It's getting hotter and hot, less than half an hour in the sun, do you feel like you're melting? For you to organize the netizen recommendation, five about the location ranking, if you want to come to a summer easy date, you may wish to take your partner's hand to these places!

Do you have that experience, too? In the hotter summer, the long-awaited date, after half an hour out of the house after the sun and the hot wind beat, makeup began to flower, hair began to oil, hands began to sweat, the best date into the hottest date.

If you have such experience, want to tell you that you are not alone.

Previous women fans on the IG launched a summer dating proposal to raise money, want to know in such hot weather, where people will go to date, for you to organize the top five places ranked, if you no longer want to stick to the summer dating, you may want to refer to the views of the reader, take your partner's hand to these places!

1. Cinema

Photo : Descendants of the Sun

Can temporarily escape from the hot sun, but also hope that the endless stream of chat with him for a long time, the first choice is to go to the cinema! Isn't it the best summer dating proposal to watch a movie and discuss the plot, get to know each other a little bit and create a common language? Take a look at the three must-see movies of summer 2019!

2. By the Sea

Photo " It's okay, it's love! Photo

Every summer is always reminiscent of the seaside! Compared to shopping in the city for a walk, why not take advantage of the good weather to hold the loved ones, step on the same beach, listen to the same frequency of the sound of the waves, enjoy each other's time together? (Also to do a good job of sun protection measures, to avoid sunburn Oh!) Pick up three seaside attractions for you this summer!

3. Cafe

Photo: Spy

If you eat delicious food, can make the mood instantly happy, like a small deer in the collision. Then with like people to eat delicious food, the mood is probably an instant jubilation, like a hundred horses running it. In addition to meeting the desire for delicious food, the long-standing coffee shop also provides an environment where lovers have been getting along!

4. Home

Pictured, "The Eliminated Boy"

Who says home can't be a dating venue! People always have a lazy, want to stay at home to have a good rest of the moment, we read together at the window, nest on the sofa to watch a movie together, in front of the TV together playing electric, or rely on the bed to slide mobile phones, carefully feel every moment of daily life has each other.

5. Mountain/Camping

Photo: "Love Sandstorm"

In addition to the sea water can dilute the heat, the shade between the mountains is also a natural summer shelter! Want to step out of the house for a walk, and do not want to always stay indoors of you, try to go to the forest bar, in addition to climbing mountains, you can also find a few friends camping together, a short farewell to the city chaos!

In addition to the above five popular places, readers also share museums, art galleries, libraries, swimming pools, ice rinks and other venues, you? Where would you want to go if you wanted a dry, non-stick date? Welcome to the "Say It' " column and follow more dating location proposals!