Big S recently on the reality program urged Fan Xiaoxuan "don't have children." 'It's ridiculous to have a reason just to pass on the generation, or to raise a child to prevent old age, ' she said. Her words allow us to rethink the meaning of fertility: if this doesn't make you happy, do you do it? In fact, whatever she wants to say, we are all too often influenced by traditional ideas, and rarely really listen to the inner voice.

In the traditional concept, "becoming a family" seems to be taken for granted, and having the next generation is also an important way to experience parenthood and perpetuate family emotions. However, we often don't have the opportunity to have a good time asking ourselves, do I really want to have a child? What do I need to consider before deciding to have children? How can I know that I am fit to be a parent?

Mother-of-two S, who is already a mother of two, urged Her on reality shows not to have children; Miley Cyrus, the American singer who married late last year, also said in a recent media interview that she didn't want to have children. Their speech allows us to rethink the meaning of fertility - what do people want for?

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Big S: "If having a baby is just a biography, that's ridiculous"

A few days ago the reality program "We are real friends" near the end, ready to return home, size S, Fan Xiaoxuan, Liu Hanya four people talk about to take care of their children's complicated things: "I want to help my daughter fill in, shift information", "also take her to do identity card and health insurance card", they broke down, almost back to the reality of the feeling!

And Big S also used this to urge Fan Xiaoxuan to "don't have children":

"Why do you have to have your own child?" If you want to take care of a child, you can take care of a child that no one wants, you can adopt. But for some absurd reasons, such as the succession, or the reason for raising children to prevent old age, there really is no need to have children. 」

Her remarks caused a heated discussion among netizens. They discussed that, already a mother of two, who had not asked for children, why stop others from having children now?

The message of Big S is that women are not bound by the huge framework of traditional ideas. What's the meaning of having a baby, in your expectation of a new life, a new self-role, or the crystallization of love with your other half - what will our children look like? All should be done on your own, not from the senseless rigid beliefs of the outside world.

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American singer Miley: "Have a baby unless the world gets better"

American pop diva Miley and "Ray's Brother" Liam Hemsworth are getting married at the end of 2018. Often asked if she is pregnant, she also recently said in a fashion business interview that she "doesn't really want to have children." The reason was that she saw the earth hurt, and that she did not want her children to be born in a future that was not happy, as the environment continued to deteriorate.

In November, the Miley and his wife's house in Malibu, California, was relentlessly extinguished by wildfires. She lost a home, and although the family was lucky to survive, it also made her pay more attention to environmental pollution and conservation.

"I won't have children until I can feel that my next generation can live on earth where they can swim with fish, and let anyone face it." 」

Having fought back for nature and lost her house, she felt the negative energy of the earth's environment. Therefore, her refusal to give birth was to protect her children from becoming homeless people in the world.

She said that not to live, behind the fact is a deep mother's care.

But having kids is a good thing.

Of course, we also see a lot of women who look forward to becoming mothers.

Before she became pregnant, Wei was told by a gynaecologist that he was "more difficult to conceive". She said, "It doesn't matter if I don't have children, I have a lot of lovely kids around me, and it's possible to have a baby," she said. Despite this thinking, i still hold expectations and confidence in my heart. Desperate for children, she welcomed this precious gift at the same time as she relaxed her heart.

Liu Hanya, who has a baby daughter, also said, "It's nice to have a child." Of course you don't have to have children, but I think it's a good thing to have kids. 」

"Everything has a happy part, there's a troublesome part, but it's because you love, so that troublesome part will feel good, that's what you're going to do, or what happens?" 」

Sweet burden, is I was looking forward to your arrival, at this moment I will practice to love you.

If you want to have children, how can you not seriously ask yourself?

Married, at the age of trial pregnancy, sometimes people say you should have a baby, you don't think about it, or you don't think you want to have children yet, but you don't know why.

Publicly declare that the public actresses of the top guest family are not in the minority, Carmichael. "I have a great life, and in a way, because I don't have children, " says Cameron Diaz, who declared that she is "not here to have children."

After announcing her pregnancy, the first sentence was to thank those around her for their concern sings about her feelings: "I can be myself, not suddenly can only think about the turning point in life as a woman or a public figure." 」

In these people, you see that perhaps our lives do not have to be complete by "having children". And even if I were a mother, I could be myself. Echoing Big S's fertility theory - she knows what it's like because she's had two children, so she urges girls to take back their reproductive autonomy. As Little S says:

"I don't think it's a good thing to preach, but it doesn't have to scare her, ilyce her heart. 」

To have children, there may be hundreds of considerations and difficulties, and more people's life experience, not necessarily anyone close to the present you.

However, you can look at their lives and know that the world has many different options. Whether you want to or not, you know it's a matter of life, so in addition to doing more homework and preparation, the most important thing is to be able to face your inner voice more realistically.

When the wrong mother, I hope that every one of you, can make a good decision for themselves.