Most of the time, our common clothing category is "S/M/L", but Zeba, an American clothing brand, doesn't use this category. Founder Nabela Noor says, "In Zeba, XS is passion, S is courage, M is inspiration, L is fearless." And it's classified because we are, we are passionate, courageous, inspiring, and fearless! 」

M is my roommate, very hate shopping to buy clothes, but the online shopping clothes have a inexplicable love, three days two heads can see her holding a package, inside the new clothes, but after trying to find that it is not suitable and busy return. Just look at, I feel this process is cumbersome, always do not understand why M does not go directly to the shop to buy it.

One day can not stand, I finally asked the exit: "Why don't you go directly to the shop to buy, online shopping size is not very troublesome yes." 」

M looked at me with a "I'm waiting for you to ask" expression, slowly spit out a few words: "I don't want the clerk to have the opportunity to shout out "This fat man needs 3XL" sentence, we are this fat mood, you will not understand." Three seconds, in a word, M answers my question in its entirety, and responds to a society that is still not friendly enough.

Dear M, you're right, I probably don't understand, but Zeba, the american emerging apparel brand, does.

Images: Instagram @Zeba

My size, I define myself.

Youtuber Nabela Noor, a well-known American beauty makeup, has racked up 700,000 subscribers on Youtube, building on professional beauty skills and sharing humorous daily videos. She recently started her own clothing brand, Zeba, and in her interview she stressed that Zeba's most unlike other clothing brands is its "refusal to accept the traditional size classification". (Recommended reading:"size" is not important at all)

Most of the most common clothing categories are "S/M/L/L/XL/2XL/3XL," but Nabela Noor says, "In Zeba, XS is passion, S is courage, M is inspiring, L is fearless and so on." It's a classification because we are, we're passionate, courageous, inspiring, and fearless. Zeba's size classification isn't just about resisting traditional taxonomy, it's more meaningful - I didn't see it, so I made it. (I don't see anyone paying attention to these things, so I want to do it, I want to get more people to jump out of the dimension frame)

Pictures s/youscreenshots

Pictures s/youscreenshots

A beauty youtuber who wants to develop another business and create her own brand is actually a big choice for the makeup industry she's relatively good at, but Nabela Noor doesn't, she sees women who are framed by size, and she tells these girls: "Don't let others define you in simple numbers. Don't let others judge your worth by appearance. Your value, as you define it yourself, and your size should certainly be. (Recommended reading: Size model confesses: "My size and health have nothing to do with you"

Images: Instagram @Zeba

Zeba was founded because I wantmore people to love themselves.

Nabela Noor, a Bangladeshi-American, Muslim and meat girl, says she rarely sees meat girls like herself on TV, in magazines, in various media, and that such a "rare" one made her suspect that she was not seen or valued because she was not good enough. It took her a while to understand herself,
Later will come, in fact, there is no need to be trapped by the size of their own, she is very good, but also definitely worth seeing, she wants to become a benchmark, so that all meat girls to spend more thought, to care about their own value, rather than to care about the clothes on that piece of the label.

The establishment of Zeba will allow more girls like Nabela Noor to recognize their own values. Let any physical, skin color girl, bravely jump off the label given by others, embrace the true self, from the heart of the love of their own.

"I thought she could come up with a simpler classification."

After Nabela Noor's interview video was released in just five minutes, the message below was actually relatively polar.

"I was expecting her to come up with a simpler way for everyone to find the right size for them, rather than preaching like a life teacher."
"I love it! Never before have clothing brands done this! 」
"Isn't that what Starbucks is doing, creating a classification of small and medium-sized cups"

As Nabela Noor puts it, "It's not just about resisting traditional classification, there's more to it," which can be extended with the current S/M/L classification if you want to use simple classification. Zeba proposes this classification by understanding that there is a group of people who are in pain and insecure, and that Zeba wants to do something to convince everyone that they are good enough.

There is more meaning in this. The meaning is in inviting girls to take back their physical autonomy, only they can evaluate themselves; meaning is reminding each girl to see herinner inside the body; meaning is encouraging girls to jump out of the frame and discover more possibilities.

Images: Instagram @Zeba

Perhaps there are still some who think Zeba does nothing and will not make the current size classification clearer. But let's go back to the source, what Zeba wants to do, never to establish a clear classification standard, but to flip the current classification, so that every girl who has been tied to a number has the opportunity to see the beauty she has again and the opportunity to truly love herself.

This article is for every M girl who has been plagued by size.