Are you looking forward to the release of the live-action "Lion King" movie? On the day of the film's release, take you together to review the five classic lines from the Lion King movie and relive the moment when you and I were touched!

Disney, following "Little Flying Elephant" and "Aladdin," will release its third animated live-action film, "The Lion King," in July 2019. When the animated version of "The Lion King" hit the big screen in early 1994, it became one of Disney's hit films with courage and self-growth, and is still a classic in the hearts of many fans.

Today, when the live-action film is released, take you back to the five lines from the Lion King movie and relive the moment when you and I were touched. (Recommended reading:25th anniversary!) Legendary classic "The Lion King" launches a immersive film)

The pain of the past exists, but you can choose to escape or learn.

Oh yes the past can hurt. But you can either run from it, or learn from it.


Because of her father's death, Simba was determined to leave the glorious country full of childhood memories. For Simba, who was determined to think that he had killed his father, it was daunting to think of the kingdom alone, and he did not have the courage to face the fact that his father had left, and he had no courage to face his wounds. The elder Rafichi said to Simba, "The pain of the past exists, but you can choose to escape or learn."

The pain of the past we can not change, or may now want to still feel the pain, we can choose not to go too far, never mention and touch; Choice itself is right and wrong, but the choice will be related to what kind of self we want to become, you choose not to mention the past, a moment of thought on the hidden pain, or knowing that the difficulties are still facing the past, to find a way to learn from it?

Photo: "The Lion King"

I am only brave when necessary, but being brave doesn't mean you have to go around.

I'm only brave when I have to be. Does is Blyne't mean you go looking for trouble.


Always thought by Simba everything is not afraid, almost the embodiment of courage of mufasha, said that he is actually "only when necessary to be brave", and think that courage and recklessist is very different, Simba because young, fearless so everywhere, that is not brave.

Courage is responsibility, commitment, intelligence, courage needs to be practiced, and recklessness only takes one impulse. (Recommended reading:"The Lion King" releases the latest behind-the-scenes drama!) Beyonce will reinterpret the classic theme song)

Look at yourself, you're more than just what you see now.

Look inside yourself, you are more than what you have have become.


Experience distaste, escape, frustration, Simba with self-awareness and the encouragement of friends around him, once again returned to the glorious country to take over the throne, so that all things back to the original state, the land into the original vitality and green. He is still Simba, but he is not only "grown up" Simba, but also "hardened" Simba.

Before growing into a mature adult, we may encounter setbacks, self-doubt, there is always a time to escape reality, dare not face, but we will eventually face these difficult ies, like a boat, through the big waves, will usher in calm and growth, the next time we encounter big waves, we can also show, not just the appearance of the surface.

Photo: "The Lion King"

Sometimes bad things are destined to happen and we can't do anything at all. Then why worry?

Look, ters bad things thing - and there's s not you do do it. So why worry?


Peng Peng and Ding Man, who adhere to "playfulism", are the spiritual pillars of Simba at the low ebb, and also the pistachios who can make Simba change his mood. When Simba was anxious about the "destined" bad things, Ding Man told him, "Why worry since there is nothing you can do?" 」

To put it another way, worry is about the emotions of a "possible future", but if it is "a future that has been determined," do we need to worry? Compared to worry, perhaps "how to deal with" is what we can think about!

Don't worry, happy life!

Hakuna Matata.

Timon and Pumbaa

Simba mistakenly thought he had killed his father, sad to leave the glorious country, it was Peng Peng and Ding Man told him: "Don't worry, happy life", Simba was able to start a new life and adventure, Peng Peng and Ding Man with happiness infected Simba, let him temporarily forget the wound stoic, let him believe that he can live happily.

How can you miss this classic "Hakuna Matata" when it comes to the "Lion King" classic? This African proverb, which swept the world after the release of the "Lion King" film, is also a common memory of many people mentioning "The Lion King", the next time you feel bored around, you may want to say to yourself, Hakuna Matata!