Whether your sex life is not good or just a little bit of dissatisfaction, sexual life can always be a better place.

If you have no way to get satisfaction in this area, then let the partner know how to get the full score!


The easiest way to do this is to instruct each other directly what to do.At the bed, move the other hand (or other body part) to the position you want, and let him know how much you like it.You can also make you feel enjoyable by touching your own sensitivity.

Simple?As long as the demand is open, it canMost people are always shy about starting their sexuality, but even if you're embarrassed, shy, or not used to, you have to overcome these psychological barriers.Since both of you are accustomed to seeing naked photos, then you should also get used to asking the other person to ask the other person to do so.However, this does not mean that it is the trouble of finding each other or asking for unreasonable demands. Instead, it asks for the other side's giving.From the beginning, start with the priority of the other party. First, praise each other for the happiness you have given to you in terms of sex, and then come up with the part that you want to be satisfied.

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There are times when problems don't come out of your partner -- it's you.If you're in a stress condition, you're not going to be able to get it.So, it's very important that the previous relaxation of the bed is very important.

Sex experts also point out: "The biggest reason why women can't feel free to enjoy sex is because there are so many things in the brain that usually come from kids, work, or pressure to be laundry."As long as it takes a little bit of time to relax, for example, to listen to music or to take a drink with a partner, the problem will be improved significantly."


Sometimes we make a request directly, but we find that we don't want to be consistent with our partner.But we are not always haunting each other until you are satisfied, but rather through an agreement to reach a consensus between the two sides.Have you ever asked the other side to play the role of your sexual fantasiswhile the other side has been reluctant to agree to it?At this point, you can go through an agreement -- if the other side promises to play the role you want, then you also play the role he wants.

praise rather than

If you still can't get the sex you want from each other, don't put the focus on the downside, but you should tell him what you like, and it will make it easier for the other person to please you.

The two men should be honest, complementary, and not to blame each other.For example, if you want a longer preplay, you should say, "I like the emotion of making love slowly, and the longer you do it, the more I feel.""It's better than saying," Hey!Why don't you take a long time to do it!"It's better!""

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Text: Womany editorial/Farah Tseng