Travelling alone can be addictive. Because where you want to go and how long you stay, no one can stop it. You can carry a limited amount of luggage, you go all the way, you lose all the way, and finally you only bring what really suits you.

Life should be at least once, no longer for whom, only for their own start of the journey.

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Summer comes, the sun-drenched tourist season, want to go with friends, lovers, or family, different travel companions, interwoven with different travel experiences. We think of a pleasant trip, beautiful scenery, as if should be shared with people, hot and lively. But you may also start to wonder, don't you try to go alone?

What would it be like if a person enjoyed such a warm world?

Will it be lonely, will it be dangerous? Leaving familiar places and going alone to another strange city, there are many fresh and exciting imaginations, but at the same time it may also make you who have not tried, with some hesitation.

Just, there is what kind of scenery, you will face what kind of self, all the answers, only from the moment of departure, can begin to answer. And today i'm telling you that five life experiences that a person travels to get:

Experience one: You are the first place in your life! Not for myself, for whom else

I know you have many identities, you are the daughter of your parents, you are a company employee, you may already be the mother, or who sit a lover. Your life experiences a variety of identity roles, each other, your days, everywhere for the sake of others. But the process of solo travel, will let you live this moment, you can only be their first place.

Starting with planning your trip, you'll feel that everything only needs to be considered for yourself. Where to travel, when to leave, what restaurants to eat, what hotels, wake up this morning, to go in which direction... You know you can take yourself with you, take a break from your immediate life, get rid of the connections or the connections of the internet; here, you don't have to compromise with anyone who wants to stay at what time and where, no one can stop it. (Recommended reading:solo travel: How to arrange a self-service trip for you)

And the best life experience, you learn to enjoy the moment before the moment, began to happen.

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Experience 2: Know your life and don't need so much

For a single trip, you will begin to evaluate the ease of your mobility. How many items of clothing can you walk alone by dragging a 19-inch suitcase and putting only a few items of clothing, carrying a backpack of dozens of kilos behind you?

You start to think, do I really need to bring so much clothes? In fact, it may not be necessary to use so many maintenance products every day.

You start to give up because you know you can't move.

You lose all the way, all the way to pick up, in the process, slowly understand their real needs. And the last with the body, will be the most suitable for you. You also suddenly understand that your life, do not need so many things. It only takes a little, you're good enough to get yourself on the road and go to a more beautiful scenery.

Experience three: You are weaker than you think, but you are stronger day by day

And, of course, single-person travel can be a lot of trouble or challenge. All kinds of suddenness, may also let the ordinary life at ease with you, see the original also have a lot of no power. You will see your weaknesses and know that you are not as brave as you think. At the beginning of the trip, it's often fragile, and you might ask in frustration: Can I really take myself? (Pick for you: Mika on theRoad, The Himalayas: A man who wants to be brave must first feel afraid)

But believe me, you'll be stronger day by day.

In this process, no one will accuse or criticize you on the side, and, in contrast, no one will follow the good will to tell you what to go next. You will get lost with yourself in a strange area, may be angry with yourself, with their own glue, and then slowly, the environment forces you to grow. By the time you move beyond this reality to the level of mind coordination, you are already a more independent person.

Experience 4: Because you've done it, you believe you can always be better

And what you get on your trip doesn't just stay there. You've done this for yourself, you've done it for yourself, you've got more confidence in yourself, and I'm worth relying on.

Then you'll be afraid to step out of your comfort zone because you've been to unfamiliar territory, whether geographically or psychologically. Because this "done" will help you in the future of life, have more trust in yourself. In addition, you no longer often make excuses for life, just because you know you don't want to fail you and know that you're always worth a better day.

Because you have the courage to believe that the narrow alleys, the deep mouth, you also have the ability to cross.

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Experience Five: Starting from loneliness, you'll know how to connect with others

Don't you be alone when you travel alone?

Indeed, most of the time you can only talk to yourself. But there are also opportunities for you to build links with others. It could be that you're missing out and asking the locals for directions, you've got the courage to ask the next table what you order when you're lost, or you're just just trying to talk to someone. You will create demand sin by understanding some of your limitations, a desire that will make you more direct and make it easier for you to talk to others.

Travelling alone makes you not only start to believe in yourself, you also begin to understand the importance of others - i don't always walk alone. Being able to be alone and share it with others, or to receive help, is a reason for a person to travel and make people more comfortable. (Guess what you want to see: A man's brave departure!) 15 best cities to travel alone)

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You may also have heard that traveling alone once would become addicted. Because when you're alone, you'll feel a unique sense of connection to the world, a relationship that can't be replaced or simulated at any moment.

You and yourself, went to see a lot of scenery.

They say it's wandering, but you'll know in the back and forth of the journey that it's your journey closer and closer to yourself;