Women fan x Shani Chen x Sex Force "Terror Valley" special planning. Interview with Xu Jiaying, ten years, the media attention to her talent, but also never let go of her body. She says the hurt has been, but think about being proud of herself because the external distractionnever never affects her musical dreams. I used to think about covering the cheek, but now she wants to love it: "If it had life, it would be hard to know i'd cover it." 」

Ten years ago, a girl in denim shorts, her face clear, clear soup hanging, singing her own song on the stage of the Avenue of Stars.

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Xu Jiaying said that she had wanted to escape, and after seeing other strong contestants in the background, she was scared to buy a ticket and get on a tour bus back to Taiwan. Then the producer called her to come back and play, or it would be very troubling. So she rushed back to the scene, before taking the stage and others hurriedly borrowed cosmetics, the foot wearing stockings or bought the same day, thinking anyway thirty seconds on the elimination.

Didn't expect to advance all the way from the 100-man primary?

"Oh, yes, I'm sorry! She smiled shyly.

Ten years later, Xu Jiaying's name has become a household name, and her love songs have become a comfort to many people at night. At this moment Xu Jiaying sat in the combroom of the MV shooting scene, surrounded by many people, talking and laughing.

Even a little fat sister never affects what I want to do.

In the decades of singing career, Xu Jiaying's talent has been repeatedly recognized by the public, was dubbed the title of "Singing as an elf", but this decade, the media has always refused to let go of, is the attention to her body. Asked if she was under pressure, she smiled and said, "Every day it feels like this." 」

There's a saying in the show business that on camera, people will be six kilos fatter than they should be. Realistic and cruel, rooted in Xu Jiaying's mind.

"This is a magic spell for me, " I looked at Xu Jiaying, a small body curling, two fine feet on the high chair, "my life, is six kilograms fat." 」

About the fourth or five years, she realized that the public's comments about their own body will not end, every time the report on the "slim", "weight gain", just like telling this society, Xu Jiaying has thin oh, this return has efforts, have the ability to do a good job of singer;

Even she was restrained by herself.

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For example, feel today's fat and swollen, will say less, or sudden, feel not happy. Once standing on the stage, Xu Jiaying three words, is magnified six times, escape. Until one day, she found herself becoming someone who would care about others' clothes and tastes.

"When I realized it, I was very helpless. Because of the shock, so people see me in this way I am not wrong ah. 」

Occasionally she would have thought, if today's "Xu Jiaying" is not an artist, she will care so much about the body? But having embarked on the stage of her dreams, she says, she can't change the world, she says, "I'm a singer today, and Standing on camera is going to be compared." But on the other hand, I want to highlight things that I think are more valuable than my appearance, including my music and the ideas I want to express in my creation. 」

"Then, when you think about it, I'm still full of alas. I'm a little fat sister from start to finish, and it seems to affect my mood, but it never affects what I really want to do. When I am moved by music, I will forget fat and thin, forget that I do not float beautiful. 」

She found a path for herself, in which there was cherished music, which meandered, but the flowers bloomed, leading her, and never lost her way.

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Xu Jiaying, who I know, must have pain to know that she grew up

Xu Jiaying said that there is a magic moment in life, is her life's addiction, can not forget - that is, in the concert singing, music let everything back to the most primitive, no reason, only intuition. She likes to have her own moments of music, even if she breaks, rolls on the floor and wears her make-up. Even if it's said to be a mad woman, it's worth it.

Because that's the real Xu Jiaying. For a long time, she was caught up in a cycle of physical anxiety, and it was music that reminded her of what was most important.

"The passion is, like the foundation, even if the upper house splits, but my roots are still there, others can not come in." It's also the passion to make you feel at ease when you're alone. 」

Asked Xu Jiaying, assuming that in the past for the body anxiety of their own standing in front of her, how will comfort her? She was silent for a long time, and then she said, no, will not say half a sentence to Xu Jiaying at the time: "Because I think she will figure it out." She would listen to good music when she came home and knew what was important. must be understood by herself. 」

And to their own know Xu Jiaying, said nothing to listen to. Xu Jiaying added with a laugh.

She used to joke about her cheeks and cover her mind, but now she wants to love it: "If it had life, it would be hard to know i'd cover it." She smiled and touched her cheeks on both sides.

Maybe after all, we have to hurt once, then we will grow, and then look back to accommodate all the body, occasionally can also say to it: I love you.

Photo: Da music

Edit postscript

Every time I hear Xu Jiaying's song, I always think of the comments given by Huang Yunling, who said that Lala's songs have a tone and a story. Ten years later, in the interview scene, I always thought of the round dance music, she said that the song is a few thought, written in the room, like the inner monologue.

She is grateful to be in a light red wine green, so i would like to cherish the lack of the moon, that tide, that life, that valuable quiet.

She does n'do not want to forget Xu Jiaying, she does not want to be timid, lost the courage of love, she sings the sincere words, find themselves, face the world, they dance round dance.

Along the way, she did not forget Xu Jiaying, perhaps it is because of the music traction bar.