Women fan x Chen Shani x gender force "Terror Valley" special planning, interview professor Chen Ziying. During the day she is a professor in the Department of Cosmetic Applications, another post-class identity, is a general beauty researcher, tinkering with the general, painting light makeup, so that the deceased in their own way to leave the world. To her, the relationship between cosmetics and people, from birth to death, is similar: help me understand who I am, where I want to go, and what I want to look like.

Chen Shani Horror Valley MV shooting scene, university associate professor Chen Ziying arrived early. The make-up artist of the group immediately came forward to say hello. It used to be her student.

A long curly hair, delicate eye make-up, a small dress. Smile nervously with kindness. Chen, 50, is a professor in the Department of Cosmetic Applications and another who is a general repair beauty researcher. The relationship between cosmetics and people, in Chen Ziying body suddenly pulled into two extremes. But from birth to death, the essence is the same. She says make-up is actually a good emotional coaching for people.

I just love beauty: make-up isn't just magic, it's the process of finding myself

Foundation, blush, eye shadow, lipstick, eyebrow powder. The world of cosmetics is like magic to many people.

"I grew up with no interest in math at all. Instead, I like to dress up well. Chen said. Like to become beautiful, study beauty, let her choose the beauty department to study. From a young age, she had a lot to share with. "For example, my long Liuhai, because I know that I have a long face, it will look a little serious. Liuhai cover, it seems that people are kind.

Wearing lipstick can make the look better, and drawing eyeliner can make your eyes look good. Some people think that make-up can make people "not real enough." More often comments ridiculed, actresses make-up, do the whole type, the pursuit of good looks, is a kind of superficial. However, Chen Ziying feels that cosmetics are more like a process of finding yourself. (Extended reading: Is makeup intended to be shown to others or to themselves?) ) )

The first time she touched her make-up, she recalls, was in class, when she was scared by the colorful and complex tools. After groping, i know what kind of makeup you fit:

Finding yourself is a step-by-step process. It's not just about painting makeup, it's about slowly understanding yourself and guiding yourself.

What if you don't have confidence? "I think it's good now.

We are curious that, as a cosmetics professor, we are a "beautiful" researcher. As we describe how makeup is beautiful, how to wear lipstick is good, she for "beautiful", master a lot of knowledge and language, but as a professor, there is no lack of self-confidence in appearance? She thought about it.

Someone said my hands were ugly. When teaching make-up, some students said that the teacher's hands fat as if sweet not spicy. Some colleagues also said, do you have done rough work in your hands? It's a little rough. But, at my age of fifty, I like my hands very much. My hand learns makeup, teaches makeup, does research, helps many people regain self-confidence ah.

At the age of fifty, is she afraid of growing old? Some media have visited the chant, said she is a beautiful woman, beautiful professor, as if everyone must always maintain the best state, for women, said is the witch, it seems more like being under the eternal ban. (Extended Reading: Every Age Has Its Own Psalms: Enjoying the Elegant Process of Aging)

"I'm 50 years old and health is more important to me. Long fat, long wrinkles, long white hair, are natural things. When you're young, you'll care about the frame of your appearance, but I think it's good for me now. (Same-field screening:"Gender Watch" The Double Trap of the American Witch)

I want make-up to be a sad coach for people.

In addition to the department of cosmetics, her other curious identity is the general beauty researcher.

"I've been in the beauty industry. Later choose to study, I think, to study to find the interested part, the general beauty sounds very interesting, but also with makeup is very relevant. 」

"When we were young, we saw our loved ones die, but we weren't afraid. "Don't we all put flowers next to us, and the coffins are at home? "What I think is that if I can apply my profession to this part, it will actually make a lot of sense. She gives an example:

For example, a deceased person with a brain haemorrhage, or a deceased person with liver and bile disease, has a blackface. Or long-term sleep, many people with aging, lack of nutrition, after the death of the cheek collapse, bad color, mouth closed up.

Many people want to be what they like when they leave the world. However, life and death is difficult to predict, the appearance of death, may not be their own expectations, but must stay in the hearts of their favorite family and friends, become the last face.

So Chen Ziying's heart is to let people with dignity, in their own way to leave the world.

In addition, the general appearance of dressing, highlighting not only the respect for the deceased, but also let the remaining family members, invisible comfort.

She said she felt that, in fact, dressing up for the deceased was "a sad counselling for those who stay." After all, when life is alive, we will hope that we can be beautiful in front of all.

Have you ever had any difficulties? "In fact, now in 2019, there is still a lot of taboos about society's attitude towards the deceased, its treatment of the deceased in general. A lot of people are reluctant to discuss it. Not to mention the clean-up of the appearance, general storage. But these are really all things to discuss. 」

"I was going to have a big meeting in the morgue, but I wasn't afraid. The family doesn't feel bad either. My husband also said, you do not be afraid, this is a very meaningful thing. Some people look down on her research, love to ask her is not a businessman, whether there is a red envelope?

"But in fact, I've been involved in 18 years of career development and let me know that beauty should be a service." She said. It's great to be able to teach people to paint the deceased's appearance.

I hope everyone can be free from the anxiety of appearance.

In addition to teaching and research, Sheist is also involved in the Sunshine Foundation's "Face Equal Rights" campaign. Help ingentos people with make-up concealers and break discrimination. For injured friends, what they actually want is to "look like everyone else."

"By using lines, colors, with optical illusions, you can burn friends, look no different from us." We are not hurt friends, but I can not because of appearance, to deny others. 」

From cosmetic research, general research, to scalding to help, Chen Ziying is not only the beauty of the researchers, but also constantly ask, the meaning of makeup is what. From her story, we find that makeup is not just about happiness, it's about finding our own way. Hopefully one day everyone will be free from the anxiety of appearance. (Extended reading: Interview with Xu Jiaying: If there is life in the flesh at the mouth, it will be sad to know that I cover it)

Edit postscript

Midway through the interview, we were nervous a few times, and we started with her own experience. Nervously we also found that she was quite humorous.

For example, she recalls that many people did general beauty research on her choice, and there was a lot of comprehension and derision. At that time, it was the guide professor who stood up to comfort her. "I remember my professor telling me at that time, "You don't have to be sad, you keep doing this research, wait a few years, and one day wait until he." She said with a big smile.