What can three women who don't go into "marriage" look like? Unlike previous Korean dramas, "WWW: Please Enter A Search Word" rewrites the story of a 38-year-old woman who can be ambitious in the workplace;

The world has all sorts of strange imaginations for women over the age of 30.

For example, at 38, you should all go into marriage, and the child should have one or two? Even if not married, the current contact, should also be based on the premise of marriage, isn't it? There are those women who have no object, career heart is not too heavy ah, men dare not come near.

The Korean drama "WWW: Please Enter A Search Word", which was launched in June this year, does not want to go with the general plot. Tell the story of three working women, who average 38 years old, struggling at the portal company.

What can a woman who has no choice but to enter a "marriage" after the age of 30?

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Between the three women, in addition to the struggle, there is a delicate sisterhood - not all women's stories, must revolve around men. In "WWW: Please Enter A Search Word", three women become the protagonists, ambitious, starta business wars, men jump out of the past set, do not need to have a hand to cover the sky, but also occasionally show weakness.

Unlike previous Korean dramas, "WWW: Please Enter A Search Word" rewrites the story of a 38-year-old woman, talking about the workplace, and women can be ambitious;

The workplace is very cruel, in addition to enthusiasm, but also to learn the means

The 38-year-old heroine, Yu Domei, is already in the workplace to prepare the curtain, she is in the portal site as a minister of service strategy, she knows the user's preferences, full of confidence in their own ability, want to achieve the goal, even if the tricks do not matter, so when others say to Yu Domei. I hate you the woman who is blinded by desire, and she's undaunted to fight back:

"There is no reason for my ambition, I created my ambition. 」

At that time, she was enthusiastic about the media community, and her colleague Song Jiajing, who shares the same ideal, pushed the company to its peak and became the industry's number one portal. Later two people, one became the minister of service strategy, one became the chairman, both were at high levels, but the idealbecame divided.

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The workplace is very cruel, she deeply realized that if you want to achieve the goal, we must learn some means, learn to bow. So when the company pushes her to court as a shield, she can present key evidence and put each other together; because the actor loses his job, she uses relationships to get the hero to a big company's case; and when She takes a young subordinate to talk to clients about contracts, she says:

"Do you know why everyone clearly doesn't have the money to buy brand-name bags?" Because the more you have, the more you know how to hide, and the less you have, the more you know how to show off. You have no title or experience, you have to swell yourself. I hope the world is not, but it is so, if you don't win, compromise with it. 」

Yu Domei's philosophy of the workplace is soft and resilient, she knows that the world is not instantly beautiful, when everyone scolds her, only she knows that 100 percent enthusiasm and ideals can not be achieved. As long as you still have a line in your heart, the world will not change you. Fighting is not just tough resistance, 25-year-old enthusiasm will never disappear, as long as you have to pursue, the dream will never be forgotten.

And one day you have enough power to rewrite the rules of injustice in the world.

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Can 38-year-olds just fall in love and not get married?

In this age of 30 years old will be forced into society, the three women in the play, choose their own way not to enter the marriage: there is a choice to indulge in career, one chooses to only fall in love, the other does not want to talk about love; For Yu Domei, marriage was never in her life's choice.

When 28-year-old Park entered her life, she said she wanted to be her daily routine, and said she was eager to form a happy family with the people she liked.

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Dodomewas was timid. Her anxiety, like many 30-year-old women, is the ultimate dependence of human love. And let you anxious for many reasons, such as always someone said you are 30 years old, no time to wait, the past is dressed as family wine-like love, 30 years old is the marriage demarcation point, the next love, are to marry and pave the way.

"Isn't it strange to love each other and not get married?" 」

"There are no strange choices in the world, just different choices. 」

Women's future, has never been a second choice, do not enter the marriage, love can also have a variety of imagination, life more likely to have a variety of pursuit. Perhaps we should know that age is not the only proof that determines your life choices, a few years old do not marry well, or then choose to get married can also, your life is not a straight train, can always have other possibilities, can control their own direction, where you want to go.

Rewriting the story of a 38-year-old woman, "WWW: Please Enter A Search Word" gives every one who is afraid to make a choice, and may we all have the same firmness and toughness as beautiful as the beauty of the world.