Women fan x Shani Chen x Sex Force "Terror Valley" special planning. In an interview with Ann, since becoming pregnant, she feels that the society will continue to preach "being a mother is great." But every day of pregnancy, it's not really good. 'Don't stop blindly asking us to accept ourselves, who suddenly weigh edgs of tens of kilos; it's going to be a shock to anyone,' she said. Someone should admit it.

That day saw her walking up her stomach, four months old, that is always more sudden than expected body. I feel like a gazer, explaining a person in one direction; perhaps I deliberately give way to that confirmed life, to be more abrupt.

Who is who is the outside of the body, perhaps, who is who is the body of the object.

Ann sat in a high chair, sat down, is the eyes of the eyes, dozens of eyes of God, and she was laughing, always, as if to be the only one. As if there are no holes, and knife and gun not into, I said this is the most comfortable moment in your life, she said no no no, no, after pregnancy, every day is not very good, you know.

Pregnancy isn't all good, and someone should admit it.

"Why is pregnancy to be described as a very sacred, healthy, meaningful thing?" 」

A girl, whether to get pregnant, how to look at pregnancy, often not before you talk to yourself, you have to face the mountain down Haiti social value comments, tell you that this is very good ah, this is very meaningful. A girl, through difficult adolescence, may be twenty or thirty years old, you can not easily find a way to get along with themselves, want to live, but you will find that in the marriageable age, or you are pregnant, others like an instant to get twelve gold medals, social values will be able to no doubt invade your life. And no one doubts its legitimacy.

Ann told me straight, imagine themselves in ten months, every day is to see their involuntarily fat, "anyone suddenly to be ten kilograms fat, should be a big psychological impact?" Or, just like any new identity, you need time to adapt. "Even motherly love, it can still have a choice. You choose how to love, because of what impulse or enthusiasm to love, or because of what meaning to love. Ann speaks like a poem, with a gentle surface and a violent inner. (Editor's recommendation: What's the matter with getting fat when you're pregnant?) Jennifer Aniston's open letter: "Women are complete with or without a partner or child"

"It's the same as everything. For example, you don't need to love your job much, you can still do it well ah. 」

Sometimes, a little cold, a little farther, maybe you can calmly make some of the best decisions. And in the face of a woman's body, the emotional use of this society, they have to define yourself before you first help you explain. This is harsh violence for every individual, regardless of gender.

"But in fact, they are afraid, you don't like it too much. She had a shot at her blood.

After pregnancy, every day, not very good. She knows she's not always confident or comfortable: "Especially as a girl in her 30s and 40s, you'd think that if I hadn't let myself be better, it would have been wrong." At this age, you have social experience, the ability to stabilize the economy, know that you like to and don't like things. In other words, you're better able to manage your life.

But getting pregnant is like bringing you back into puberty. For example, 16-year-old boys and girls around, competing with each other and pursuing each other, from life to body are very chaotic. And everyone is testing you to see how you respond: "So much so that you ask, if I never want this thing, why can't I not?" From the muddy water of youth, thinking of breaking free, the girl of that year, and call you. And this time, is people determined to win more days, or girls, can finally decide their own?

Anxious mothers, looking for some help, would go online to look up the data, but look over and see more anxiety: "That's the endless problems, body deformation softening sand or something." And then it all comes back, how do I cover up, how to explain, how to convince myself. Back to "now this is wrong", I should buy this quickly, eat this, and get myself back to the way I was before the mistake. She thought of being a girl, day to night to face the finger pointing of others, go out to wear what, what to do, unpopular, no one want, why choose the wrong boyfriend, why your mother-in-law is not good enough for you. (Extended reading:"Gender Watch" Janet pregnant should not go to Mongolia? Why all people are entitled to "educate mothers")

There will always be more.

"This society should stop asking girls to love themselves, respect themselves, accept themselves, and like themselves. It's all. 」

Ang stopped, and did not hesitate to accuse, charges without hesitation, she knew her body. She wanted to ask if we should be able to talk to each other about the physical changes in pregnancy, like talking about someone else's fat, thin beauty, like discussing the elephant in the room. Like she said,

"Someone needs to admit that these things are true. 」

This society is, I haven't answered, so help me decide the answer.

Why is the elephant in the room, like being selective, turned a blind eye? I heard what she said, this is no longer unreasonable, but more like a black farce.

"In fact, in most of our daily conversations, or interviews, we are not facing answers to ourselves; If you are asking yourself a good answer, why should I respond?

"For example, I've lived through an era when people love upper lip honey. And I'm a very nasty lip honey person, because I think it makes me look like fly-catcher. But, she says, you can obviously feel that people are considerate of themselves, as a female singer, they rarely wear makeup, or less without this work experience, look less popular, so I can't accept, so I accept you.

But most of the time you're saying, I really don't think that's for me. She said not all girls wanted to look like girls: "When I talked to people about my cheekbones, I was really happy that I was in the same country as Cate Blanchett." But people will still say, no, or full of good-looking. She found that she liked self-deprecation, but no one understood her humor.

You're a songstress, you shouldn't like Lu, so you're wearing a pair of shorts today and they're hurt. Everyone protects you more than you do.

"Then I thought about these things for a long time, and if everything, whether on stage or in the years of being a public figure, we can only take ourbest days as women and constantly serve, even if it's a step back and help myself out of the limewater sorry." 」

To this stage, An-Yuan said he was like Jiang Taigong fishing, willing to take the hook. She said I'm here, you think I'm ordinary, or you think I'm too conspicuous, I'm here to see how many details you can find. If you don't understand, or if you think there's too much information, it's really your business. If you think I have too little information, or I look too simple, it's your business.

I asked her if she was in a more comfortable state, and she said no, it was called sharp, mean, and we laughed at it.

If after the end of the century, stop revelry, we'll be "serious.

And she's a little sorry.

As a millennial, i have seen the world at the end of the century, constantly overthrowing, as human beings, should be crazy. She said that in the twentieth century, there was Dali, there was pop art, there was Andy Warhol, but why, after experiencing so much aesthetic stimulation, to the present, we are ugly for beauty, for good and evil, or only slices, only demanding political correctness, with rigid labels?

Looking back on my 20s, I asked how green I was, and she said I was too conservative, and it was a dead-end face.

"The most grey-faced thing is that you don't know who in the world needs to pay attention to you. And when they pay attention to you, it usually brings an anxiety. Most girls, she says, are in high school, and anxiety is actually too much of a youthful glow as you see in a beverage ad. Not all girls live in that.

But it's also because you haven't experienced other people's comments to correct yourself. Deep down after a bleak puberty, there's always a piece of yourheartals that's more comfortable; you know what you like and don't like, and you'll expect it, your body, or your quintuplets to accompany you through more years:

"Instead of looking back at your own photos, you just know you're a sample girl of some kind of popular pursuit of the standard of that era." But I can't see my true expression or state at that time. 」

In everyone hates to see from head to toe, through the adolescence, she is not watching, not looking at their own look. And then, then, the end of the century came, and in 1999, when she was 18, the world was out of order, fireworks and unbridled, but, she says, it was a form of tolerance.

What you should be, you can be.

But fireworks or something, but more like a dream of huang Qi. Twenty years from now, it's often felt that people seem to be talking about fashion, about beauty, but it's actually just intercepting a specimen facing, not a more three-dimensional one; it doesn't change because of your work, or your interviews, that collides with the existing aesthetic of this society.

"If we're just going to have results, or if we're just going to have an established impression, there's no story to tell." 」

Perhaps, in the room, the sense of humor is the elephant itself - because I am so big, people can't see me.

Practice to look at the ecstasy and disaster of life with grace.

Go to this stage of life, what label, as a creative female singer, intellectual, feminist, there, she is not uncommon. Now, the young woman, the literary and artistic, is still pregnant. Talking about the body, I talked back to herself, knowing what it was like to be pregnant. That is to know that you can no longer decide not to believe in God. (Extended reading: Joao Announced Pregnancy: Every Decision, Is a Willing Choice)

"Do you believe in God?" 」

If you can only decide, believe, or believe now, you can only choose one. Can not have nothing, the city master in the end there is no existence, you used to fall in a mess, you have also been a slur, the truth of the world, as if as long as you continue to speak, non-stop, you can overthrow what. At that time, the question was not important if you believed in God.

But at this moment, that new life, ah, is absolute.

'It's really a tough thing,' she said. You're not shaped, about the concept, but you're confirming, and you can only confirm: "At that moment, I can only have one reaction, which is, "Let me calm down, please." 」

Compared to moving, is a bit of evil door.

I think of Ann, a world-famous people, speaking, or singing songs, people think of is gentle. As she told me, the most valuable thing for her at the moment is how to make the most gracious decisions in her life for others and herself. If pregnancy can be a good thing or a disaster, your demeanour determines how you view life's stage changes.

She says it's like all stage decisions, "like when I thought I could be a singer, so I signed up for a record company, or I decided I wasn't fit on my way to college." So you thought it was a big decision, and if the world found a way, it would be true. But if the whole world feels super good, only you can't find a way to face it, it's still not a good thing for you.

"Pregnancy taught me the most about this. 」

If you can be have manners, even if someone shakes your values, look back at yourself, and you know your own life, not who you betrayed or did wrong.

You may see your own, very small, or actually think of a place to open.

And even if you can no longer choose to believe, there is no God, life is ecstasy or disaster, even if you want to wolf several times, your grace, can let your heart live with dignity.