Disney Pixar recently announced in the community "Toy Story 4" characters corresponding to the constellation, some characters love to boast that they are the best, some characters look cold or silently care about everyone, which role do you think they are?

Toy Story 4 is a story about finding "yourself" and "going home".

Usually the animation characters at the beginning of the design, will set the character character, as well as the story to experience the subject, in addition to the storyline has high and low, watching the character experience setbacks, failure, and finally find their own strength, we will not consciously project themselves on the like, identify with the character son, And then think about the possibility of more choices, which is the charm of each film's work. (Recommended:Toy Story Growth Quote: The more people leave, the more important the people who stay)


Recently Disney Pixar in the community announced "Toy Story 4" characters corresponding to the constellation, some characters silently care about everyone, some characters are always duty to reach out to help the weak, some characters always love to boast their best, each character has its unique charm, which person do you think they are?

Aquarius: Fork


At first, Fork is a water bottle holder that is consistent from the inside out, made up of Bonnie's pieces of material, his appearance and inner identity and other toys. Look at the trailer will find that fork for self-identification is really inexplicable, good toy is not more comfortable? Why do you insist on rushing to the trash can?

But the charming and annoying nature of Aquarius is that once identified, it will go straight forward, and i don't have the meaning to care about other people, I'm garbage. Everyone says he is the strangest, the most out of line, and most likes to get into trouble, but in his heart, he just wants to go back to where he belongs.

Pisces: Holding dragons


A little temper, around the emotional sensitive embrace dragon, has been silently in love with everyone. Do not love to remember the enemy, think of their short hand, playing video games can not press the button on both sides at the same time, will be inferior sad, but compared to the innate limitations, it is more concerned that we can play in a piece. Not good at expressing love hugging dragons, the line of sight has been on everyone, although sometimes a little bit of a snobbean, but he seriously than anyone is braver.

Aries: Bath Lightyear


Bass believes in himself more than anyone else, and prefers to take the initiative to take the initiative. Don't like waiting for Bath, is to say walk away the existence, when Huddy jumps to chase the fork, Bath can immediately keep up with the support, and because of this, there is Bass Light Year, can always feel particularly at ease.

Taurus: Gaby Gaby


In fact, Taurus's Gabi stubbornly cute, she thought only of one thing in her heart: "As long as I am lovely, there will be people love me." So she was bent on grabbing all the elements of pleasing children and putting them on herself. Taurus is actually very greedy, but love to be restrained, once you are you, there are you, I will not please who, you can only be mine.

More plunder, do more bad things, I just want to have the master to take me home.

Gemini: Rabbit Cubs and Duck Bar


Sometimes they don't have much patience, and when they run into problems they usually think of small, clever shortcuts, rather than a solution that is too difficult and down-to-earth. Two people who like all kinds of new things, in this play contributed not too much brain thinking can laugh out of the plot.

Fortunately, with them, it's not too hard to laugh at the world.

Cancer: Shepherd's


Seemingly soft shepherd girl baby, in fact, very big crab. Gentle, emotional personality will not help their lives to save too much trouble, should come or come, but they can always let every low tide, become a gorgeous transformation opportunity.

Even if you've been a friend, as long as you've been through something together, you'll be hearted by cancer and even stand up for you. Don't give up when you're in trouble, Cancer will believe in yourself before you're in.

Leo: Duke Carpenter


Love present, enjoy the applause, the duty, this is the most fascinating place in Leo. Duke Cabouon likes everyone's eyes, like to say that they are the best. Want to come up with the best side to show everyone, but encounter edgy failure, but also easy to make Leo into the most vulnerable and timid people.

Virgo: Woody


Responsibility, persistence, some stubbornness, Virgo's Huddy has an unshakable responsibility inside - I want to make my beloved master feel happy. And because of that, even if Bonnie doesn't prefer Huddy as much as Andi, and even brings a plastic spoon home as a toy lover, he's still obliged to take the fork back to the "right track" and be a toy.

Libra: Squeaky sister


Peace-loving, comfortable to get along with, almost no distinct personality of the squeaksister sister, in fact, this is the most distinctive personality of the squeak sister. Small her heart is very big, big can contain everything, all and squeak sister meet the people, and finally by her gentle conquest.

Scorpio: Spring Dog


The spring dog next to it that seems to be calmly witnessing all the absurdity of what happened, reaching out to help his friends, and even willing to give his whole, is The lovely and precious quality of Scorpio. Once identified by Scorpio, dump the whole city for you is willing.

Sagittarius: Cowboy Trish


The positive energy burst of Tracy is Sagittarius (not entirely unexpected), she always keeps an open and happy heart. To the challenge of eager to try, no more difficulties and tasks, in the bottom of the eyes of the tsie is just one after another brilliant adventure, and finally will be handsome and fun.

Capricorn: Ham Pig


Cautious ham pig, he believes that the status quo is the best way, it is not easy, because the stability of the status quo is very effort- Every time an accident happens it's more anxious than anyone else, and it's more than anyone wants to solve the problem and get things back on track quickly. But "occasionally" enjoy the moment, embrace chaos, and perhaps have a different fun and experience than ever before!

Do you prefer the same characteras as your own constellation?

In the 100-minute animated movie, the toys find their worth and realize that love is not just about owning, it's sometimes letting go. In addition to the cute and interesting constellation character, each distinct character, regardless of the villain, they have behind a story, a topic, a treasure, just like the life at this moment in the face of many big and small waves or encounters. (Extended reading:Toy Story 4 taught me five things: Sometimes true love is to let go)

There are countless seemingly bland 100 minutes in life, and hopefully this movie will bring you a lot more than 100 minutes.