Women fan x Shani Chen x gender-specific "Terror Valley" special planning, interview mixer Huang Wenxuan. As soon as she entered the industry, she said there were few girls in it. So someone says you're great if you're 60 points, and someone says you're going to be professional, because you can't dress up. In this daily masculine work environment filled with yellow jokes, she said people want acid you because you are a girl. In fact, she is still full of pride.

In a studio environment of a masculine smell, Huang Wenxuan, like a white rabbit, dinks into the hole. Like the day I saw her at the scene of the "Terror Valley" MV film, I remember her with eyes, sparkling, and not afraid. (Same Show: Interview with Shani Chen: Take time to get used to your looks and you'll become your own expert)

It's like saying, what's fun, we stare together and listen together. With your imaginative ears.

And as a mixer, she says she was in the studio the year she first entered the studio, and there was hardly a girl in the studio.

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If they question ediwhich I'm a girl, I don't care.

"Imagine yourself in a space cover, flying. In Huang Wenxuan's studio, it doesn't make SOP music, it's like painting, it's like traveling. She said thinking about what you have on hand, what you want to emphasize, what to put in front, what to put, from the plane, into three-dimensional.

Stitching people's voices with other musical material, she says she's seen so many different types of work in the industry that it makes her feel like she can change a lot of things while doing remixes.

Maybe one of them is the incident of getting a girl into the studio.

"When I was looking for a job, I met at least 10 girls. Recall that year she ran into walls, in an industry where there were few women, wanted to see stitches, and had to find gaps. Until later she went to the relevant international occasions, all the scenes, there is often only her one girl: "I went to France for two years in a row to participate in a mixing workshop, the staff thought I had signed up for the wrong, probably to go to other composition classes." 」

Sanni mentioned that more than a decade ago two Hong Kong female recording artists came to work, and other recording artists came to visit, saying, "Look, they are girls!" The real rare animal, like an inspirational story scene. However, she argues that the older she gets, the younger the woman's hearing decline is slower. So why, looking at the world industry, or not too many female employees?

"I've seen a report before the exam that, before the exam, if you suggest that the candidates, the boys are the better, they will have a difference in their test results. But if you don't imply them, the score is not bad. 'It's the same in this industry, and if you keep seeing world-renowned mixers are men, women will feel that this one doesn't belong to them, ' Mr. Wen said. Or just to get in touch with those devices, it's already relatively difficult to get started.

Yet this limitation is quietly inspiring girls to look at the world, to show their resilience and softness: "I don't know if it's because of women's situation, let us deal with different sound elements, different styles of music, become more hierarchical." Shani added: "For example, many senior male mixers in Taiwan are excellent in sound handling, but in music, a lot of times they are relatively single." 」

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Speaking of the field of work full of masculinity, I asked Wen Wei, has he ever had some questioning vision?

"This is the case in this industry, you are a female worker, there will be a group of people watching, think you get everything, as if it's not because of your talent." Just because it's beautiful, because it's cute, because it's smart, no more columns, it doesn't make sense.

"When you first entered the business, some people would be lower standards for you, and maybe if you just do 60 or 70, they'll say you're great." But the girl who started working in a work-age equipment line, hearing the sounds of various instruments and starting to make a life-changing connection to music, didn't want to live her life: "Probably because someone else did this to you, you would want to do better and make them speechless." 」

I feel like I saw her standing in that narrow door, looking inside and saying, I just love it here, give me a chance, you don't give it, I'll be here, wait until There's. I think Wen Yi now also class, also do lectures, like to guide students to imagine more pictures, so that the head first full of three-dimensional space, your wonderful into the world. Because you have, perhaps no one has thought about it. Until then, it's not about gender.

If they question, just because you are a girl, Wen said, I don't need someone else to recognize me, this matter is very subjective, and I am satisfied with myself.

If I'm in an environment full of yellow jokes

She finally went to the studio. But as we can all imagine, an environment like that is likely to be a microcosm of a gender stereotype.

"There's really a producer who said to me, you should be professional, because you just can't dress up, it's normal. On the other hand, she will meet some bright girls in the workplace, will be the first impression of the vase. I looked at Wen Wei, a girl who didn't have too much decoration, and asked her if she was consciously making up herself because she wanted to show some kind of "professionalism"? Is this what you were?

"My original personality is really bigger than the Lama." But this line of girls are particularly few, I will also deliberately put away a more feminine side, because do not want to bring people trouble. 」

When you first entered the line to do concert lighting sound, there are colleagues complain, with you into the same group of good bad luck ah, to move the horn equipment, your strength is relatively small. And she just touches her nose and does what she's good at. She said there would be whispers, how much, but don't care. Gender distribution is sometimes justified, and girls have places they can't replace.

For example, she later worked as a mixer, she said, boys' muscles are really more developed, but sound doesn't require muscle. Give a little more girls a chance to come in, or we'll always be working in a lot of yellow jokes.

Recall once to apply for assistant, the boss's girlfriend worried about the studio to get along, long-term love, but also in particular to see the interviewer's appearance. After seeing Wen, she said, "This is OK." Wen Yu chatted here, smiled and said, if the beautiful, they do not want ah, I so get this job, I feel full of luck.

I think she has a good temper, but she just doesn't seem to care about it. If it's a yellow joke environment, she'll tell a yellower one; if someone wants to make a joke about you, you can make a joke on yourself first: "People because you're a girl, actually say anything, all with acid in the words, but I'm happy to hear someone acid." (Same Show: When biologists take part in the Miss USA pageant: Can I be smart and beautiful at the same time)

Does she seem to be saying, or do you really envy me as a girl?

The world looks colorful, but it's really distorted.

As a girl, the world seems to be more and more demanding about how beautiful girls are. It's like the eyes are a little bit worse, or the nose is a little bit worse, it's not perfect.

Talk about the teenage years, small S wearing a brace, everyone began to wear a brace. She followed, a year or two time, the removal of steel wire, found the original tiger teeth, also disappeared, a word row, neat lying, "I have some regret ah." Imagine her looking in the mirror, practicing a few smiles, adapting to the new look, and having to look a little over.

Later, in order to perform, she put on her dark circles, but looked at it, and the emptiness was oily. She said, from a small black circle has been followed, now no, will be a little like their own.

She also said that when a girl, if you can't avoid anxiety, use less 3C products: "Have you ever tried to change your phone from color to black and white?" I've tried, three days later, and you'll find that these shades are fake. 」

What is beauty? It's all that people say, that's not beauty, that's the word. While discourse is being carried out, the beauty itself has disappeared.

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I think of the video scene, draw busy, dozens of people, from the lampmaker, photographer, director, assistant, to stylist, every one of them, but all shout "Action" the moment began, only staring at the current discourse, Huang Wenxuan. What did she say, the words were in the air, the air was covered in space, and we were all in it.

Good focus.

Beauty or something, if need to be discussed, is in these channels, is delicately handled.

It was a closed but serious moment. I think the city also has a lot of such space, here is a, WenYi studio is a; dozens of minutes of interviews, as long as chat back to herself, asked her what kind of girl she felt is, from appearance, to the body, she would laugh, say nothing, very ordinary, very ordinary, but they see themselves, feel OK. After watching for a long time, I feel like I'm also full of lovely.

I can imagine that she was always listening attentively, listening to multiple tracks, and in her listening equipment, she was made into a piece of music. Seemingly very closed, in fact, broad, imagine, imagine you in outer space, she said, if this is a distorted world, then we are so focused, very ordinary, very ordinary, but very serious, look at every into your eyes into the ear of life.

Shh, be quiet, very quiet, we can, hear every voice.

Women fans x Chan-Sani x Gender-powered Horror Valley, speaking of the women's voices we should hear in this era.