The more moms love themselves, the more children identify with themselves? Little S' 13-year-old eldest daughter, Elle, put on the cover of the magazine and showed off her incredible self-image. Children can have self-confidence, and small S's family education is closely related: as a mother, if you can recognize themselves, but also for the child to build self-confidence.

Recently, the eldest daughter of Little S, ELLY, appeared on the cover of Taiwan's Vogue magazine, with her languid curls on a shoulder-length suit jacket and a one-eyed, one-eyed look, showing off her stunning stardom at the age of 13. Netizens looked at Elly's photo and thought she had inherited her mother's little S, with a model's face.

Unlike the traditional aesthetic face, but with confidence to the camera, Elly's courage to show herself is closely related to little S has always been a family education.

Before marriage, Little S, famous for her pungent and direct conversational style, married in 2005 and became a mother of three, is still undaunted, can talk about sex on the show, can also talk about family life, although sometimes controversial, but it is undeniable that she never gave up on herself from before marriage to marriage. (Recommended reading: Can I still be a mom?) ) )

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After hearing the criticism, she said to me: Mom, I want to go home and hold the rabbit.

If there is usually a community who has seen small S, you can find that she likes to share family life in the community, especially with her daughter's photos and small stories, she did not shy away from the daughters' ugly photos, funny photos spread out in the public eye: small S pick up a mobile phone to pose for a face, pinch ingress voice to imitate the appearance of petite drop, want the child to play with her, The three daughters face the camera is not shy, the mother loveto, they also have confidence, winking to twist the face of the camera.

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However, her three daughters have been criticised for their appearance and dress.

For example, in normal life, small S let three daughters wear ordinary clothes to show people, often have criticism of her children wearing very old-fashioned, and even some people questioned, Mingming small S earn so much money, why not learn other stars, let children wear better, but want them to wear old clothes, dress so simple?

Also in 2009, Little S talked about her daughter being criticized by strangers when she took her eldest daughter, Elly, for breakfast, and a strange mother came over to say hello and said, "I often see you come here for dinner with your eldest daughter, your eldest daughter?" I think your little girl is more lovely. 」

Little S retorted, "The eldest daughter is actually cute, just a different feeling." But the stranger's unwitting or deliberate remark made Elly very hurt, she was silent for a moment, and little S said, "Mom, I want to go home and pick up the rabbit." 」

In the face of criticism from outsiders, Little S said to her daughter, "Elly, some adults speak very impolitely, but you and your sister are the cutest children in your mother's heart." 」

Little S lets the child know that you can't avoid criticism of your appearance, but you can build your own identity from within, and then she wants the child to know that the definition of beauty is not absolute, but pluralism, and in some people's minds, you are still beautiful.

A mother's values that determine how a child sees herself

International beauty, big star small S often on the show for their own under the name, although each time by the guests, she also never questioned their appearance. Little S builds their children's values through a strong self-identification.

According to a 2016 study in the Journal of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology, a mother's physical anxiety is reflected in the child.

The study looked at girls between the ages of five and seven who had their mother and daughter sit in front of the mirror, with the mother describing her body from start to finish, and then daughter describing her body. One group must be described in a negative manner, while the other group can only be described in a positive manner. The results showed that how a mother perceives her body can affect her daughter's perception.

"When moms say negative/positive things, their attitudes change," said Perez, an associate professor of psychology at Arizona State University. When a mother says, "Like your hair," the child will say that she is too, and when the mother says she doesn't like anything, the child will say "same." 」

A mother's values affect how a child perceives her appearance. As a mother, if you can recognize yourself, you can also build confidence for your child.

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Little S's View of Education: Your Values ShouldN's Should Nupt

On "We're Real Friends," Elly asked Little S if he could buy a dress for more than a thousand dollars. Little S said a word: "Elly, your own temperament is the most important." 」

Here do not comment on the small S with children's view of money, but this sentence does point out the small S has always wanted to convey to children's ideas: a person's value, should not depend on the vision of society, know themselves, enjoy themselves, you have the power to let beauty from the inside out.

For small S, wearing is never the reason to decide a person's beauty and ugliness, not to mention because it is a girl, they are required to be elegant, temperamental, but to lead by example, tell the children, you can be very comfortable to be yourself, and be your own person, in order to exude a unique temperament.

The relationship between Little S and daughters reflects how the next generation of children can rebuild self-identity and how a new generation of women can "become" a mother and have an impact on their children. Perhaps, we can imagine a possible mother-daughter relationship, they do not control, discipline, but each other to grow, learn, each other can grow into their own want.