 35 years old and thinks she's too young to rush into marriage. She hates being encouraged to date men, likes to wear super-glamorous clothes, is busy decorating her new home, and wants to be a great mom when her daughter still thinks her mother is cool.

This is her story, said, in addition to a smile, but also hope to make more people feel that they are not alone.

"You don't have to think of yourself as I am, there are so many things in this world where families look like, and I hope that without a family, it's a shame," she said. 」