Britain's Prince Harry and Meghan gave birth to their first baby Archie in May and completed their baptisonie on Saturday. Whenever a royal baby is born, naming has become a hot topic of discussion. For Harry and his wife, however, the most important thing is not the royal tradition of the child's name, but how he verifies the continuation of their love. Join us in reviewing the photos of the birth of the royal babies and the meaning of their names. Look at these soft little life, how to make a home have a new life!

What kind of weekend did you spend with your family last Saturday (7/6)?

The British royal family, more than 9,000 kilometres away, is being baptized by the family's newborn baby Archie in a private chapel at Windsor Castle. After the end, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle posted a photo of the baptized royal family on IG.

Baby Archie was wearing a traditional beige wash dress by Prince George and Princess Charlotte. The dress was made by Angela Kelly, the royal tailor, in a dress custom-made by Queen Victoria for her eldest daughter, Princess Victoria, in 1841.

A baby was born in the royal family, with a set of norms, from clothing and etiquette to naming. Before he came into this world, he was greeted with a family tradition that had been around for thousands of years.

In your name, continue the magnificent family history.

Looking back at the time when Prince William and Princess Kate were born, they were also in the spotlight of the British people. And their name, also continues the respect for the British royal lineage, with an elegant family lineage.

In the summer of 2013, the eldest son, George, was the eldest. Alexander. George Alexander Louis was born. His name is "George" in tribute to Queen Elizabeth II's father, George VI; "Alexander" is a male version of Queen Elizabeth's middle name Alexandra; and "Louis" is in memory of Prince Philip's uncle Lewis. Louis Mountbatten.

Princess Charlotte in May 2015. Elizabeth. Diana (Charlotte Elizabeth Diana) was born. "Charlotte" is a tribute to Charles and his grandfather, Prince Charles. The middle name is a tribute to great-grandmother Queen Elizabeth II and the late Princess Diana. It is worth noting that hundreds of years ago, There were Queen Charlotte and Princess Charlotte in Britain. So the name Charlotte is very closely linked to the British royal family.

And last April, little Prince Louis. Arthur. Louis Arthur Charles was born. His name, in addition to his direct association with his father, Prince William, and his brother, Prince George, was also remembered as William's father, Prince Charles's uncle. Louis Mountbatten and his grandfather, Prince Charles.

The names of the little princess and the little prince are lined up, and are the strong history of the British royal family. You can feel how a new life, how to continue thousands of years in this land, the profound connection between the nation. They were expected and given extraordinary. Harry and Megan's baby Archie, by contrast, are relatively special and close.

Name your baby: When I call your name, it's the most real moment.

Harry and Meghan's first baby, born in May, is named Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor. As tradition is tradition, the queen's newborn baby will not have a prince's title until the Queen's official seal, and Archie and Harrison do not appear in the names of any British monarchs or immediate descendants. As a result, Archie's relatively "people-friendly" name has also aroused more speculation in the media and the public.

As mentioned on the Baby Center website, "Archie" is a variant of the English name "Archibald", which means "brave and fearless". But such speculation has not been met with a response or evidence from the Harrys. Perhaps more obviously, "Harrison" is associated with his father's name, Harry, literally "Harry's Son."

In any case, the closeness of Baby Archie's name is linked to the Harrys' choice to break with tradition of home-birthing, being baptized and not being opened up - they may be showing off a more authentic, modern generation of royals. They try to keep them as parents, in addition to continuing some of the traditions, and want a more private and unique connection to their baby.

The photograph of Archie's washed-up is lined with a gorgeous and elegant royal temperament, as well as the beliefs and discipline of blood. Seemingly serious and solemn ceremony, but you still see, a home, how to gather for a new life.

The baby is a newborn, will cry and laugh, there are real emotions are spreading. A stable and institutionalized family chain for a thousand years will begin with a soft gap in the birth of every little prince or princess - welcome. And what names they should be given are the weight of family history, or purer parental love, all about a home and a new life, how to try to get close to each other. Because when I shout at you, it's like I'm confirming your existence and my relationship with you.

The birth of the British royal baby will be publicly and reported as a projection of millions of homes for the British nation, up and down - and in the end, we are looking back at our homes and seeing that if there is the most beautiful picture of the world, it will be a new life, a family.

"Thank you for choosing to come to this house. From the royal family to the ordinary family, in the face of the ecstasy of life, there will be no estrangement and gaps.