The live-end magnolia movie trailer revealed that without the roles of Musus dragons, lucky dragons, Li Xiang and others, some people said "this is excessive political correctness", "without magic and singing, where is Disney?" Perhaps that's what Disney's reality movie is all about: the magic of fairy tales, let it stay in fairy tales. The real princess, her strength should come from the heart.

Disney's real-life version of the Magnolia movie, released on July 8th, is released, starring Hua Mulan as Liu Yifei, as well as other characters such as Chen Zidan, Li Lianjie and Gong Li, and is expected to be released in the United States on March 27, 2020.

In Disney's animated version of the plot, Magnolia in order to replace the elderly father from the army, and pretend to be a male, accompanied by the muso dragon and lucky dragon, embarked on a military journey, and in the process to know the hero - General Li Xiang. Although she was recognized as a woman by other soldiers during the war, she eventually used her ingenuity to help the country defeat the Huns.

But according to The DisInsider , the director said that the live-action version of the Magnolia film will cancel the role of Mushoulong and Lucky Dragon and change to the legendary Phoenix of China , while taking the role of General Li Xiang , and the characters in the play will not sing the classic songs of man and man .

"The DisInsider" said in its introduction to the film, "Flower Magnolia will learn step by step to master her inner strength and embrace her true potential." It was an epic journey that made her an honorable warrior, earned the respect of her country, and made her father proud. 」

Photo a photo of "Flower Magnolia."

What are the ambitions of the real-life version of Magnolia without singing or dancing?

The trailer for the live version of Magnolia was released, and many netizens thought that the real-life version of Magnolia movies were too close to reality, without the fantasy of The Muguruya and lucky dragons, and the man-of-the-man song sung by Li Xiang, as if there were no magic, no singing and dancing, such films could only be called "the big costume drama" and not Disney.

When we are disappointed with Disney's excessive political correctness, watching Disney step by step "destroy" childhood mermaids, magnolias, and even worry about the future is not to advocate for women's rights, hard to change the appearance of the main character, pull out important roles, you may as well stop to think, Perhaps the magical country Disney wants to create has never been the "magic magic" we see in our eyes - a girl who doesn't need to rely on fairy godmothers, princes, and lamp elves to create change, and this time, the magic Disney wants to create, From the heart of every strong girl.

Like Princess Jasmine in Aladdin, she wanted to be Sudan, not by the help of the lamp elves, but through a firm statement, moved the court guard next to her; (Extended reading: Pick a film for you, Aladdin and Princess Jasmine: Don't give up your quest because of others)

Magnolia ordinary, just like you and me in life, encounter difficulties will be timid, but always do not forget the potential heart of that courage, and strive to find their potential and strength in the journey, enough to make us become princesses.

Photo a photo of "Flower Magnolia."

Disney flips the fairy tale princess image: give children more freedom to imagine childhood.

Remember when a cute little girl commented on Aladdin's film after it was released, and she said, "Aladdin should stay there, Jasmine can fly on her own, because you don't need a boy to show you the whole world." (Extended Reading: TheAwakening of Women in Aladdin: The Princess No Longer Needs to Be the Queen)

Perhaps the meaning of Disney's adaptation of the real-life version is this: those fairy tale magic, let it stay in the fairy tale. The real princess, her strength should come from the heart, when the child after watching these real-life version of the film, but also in life can realize: we will be vulnerable, will fall, but will also climb up again, and so strong we can become princesses.