Gender force x Chen Shanni, an interview with Tian Weizhen, she said when she became a literary goddess, she did not understand. But she could understand. Because for the people in front of the screen, she's not their family, or loved ones, she's just a commodity. So what label, torn and paste, she said anyway I was here, I know I am a living person can.

In the "Valley of Horror" MV filming scene, Tian Yuchen appeared, we all know.

Where she went, there was always some fighting; make-up artists, stylists, each replacement of a lens, they have to move forward, to make up some, to add a little. She is sitting, like giving herself to someone else, but word for word, and all of her own. I had the impression that she had a private heart, and if someone commented on her, but she didn't think it was, she wouldignore it.

Fairy, ethereal, literary goddess, they say Tian Yu-chen, she said a person is what people also, the world, always others more anxious than you.

What you think is beauty, I'm fine.

"At a very young age, I knew my definition of beauty was not quite the same as others. 」

As a student, the school was popular with bubble socks, uniformskirts with three centimeters on their knees, or a swarm of female stars. But she only loves to wear pants, skateboard shoes, and she doesn't love skirts when she's impressed. The sister who didn't know stopped her on campus and said how could you not say hello? The girl gives the girl a challenge, declares hostility, you are too different, out of place.

It's like the world has some sort of timing, everyone rules a step at a time; those who cross the line seem too uneasy.

At that time, "rebel" Tian Yu-chen, but went to a more tougher performance circle to the United States. In her 18 years on the road, her looks have changed dramatically, and her fans have been better off. She said that almost every day, she would discuss it with her stylist, and today she dresses up, "Can you understand it?" You may not understand it, so do you want to? Or not? It's good to play the safety card. Or this one, let's be willful.

You can't come up with something that's too hard for the public to accept at once. She actually understood that the audience already had certain established impressions of themselves, such as to be white and clean, to be very airy, to be ethereal: "Once upon a time I became a fairy goddess, I do not understand." 」

But she turned around and told me that these standards of beauty have not really interfered with her.

"The first time I saw my own flat-shot works, was not repaired like their own, I thought, this is what everyone imagines me?" A girl who had rarely thought about her appearance before, a wayward girl, found her manly chin repaired as a "typical beauty" and was so perfect that she was uneasy: "I know it's not what I look in the mirror every day. 」

But it seems to be this self-confidence, she fell generous, but appreciate the face was created. Thinking that this is the public's aesthetic, the world is very fun.

"I followed myself, growing up to be big, removing makeup and taking a bath every day, and I looked at myself and felt like I was always the same. My eyes, my eyebrows, my nose, they're all the same. She said she knew who she was.

But if that plot is repaired, she can be a person, and the world is more established. Then she was happy to see it.

What label are you going to put on me, and I'm here anyway.

"Because to me I am human, I am me, but for them, I am not his family or lover, I am a commodity. 」

She said that she was a singer and a entertainer: "They would label me, classify me, try to materialize me, and I could understand that I wouldn't feel the pain." 」

For more than a decade, from women's groups to personal records, the outside world to her new volume mark old label, torn and affixed. 'I was here anyway, they posted it, and I wouldn't have looked at the label, i just thought I was really like that,' she said.

"All I need to know is that I am a living man with flesh and blood. 」

I sensed that Hebe was a person who was aware of the label's existence, as if she had realized that the standard of beauty had always been there. But she chose to ignore it, not because she was dismissive, but because, in any case, it seemed like she had a very complete herself, living in her heart.

As if at that moment, I began to feel that her ethereal code name actually came from it - the more certain things, the world, the more reluctant to look directly. Just say you can't eat human fireworks, this look, will be better understood.

But I was still curious and asked her if she had ever questioned herself? When was the last time you questioned yourself? She thought for a long time and said slowly, "The last time, is it a question of their suitability to join the program?" 」

"Because I'm a very tensionless person. She mentioned that some media reports require tension, saying that Tian "tore off the label" and "do it herself", but she said she had never done so hard: "I didn't want to tear off A, take your post, let you tear." What else can you post? 」

"Sometimes it's not good to look at it, why is there that label?" There may be myself i don't know. I thought of a somewhat naughty girl, defined by what rigid definition, but smiled and said, hey, you see me, it turned out to be good.

So look back at the "Valley of Horror" MV filming plan, talk about the girl's physical experience, against the standard physical journey of beauty. 'I didn't suffer because I was a girl,' she said. I'm not such an inspirational story.

"I can honestly say that I don't have this kind of topicality. Every moment I am the real me, what I have, what is it. 」

She knew that restrictions existed, but she did not stand on the opposite side. You can't be disturbed without standing on the opposite side. Even a few times, she shook her hand quietly with her frame.

Want to sneak a little bit of the beauty I see, you can't buy it

Tian, who began making independent records nine years ago, experimented with many different musical styles and invested himself in music production. But when she handed out her first photo that year, no one was paying for it. She laughed at herself, but seemed not so sad, she said she was very easy to meet, want to do a lot, far away there is light, life has ideals, but naturally good, do not seek not specifically to prove themselves. Anyway, I know I'm going in that direction.

"In fact, I caught a wonderful balance myself. If I do something in good place to suit the public's tastes, whether it's an aesthetic or an auditory aesthetic, I can get some space to do what I want to do. I asked, is it like a different concept? But she said, "It's two changes, or sometimes three or five, one." 」

She talks about the market as a reality, and it's over there, like, "I'm probably going to have to sing a couple of "Little Lucky" songs to get to a song I really want to do." Or wear five sets of fairy clothes, we think, I have been assured that you are my mind of Tian Yu-chen. After everyone's peace of mind, she can sneak a little bit, she wants herself.

"Do you think you're an artist or a musician?" At this time, Chen Shani "smuggled" the problem, saying that there may be some difference between the two.

And Hebe has a hint of being an entertainer, and she's a good entertainer: "I think this job is balanced with what I was. As an artist, your influence already exists, and I don't want to reverse everyone's imagination, but I can use some ideas to spread. For her, the so-called publicity is not a shackle. Because of these restrictions, they can't limit her.

Hebe is an entertainer who is well aware of "the audience is there." 'People want to see you perform, listen to you, and want to know what kind of relief you can bring to their lives,' she said. She was in there, and reflected on what she was like. Then wait for this day, the audience more, willing to listen to her singing, performance more people, she can, gently, or a little naughty, secretly their own aesthetic, transition to the world.

She knows something that is not easy to understand at once. But she has patience, to be smooth, not against the peace, say I understand you, I trust you, so you also trust me OKAY.

Do your own field screening, but also do other people's Tian Yu-Chen. 'She was a stowaway, and I laughed,' she said.

I'm reluctant to love myself

Said so much about her relationship with the world, said several words of Tian Yu-chen, how others see, how she sees herself; I said we talk back to the person itself, talk back to the texture, and then to the depth of the gap a little, about her and her body self.

"We're doing well. No, girls have puberty, you haven't doubted their bodies? "When I was a child, I saw my classmates, i think other people have white skin, or some people have very small faces, double eyelids like dolls, they will feel why not that. But she says she didn't hate herself for it.

"Especially when I left home at the age of 16 or 7, I loved my parents, and I often worried about one thing after I left, which is that if one day they are not in the world, I will have no meaning to live. It is only now that I realize that we talk a lot about it, all of them are so-called out-of-body things.

"I love them so much, I have their genes, my face, my five, my smile, my teeth, and if one day they're gone, I'll raise my hand, and I'll see my mother's hand." I love them, I really love myself. 」

"So I don't want to change a little bit, my own things. Every day, she looked in the mirror, her eyes shaped in the shape of her father, she could not change them at all. Hit from the heart, down-to-earth, love their own reasons.

I know, I thought tian Yu-chen, a not moved as a mountain, not the world interferes with the independent individual, in fact, really let her indestructible, is not a strong ability;

I thought, it was her on the hundreds of stages, by many people doubt or scrutiny, she was also firm. Because she is Tian Yu-chen, or whether she is Tian Yu-chen, she has seen the texture of life, as long as you look in the mirror, she will know that she wants love there.