Walt Disney once said, "I believe in our philosophy: there must be a paradise where parents and children can play together." July 17 is Disneyland Day. In 1955, the world's first Disneyland opened. Since then, it has become the dream kingdom of countless children.

Walt Disney: "I believe in our philosophy: there must be a paradise where parents and children can play together." 」

July 17 is Disneyland Day. In 1955, the world's first Disneyland opens in California. At that time, people never thought that from the animation of sleeping beauty, fairy strange edge castle, there will be a day to the real world. Since then, it has become the dream kingdom of countless children, even when growing up, it is also a good place for couples to date, family travel.

By 2019, there are already six Disneylands in Los Angeles, California, Orlando, Florida, Paris, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Shanghai. Summer vacation is here, and if you're planning a trip, take a look at their characteristics.

Disneyland Los Angeles, CA: The oldest Disneyland since 1955

This is Disneyland California Resort, California, and the oldest, with two theme parks, Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Adventure Park).

In Walt Disney's original idea, his heart came from a trip to take his daughter on a carousel, when he wondered if there would be a big theme park where adults and children could have fun together.

Original ideas include Sleeping Beauty Castle, now the Disney logo, main Street U.S.A., taken from Walt Disney's childhood memories, and The Nation of Animals. It has since been gradually expanded to include the size of today's eight thematic areas. has been with Americans for more than 60 years.

Disney World Orlando: The Biggest Disneyland!

Many people wonder why only Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida, is called "Disney World" because it occupies the largest area. Disney World Orlando, which includes four large theme parks, opened in 1971.

According to Wikipedia, Disney World in Orlando is 6 times the size of Disneyland Paris Resort, 30 times the size of The Shanghai Disney Resort, 60 times the size of the Tokyo Disney Resort, and 90 times the size of Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, including 24 hotels and vacation clubs.

Disneyland Paris: European style, gay pride celebration!

Disneyland Paris is Europe's only Disneyland, although small, but in terms of design, but also into a lot of European style.

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If you want to experience a European castle, it's definitely the first choice.

In addition, Disney Paris also held the first ever, disney held a gay celebration. In 2019, Disney Paris also announced June 1 as Magic Pride Day and a big LGBT party on Gay Pride Month in June. This means a lot to many people, after all, Des has been playing an important role in the growth of many people. And our childhood experience, also because of Disney's statement, has the opportunity to be able to more yuan. (Same-stage screening:The first official gay celebration between the D and I strategies!) Disney in Paris declares June 1 as Magic Pride Day )

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Tokyo Disneyland: Ocean, Original, All Dream

Many Taiwanese's memories of Disney are likely to come from Tokyo Disney! Opened in 1983, as Asia's first Disneyland, whether it is Disneyland, or Disney Ocean, have played the japanese spirit, and strive to create a complete holiday atmosphere, from food snacks, architectural design, guest dress, a variety of details are carefully reproduced Disney's characterand and atmosphere, It's almost the most fantastic Disneyland. (Extended reading: Christmas holidays to Tokyo Disney!) A full month of themed parades with pyrotechnic projection shows )

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Hong Kong Disneyland: The Mini Disneyland

Founded in 2005, Hong Kong Disneyland on Lantau Island in the New Territories is known as the "mini-paradise". Covering an area of only 16 hectares, there are still seven themed parks and are a must-have for many people to visit Hong Kong.

In addition, many people's impression of Hong Kong Disneyland is "Cantonese". Actors who play Mickey and Minnie's real-life dolls will hear Cantonese on the park radio, which makes people feel very fresh. More interestingly, as the first paradise in the Chinese-speaking region, there are different celebrations that combine traditional Chinese festivals, such as the Lunar New Year.

Shanghai Disneyland: The most Chinese-inspired paradise created in 2016

The latest park, three years ago, Shanghai Pudong New Area Disneyland, also combined with many oriental elements, claimed to be the most Chinese characteristics of Disneyland, including the world premiere of the "Lion King" musical Chinese version, "Flower Magnolia" pavilion, in addition, in Disney's most classic Sleeping Beauty Castle Tower, There is also a golden peony flower decoration.

If you want to experience a special oriental atmosphere, you can choose to go to Shanghai for a walk and see Disneyland.

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Walt Disney: "If there's one thing you believe in, then you believe it without reservation and practice." 」

Looking back at Disneyland's 64th anniversary, no one thought that the middle-aged man who painted Mickey Mouse in the garage, with only $30 in his pocket but still believed the future would be better, would lead the world's largest film company and the biggest vacation destination. (Extended reading: The Great Dreamer bringshappiness to the world's Walt Disney)

When we decided to go to Disneyland, in addition to creating good memories for ourselves, we thought of what Disney once said: "If there is one thing you believe in, then there is no reservation, always believe in it." ("When you believe in a thing, believe in it all the way, implicitly and the markete." )

Disney grew up with us, and we hope that one day it will grow with us.

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