Three years ago, the environmental documentary "Before the Flood", produced by Leonardo, suggested that if humans started to eat less beef, they could reduce a large portion of their carbon emissions. But in fact, it is extremely difficult for today's society, which has beef as a staple food. So there are vegetarians to launch "artificial meat" products, to let the focus on environmental protection, but also do not want to give up meat-eating you, have a better diet choice. What exactly is artificial meat? What's different from the "vegetarian meat" that used to be known?

Since July this year, the EPD has expanded its plastic-limiting policy to include four establishments, including public sectors, schools, department stores and shopping centres and fast food chains, which are not allowed to provide plastic straws when used, causing a whirlwind of purchase of environmentally friendly straws.

Also let more people start to think, if you want to do a part in the environment, in addition to not using plastic bags, switch to environmentally friendly straw, what else can be done? Maybe we can start with diet.

In 2016, the environmental documentary "Before the Flood", conducted by Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio, made clear the environmental impact of today's widespread beef-eating culture.

If we start to reduce the amount of beef we eat, or even stop eating cattle, we can reduce a large portion of our carbon emissions and pollution.

Although the film is so elaborated, but for the beef as a staple food in today's society, not eating beef may be extremely difficult. So there are vegetarians to launch "artificial meat" products, to let the focus on environmental protection, but also do not want to give up meat-eating you, have a better diet choice.

What exactly is artificial meat? What's different from the "vegetarian meat" that used to be known?

New dietary options to replace real meat

Artificial meat, in fact, refers to "meat substitutes", and meat substitutes can be divided into "plant meat" and "test tube meat".

According to The Innovation Latte, "Plant meat" is actually the commonly known vegetarian meat, the raw materials are soybeans, bowl beans and other beans. But for predators, vegetarian meat is still significantly different from real meat, including different tastes and tastes, so a U.S. vegetarian meat company, Beyond Meat, has a To make the same plant meat as real meat" as the goal, with beet juice to the plant meat dyed blood color, creating almost the same visual presentation, taste as real meat.

The "test tube meat" is to extract the animal's muscle cells, add the fascia and various nutrients, placed in the container slowly cultured into meat. According to Wind Media, "The US media have conducted a survey that 6out the public cannot accept "test-tube meat", there are concerns about health problems, some people think that it is against nature, and even more people are concerned about the possible emergence of "Test tube meat" restaurants as a result." Most of those who are willing to try are holding a caring and fresh-hearted attitude. 」

Obviously, the more widely accepted choice of artificial meat is "plant meat", so we ask, what can be done to change the life of edible plant meat?

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What's the function of plant meat besides environmental protection?

Behind each choice, each carries different reasons, and people who choose to eat plant meat, or even vegetarian, are not only for religion, environmental protection, health and other factors. But according to CNBC, a foreign financial news outlet, three dietitians have doubts about the claim that eating plant meat makes the body healthier.

Alissa Rumsey, founder and dietitian of the body-shaping website Alissa Rumsey, says that eating more plants does be good for your health, but doesn't mean that "plant-made artificial meat" has the same health benefits because "it's not a good place to be." Artificial meat is actually a refined processed food, if the pursuit of health, should eat more natural foods, not processed foods. In addition to known and verified religious and environmental factors, the idea that eating artificial meat is "healthier" may require professional discussion and ongoing experimentation to learn.

As stated at the beginning of this article, plant meat is a more environmentally friendly option, and in the case of "expanding the protection of the environment", plant meat is no more than a solution, and there is a sustainable development of new dietary choices.

Where can I eat plant meat in Taiwan?

For whatever reason, where can you taste plant meat? Since March this year, Green Common, a vegetable and vegetable promotion platform, has represented two of the world's leading plant meat brands, Beyond Meat and New Pork, and has many co-stores across Taiwan, or refer to the Green Common website for their own cuisine. Buy your own cooking of plant meat. There is currently a list of co-stores using plant meat as follows, and you can also refer to the constantly updated plant meat shop map in sync:

  • Grand Hyatt Hotel
  • Marriott Hotel
  • TGI Friday's
  • On the good bean family
  • Darcis Taiwan
  • Heart teahouse, vegetables and tea
  • Good House
  • Coffee
  • Wildwood Live Fire Cuisine
  • Wu's name spicy

Whether you've seen "Before the Floods" or not, you may be beginning to feel the hard work of government, businesses, and friends around you about environmental conservation. Foot in this land, living in this beautiful planet of us, in fact, is absolutely responsible for the environment, and plant meat, is a new choice, interested in environmental issues you, may as well try it!