Now that technology is advanced, girls want to know if they're pregnant, so long as they're pregnant, they can detect it.However, how did the early stages detect pregnancy?It's about the frog!

Bloody mary) is a vodka, a tomato juice, a lemon juice and a variety of spices, a source of sweet and fresh taste, and a source of the blood mary, commonly known as the Queen Mary I (I, 1516-1558) of the United Kingdom, which was called "Bloody Mary".

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Mary I was actually a poor woman who had always wanted to give birth to her own child, who had twice been pregnant, but had not given birth to any child.

Pregnant, but no miscarriage, no child, what's going on?This may be a symptom of a pseudo-pregnancy (pseudosyesis or false pretenancy).In 2010, doctors found a woman claiming to be a woman who claimed to be a fake pregnancy. In 2010, doctors found a woman who claimed to be quick to be pregnant and then found a woman who was pregnant.(sibling: Pregnancy that only women know: becoming my mother's most honored badge )

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Of course, the above examples are too extreme, the current pregnancy test, or the way to check the urine and urine tests in the hospital all have simple and very accurate tests.But in four or 50 years, the method of pregnancy testing is still "frog pregnancy": injecting women's urine into frogs. If you are pregnant, the estrogen in the urine will cause the frog to expel the sperm.Wu Yi-nan, a doctor in Kaohsiung, once had a feeling of hardship at the time. He had to buy a whole lot of frogs, and injected pregnant women with urine on frogs. He also took the urine of male frogs to observe under the microscope.A pregnancy can only be determined by the laboratory.

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In ancient medical books, there is a kind of "God-to-God" that can be used to test the pregnancy if they do not have menstruation in two or three months.The "real sparrow" is milled into fine powder, divided into two doses, blended in "good" soup or "good wine", and after four to six hours, if it feels that the abdomen is inching, it can be confirmed to be pregnant.

The medical letter also details the symptoms of a woman's pregnancy, helping to determine, such as the cessation of the month, dizziness, mood irritation, weight gain, lazy action, and "salty bitter taste".In the same vein, it is called "sick without evil" or, although it stops menstruation, "the pulse is normal, and it is never the same."

's true that pregnancy is a difficult thing to do, and the pregnant woman isn't aware of the pregnancy, but the doctor never examined her pregnancy story, but it was a 2010 news story.(Recommended reading: Three actions for pregnant women yoga: reducing pain in childbirth )

Although the professionalization and authority of medical knowledge seems to be unbreakable, it seems that it is still unknown unless a woman's belly is cut open, or if a child is really caught up in a child's stomach.

I would like to dedicam this article to every father and mother who learts to be pregnant, and to my friends, to remember, to acknowledge the joy of the pregnancy, and to convey this happiness to the people who love them and those who love them.